ROS – Chapter 9 – Edamame Tofu

After the successful dungeon live stream, i calmed down the overly excited Sakuya and we went to get something to eat.

“All the reviews of this store are only one star… It says the owner has a bad attitude and is often found sleeping.” (Sakuya)

While fiddling with her smartphone, Sakuya’s cheeks twitched.

Roppongi is known for its many high-end establishments, and as a student, I would rather eat at a more affordable place.

As a result, we entered a restaurant that seemed cheap for the time being, but its overall reviews were rated one star.

“Oh, is this what they call a one-star restaurant these days? It’s my first time experiencing it.” (Sora)

“You are truly something else… Next time, I will take you to a proper, nice place.” (Sakuya)

Hmm, what does that mean?

Also Sakuya, please don’t look at me with that sympathetic gaze.

“Fufufun, even I can properly enjoy delicious meals. I was amazed when I first went to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The food there was delicious and cheap.” (Sora)

The quality of the food was too good for something that cost 110 yen a piece.

I also like beef bowls. When I found out you could add extra sauce, it was the best. You can have multiple bowls of rice just with the sauce alone.

“I see… You’re really cute.” (Sakuya)

I feel a little dissatisfied when Sakuya directed her affectionate eyes on me.

Ah, I see. Sakuya comes from a wealthy family, so she must be accustomed to eating even more expensive things.

“What would you like to order?” (Owner)

The owner, who had obvious dark circles under his eyes, indicating his lack of sleep, approached.

We each placed our orders, and the food was delicious. Even Sakuya praised it, saying, “It’s surprisingly delicious for a one-star place…”

“This is delicious… Edamame tofu1.” (Sora)

“Seriously, Sora? Doesn’t it taste kind of bland? It doesn’t have any flavor.” (Sakuya)

“No, that’s what’s great about it.” (Sora)

Looking around the restaurant, I noticed a promotion for the tofu.

【Exclusive Edamame Tofu Passed Down Since the Heian Period in This Shop!】

“The Heian period…” (Sora)

“Hmm? Are you interested in that, customer?” (Owner)

“Well, um…” (Sora)

“It seems that our ancestors have been continuing this tradition since they were helped by a certain person. Here, we have evidence of that.” (Owner)

I noticed the talisman that the owner was pointing at.

“Can you believe it? We have been displaying it since the Heian period. When I tried to throw it away, I got punched, so I still keep it. Even though it’s probably a fake.” (Owner)

“──Oh!! That is…” (Sora)

“Well, our family has been running food and beverage businesses for generations… but I think my generation might be the limit. Lately, I have been haunted in my dreams and can’t sleep properly.” (Owner)

As I listened to the owner’s words, my eyes widened.

“Sora…?” (Sakuya)

That talisman was one that I made.

Oh, I just remembered.


During the Heian period.

『Delicious…』 (Sora)

While muttering those words inside the restaurant, the owner who has sharp ears suddenly shouted.

『What?! Did you say that our widely disliked edamame tofu is delicious?』 (Owner)

『Yes, I enjoy this taste.』 (Sora)

『Thank you so much! Um… I apologize for being rude, but could I make a request?』 (Owner)

『Hmm? What is it?』 (Sora)

It seemed that the owner knew that I was an onmyoji from my attire, and asked me for a favor.

Of course, it was technically a job, and I should have asked for compensation and not accepted requests from outsiders without permission.

However, I had fallen in love with this edamame tofu.

『You want my talisman?』 (Sora)

This shop is located near mountains and dense forests, where there have been occasional attacks from yokai and demons.

Moreover, there were rumors of evil spirits inhabiting the area, causing the shop to tilt, and the business was in a dire situation.

As a result, her daughter has been getting injured, and people are too scared to visit, leading to a series of misfortunes.

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to seek help anywhere they can.

『If things continue like this, I have no choice but to close the shop… I don’t want to let go of this important family business that I inherited from my grandfather.』 (Owner)

Hmmm, so that’s the situation.

『……Sure, I don’t mind.』 (Sora)

『R-Really? Thank you so much!』 (Owner)

『In return, make sure to pass down this taste to future generations.』 (Sora)

『Yes! Absolutely…! I promise, without fail!』 (Owner)

After that, there were no more rumors of yokai or injured people at the shop.

The business thrived and the owner enjoyed a stable life without having to close down. However, the edamame tofu continued to be unpopular as before.


Every year, they used to deliver food to my place.

I vividly remember them expressing their gratitude, saying, “Thank you for the talisman.” Well, the price they paid was with edamame tofu.

I put down my utensils and unconsciously smiled.

It seems that they kept their promise.

The taste hasn’t changed.

That talisman is proof that they have 『faithfully kept their promise.』

I feel a little happy. My heart feels warm and cozy.

“If you like, please have some of this.” (Sora)

I hand over a new talisman.

The one I gave before has worn out considerably, and its effectiveness has diminished.

This is a protective talisman. It will ward off evil spirits and dispel nightmares that appear in dreams.

“What… is this?” (Owner)

“It’s just a talisman. Place it next to the one over there. I assure you that you will be able to sleep soundly at night. And your shop will prosper too. It would be a shame to let it go under.” (Sora)

“I… I see…” (Owner)

“Well then…” (Sora)

I express my gratitude and leave the shop.

It’s interesting to see how some things are passed down through generations like this…

The owner tilts his head in puzzlement.

“What a strange customer… You are the first person I have met who says that edamame tofu is delicious.” (Owner)

While thinking that, the owner replaces the talisman on display.

(They claim that their ancestors received the edamame tofu from a highly regarded onmyoji who loved it… Haaah, how ridiculous. It’s unbelievable.)

At that moment, he notices something.

(The characters written on this talisman are the same as the ones displayed… I could barely make out the faded characters, but they do look similar… Huh, why did I think that?)

Instinctively, the owner stops Sora from leaving.

“Um, excuse me! Customers…!” (Owner)

Sora turns around.

He feels that something is telling him to express his gratitude.

(I have to say it… I have to!)

“Th-Thank you!” (Owner)

Sora smiles softly and waves their hand.

“No, thank you for keeping your promise.” (Sora)

“Eh…?” (Owner)

However, nobody knew.

Kamisaki Sakuya who was caught up in the excitement of Sora’s battle with the King of Knight, had forgotten to end the live stream while the stealth-mode drone continued to track Sora.

This entire interaction was being live streamed for everyone to see.

And thus, the Edamame Tofu trend began to unfold…

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

And here we find out that Sora’s first love was Edamame Tofu, truly a worthy rival for Sakuya. We can also see the power of influencers to make irrelevant normal stuff mainstream and worth money. Reminds me of that Markiplier Rock, or that girl who sold her bathwater for money or something, god that one was dumb.


  1. Edamame tofu is a type of tofu made from edamame beans. Edamame beans are young soybeans that are harvested before they fully mature. They are known for their vibrant GREEN color and nutty flavor.
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