My Online ‘Oshi’ and Real Life ‘Oshi’ Moved In Next Door ~I Thought That My Dream Life Was Beginning, But It’s Different from What I Expected~

Netto no “oshi” to riaru no “oshi” ga tonari ni hikkoshite kita ~Yume no yōna seikatsu ga hajimaru to omotte itakedo, nani ka omotteta no to chigau~

Alias: Oshi Dream Life (ODL)


Tendou Souma, a third-year university student living in Tokyo, had two “Oshi” in his life.

One of them was [Henrietta], a popular VTuber affiliated with the major VTuber agency [Virtual Real].

The other was [Yasumi Hiyori], a highly popular idol voice actor.

Souma who was forced to live in a luxury apartment by his overprotective parents, felt lonely knowing that no one else lives on his floor.

Then, one day, two women moved in one after the other onto the same floor where Souma lived.

To his surprise, they turned out to be none other than his two “Oshi”, Henrietta and Yasumi Hiyori.

Souma excitedly believed that his dream life was about to begin, but he is soon confronted with the unfortunate reality of both of his “Oshi”.

With his childhood friend and university’s Madonna, Minase Mafuyu, getting involved, Souma’s meddling and skillful living skills lead to the opening of his harem life.

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