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【Thread: Vol. 321 – Discussing Dungeon Streamer Ueno Sora】

200. Anonymous Onmyoji
That’s amazinggg!

He defeated it alone!!

201. Anonymous Onmyoji

202. Anonymous Onmyoji
This man was born in the wrong era.

203. Anonymous Onmyoji
Damn… This person isn’t human.

204. Anonymous Onmyoji
What the heck!?

He defeated it alone!?

205. Anonymous Onmyoji
No way!

He single-handedly defeated the irregular boss!

206. Anonymous Onmyoji
The clip is spreading all over the internet.

It’s definitely going to be trending.

207. Anonymous Onmyoji

His turning it into a shikigami LOL.

208. Anonymous Onmyoji
Wait, did he seriously turn into a shikigami…?

I thought it just vanished into light, but it turns out that something more outrageous happened!?

209. Anonymous Onmyoji
I have never seen someone make a dungeon boss their ally, LOL.

This guy just doesn’t fail to surprise me HAHAHA.

210. Anonymous Onmyoji
The government seems to be in an uproar over this.

There has never been someone like him before.

211. Anonymous Onmyoji
Even the top-ranked adventurers are making a big fuss.

Sora is anything but ordinary.

212. Anonymous Onmyoji
How did this person go unnoticed until now?

213. Anonymous Onmyoji
If you watch his past streams, the quality is blurry and it’s hard to understand what is happening,

Maybe it’s also because his topics are outdated.

214. Anonymous Onmyoji
Is he the strongest in the modern era…?

215. Anonymous Onmyoji
There might be a chance, but he probably won’t reach the highest level.

216. Anonymous Onmyoji
The debate about being the strongest is for another thread.

Sora is awesome.

217. Anonymous Onmyoji
Huh, doesn’t something seem off…?

218. Anonymous Onmyoji
Ah, he forgot to end the stream, LOL!

219. Anonymous Onmyoji
Forgot to end the stream, haha!

220. Anonymous Onmyoji

We get to see the real Sora!

221. Anonymous Onmyoji
Looks like the drone is still in stealth mode

222. Anonymous Onmyoji
Who’s the silver-haired girl?

223. Anonymous Onmyoji
She is so cute!

224. Anonymous Onmyoji
She’s beautiful!!

225. Anonymous Onmyoji
The silver-haired girl is too excited lol.

226. Anonymous Onmyoji
LOL why is Sora the one trying to calm her down.

It should be the other way around.

227. Anonymous Onmyoji
Defeating an irregular boss, turning it into a shikigami…

Being able to be so calm about it is crazy.

This person is really something else lol.



*After A While*

【Thread: Vol. 344 – Discussing Dungeon Streamer Ueno Sora】

563. Anonymous Onmyoji
I still can’t believe he forgot to end the stream lol.

That shop has a long line now. Is there anyone who went there who can share their impressions?

564. Anonymous Onmyoji
I went to that shop, and apart from Soramame Tofu1, everything was incredibly delicious.


565. Anonymous Onmyoji
Since then, that shop in Roppongi has an average rating of 4.8 stars, LOL.

It’s too high, LMAO.

Some 5-star reviews:

“The tonkatsu2 was delicious…! The Soramame Tofu is not good tho!”

“Everything except the Soramame Tofu is perfect.”

“The service has improved!”

It’s amazing how things turned out in just a few days, haha.

566. Anonymous Onmyoji
Seriously, it was delicious.

When Sora joked during the stream, “Is this what they call a one-star restaurant?” I burst out laughing.

But when I checked, it really was one-star. Well, only that Soramame Tofu is one star.

567. Anonymous Onmyoji
You guys really hate the Soramame Tofu, LOL.

568. Anonymous Onmyoji
That stuff is seriously disgusting.

569. Anonymous Onmyoji
Even though people said it was bad, it got sold out.

570. Anonymous Onmyoji
There was something touching about that stream.

I felt like I couldn’t leave without eating the Soramame Tofu.

571. Anonymous Onmyoji

572. Anonymous Onmyoji
Are you guys being brainwashed or something?

Makes no sense.

573. Anonymous Onmyoji
You will understand if you watch the stream.

Come to think of it, I didn’t get to see the sleep-deprived owner.

574. Anonymous Onmyoji
You guys are going too far, LOL.

I went there too,

Seichi junrei, Seichi junrei3

575. Anonymous Onmyoji
I’m trying to find information about that silver-haired girl in the stream.

576. Anonymous Onmyoji
She is an incredibly beautiful girl, right?

There was a thread about her, but it disappeared in an instant.

577. Anonymous Onmyoji
Is she Sora’s girlfriend?

But thanks to her, the hype around Ookami Rika’s Unicorn has died down.

Honestly, I’m jealous.

578. Anonymous Onmyoji
On the contrary, she’s cuter than Ookami Rika, so Unicorn is making a fuss.

579. Anonymous Onmyoji
I personally prefer Rika’s looks.

580. Anonymous Onmyoji
I watched the past live stream.

“Oh, is this what they call a one-star restaurant these days?”
> This guy is such an idiot, LOL.

581. Anonymous Onmyoji
What an idiot.

[Attached Image]

582. Anonymous Onmyoji

583. Anonymous Onmyoji

584. Anonymous Onmyoji
Don’t photoshop that LOL.

585. Anonymous Onmyoji
Hurry up, hurry up, the next stream!

Show us the Shikigami!

586. Anonymous Onmyoji
I am thinking the same thing.

I want to see the Shikigami soon.

587. Anonymous Onmyoji
King of Knight, Valsark.

I’m sure the government will recognize his strength soon LOL.

588. Anonymous Onmyoji
That kind of power is definitely not something an individual should possess.

589. Anonymous Onmyoji
Isn’t Sora fine, though?

He’s a good guy.

590. Anonymous Onmyoji
Since all we can do is watch, let’s give him our support for now.

I will wait naked.

591. Anonymous Onmyoji
You are always waiting naked, aren’t you?

It’s a stream by a guy, you know.

592. Anonymous Onmyoji
Maybe he is talking about that silver-haired girl?

She’s more beautiful than cute.

It’s captivating.

593. Anonymous Onmyoji
Don’t turn her into “material” for your imagination.

Twitter, also known as “Tsuputchi”, and streaming sites have seen tremendous views on cut-out clips of Sora.

Amongst those collections of cut-out clips, there is one particular video that has been gaining significant views.

On a certain video streaming app

【Compilation of Internet Users’ Reactions to Ueno Sora】

“Today, we present a compilation of Internet users’ reactions to Ueno Sora.” (Commentator)

『The Troublesome Onmyoji』

『Battle Maniac』

『Natural Airhead』

『A Foolish Child』

『Someone Nice』

『An Extremely Kind Person』

『The Man Who Used Ookami Rika as a Stepping Stone』

『Turned Irregular Boss into a Shikigami LOL!』

『Awesome Guy』

『The Main Character behind the Soramame』

『The Soramame Kid』

『The Guy Who Keeps Making Amazing Things Happen』

『The Onmyoji Who Has No Sense of Common Sense』

『The Idiot Who Loves Soramame』

『The Genius Who Makes People Smile Just by Being There』

『The Epic Content Generator』

『The Ridiculously Strong Yet Approachable Idiot』



『The Heian Era Person』

『I Like Him』

『The Guy Nobody Says They Dislike』

『The Only Streamer You Can Feel Comfortable Being A Fan Of』

『He Said He Likes Conveyor Belt Sushi, and I Suddenly Felt a Sense of Familiarity』

『At first, I thought he was targeting Ookami Rika, but he is so funny and I fell in love with him.』

『The Cute Guy』

『The Lovely Guy』

『I Want Him to Be Happy』

『I want to serve him an extravagant meal and watch him devour it all. I want to see his expression at that moment.』

『I want to see him covered in blood and feel depressed.』

『Let the Sora bullying trend continue!』

『In conclusion, he’s an incredibly strong and good guy. A rare case that everyone has come to love.』

“That’s all. How was it? Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments. We will continue to update, so please subscribe to the channel!” (Commentator)



Sora who is sitting alone in a dark room, mutters to himself after watching the video.

“Looks like they are mostly just calling me an idiot…” (Sora)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Looks like Soramame became a meme lol. Soo which title do you think best describes Sora? I would say “The Only Streamer You Can Feel Comfortable Being A Fan Of”.

LMAO maybe I was wrong about Tsuputchi in previous chapters. I am honestly still now sure.

The part about the photo I’m not really sure if I translated that correctly. Inside the raw it only said “画像” which translated into image. I am assuming it’s an attached image but it isn’t really clear.


  1. Basically Enamame Tofu but Replace “Ena” with “Sora”
  2. Tonkatsu = Japanese Pork Cutlet
  3. I gave up trying to translate this one. Raw is “聖地巡礼聖地巡礼” which basically means visiting the real-life locations used in an anime, manga, etc.
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