ROS – Chapter 8 – King of Knight, Valsark

Information comes into my mind as I write the spell formula and chant the divination.

…Hmm? The stream quality seems to have greatly improved.

What is he doing?

I think this is the divination that was called fake before it went viral. It looks like the same thing as back then.

The ground is glowing, lol.

What are you doing near the entrance of the dungeon?

“Good evening! Right now, I’m using a little bit of divination.” (Sora)


Like the fortune-telling used by onmyojis?

Does it really work?

“Yes, exactly! You know a lot about it!” (Sora)

When it comes to divination, the primary method involves using stars, known as astrology. By representing the stars such as the Sun, Moon, and asteroids in a personalized chart and infusing them with spiritual energy, one can predict the future.

“For today, I will predict all the monsters I will encounter inside the dungeon.” (Sora)

Upon saying that, the comments suddenly stopped.


What do you mean?

You’re saying you can predict all of them? lol

The glowing chart is mysterious.

“Oh, this light is obtained by infusing it with spiritual energy.” (Sora)

Spiritual energy?!

You’re using words I don’t understand.

Please explain it in a way I can understand.

“Well, um… The spiritual energy within the body is a different kind of ability compared to that of a wizard…” (Sora)

I tried to explain it in detail, but it’s more of something you feel.

While it is possible to train and develop it, it’s difficult to provide a concrete explanation when asked for specifics.

Alright, just go ahead and make the prediction.

Since I can’t understand the explanation, forget it.

“I’m sorry…” (Sora)



Cute lol

As requested, I proceed to share the results of the divination with the viewers.

At that moment, the number of concurrent viewers was still around 30,000 people.

I heard that he guessed the right monsters that appeared.

He hit five predictions in a row, lol.

Next one should be a Giganto Ogre?

Wow, amazing…

Wait, did he defeat all of them barehanded, by any chance?

Roppongi Dungeon Farm is a standard dungeon divided into upper, middle, lower, and deep levels. The most dangerous areas are the deep levels.

As I am right now, I cannot enter there due to my current status, so if I want to experience the depths, I have no choice but to step in myself.1

“That is a Water Fate Thread, isn’t it?” (Sora)

By bringing together my index finger and middle finger and twist it.

This thread, shimmering with a blue hue, has the ability to repel any object it comes into contact with, sending it flying away.

Onmyodo2 is based on the First Technique, up to the Fifth Technique.” (Sora)

The First Technique, which I am using, is the Water Fate Thread. Think of it as a sharp thread manipulated through basic spiritual energy control. Onmyoji who possess this technique can also utilize it for healing and surgical purposes.

“In the world of onmyoji, not all practitioners are capable of the same things. While I have a light blue thread, there are also some that possess red threads. In the case of red threads, they are often more suited for medical practices.” (Sora)

The Second Technique involves the creation of defensive barriers using divination and the earth’s veins.

“Well… since the explanation is going to be long, let’s stop at the First Technique for now. I’ll explain the rest later.” (Sora)

I feel like I just heard something amazing…


It’s quite different from the literature on real-life onmyoji~

He mentioned there are many different types of onmyoji.

Can you use up to the Fifth Technique, Sora-san?

Upon noticing the comment, I quickly react.

“That’s a good question. As for me, I can use up to the───” (Sora)



The sixth one! Is it a Giganto Ogre!?

No way! Are all the predictions coming true!?

The drone created by Sakuya indeed captures the image of the Giganto Ogre.

“That is indeed a Giganto Ogre.” (Sora)

You’re actually predicting it right!


Wooo! The strongest in the lower level!

Can you defeat it…?

I prepare myself.

“I will defeat it. Water Fate Thread!” (Sora)

I didn’t face much difficulty getting this far.

However, the unfamiliar tasks took quite a bit of time.

The number of concurrent viewers has surpassed one million. It certainly takes a bit of time to go through all the comments now.

I can hear Sakuya’s voice through my special headphones.

[Sora, are you really okay? The comments are making quite a fuss…] (Sakuya)

“No problem.” (Sora)

I stood in front of the door to the deepest part of the lower layer, where the boss awaited.

You should definitely turn back!

It’s even scarier because all the predictions are coming true.

Go for it!

Just go back!

It was fun until now, but if the final prediction is accurate, that’s dangerous…

I used divination to predict the final monster I would face.

In the deepest part of the lower layer, I confronted the boss ── Irregular King of Knight, Valsark.

The boss Irregular is seriously dangerous.

This is reality, think about it more carefully!

If you’ve come this far, I hope you can predict the final outcome.

The lower boss Irregular is a government matter.

Even the highest-ranked party would be wiped out for sure, lol.

“Don’t worry. Onmyojis are strong, you know.” (Sora)

I have always wondered about something.

Being reincarnated into this era and being able to use the techniques of an onmyoji… It’s truly astonishing.

Moreover, the techniques are quite effective against monsters.

We are currently in an era without yokai or evil spirits.

So, isn’t it strange that it works?

Why does it have such a tremendous effect against dungeon monsters?

If my speculation is correct, it’s because those creatures are of the same category as yokai and evil spirits.

“Onmyoji are those who purify evil, so we won’t be defeated.” (Sora)

The door to the boss room is strangely on the verge of breaking.

If I don’t defeat the lower boss Irregular soon, it will inevitably come out.

That’s how dungeons work.

Someone has to purify the evil. It just happens to be my role.

Leave it to someone else.

I like Sora, so I don’t want him to die.

Go for it~

Don’t make light of the situation.

“Ahaha, here I go~” (Sora)


Your tone is too casual, lol.


Is he really going to dive right into the Irregular on his own…

As I open the heavy door, a flash of light runs through.

“『Severance』” (Valsark)

With that voice, time stops. After a brief moment of silence, a slash approaches in front of me.

“────t!!” (Sora)

I quickly crouch down to dodge.


The slash creates a roaring sound and kicks up a dust cloud. I look behind me.

“It’s completely split in two…” (Sora)

The heavy door that I had just opened is now split in half.

If I had been just a few seconds slower, would I have ended up like that too?

Could it be that it could have come out at any time? No, perhaps it intentionally didn’t come out…?

It didn’t hit the drone, as it had entered evasion mode. Well, I didn’t think it could dodge that attack anyway…

The door is completely split in half!?

I can’t watch this anymore, I’m leaving.

This is too intense… me too.

What’s going on? What’s the situation?

His taking on the boss Irregular alone.


The number of concurrent viewers is steadily increasing. It has already surpassed 1.5 million.

People really love watching dungeon Irregulars huh.

[Sora!] (Sakuya)

“Don’t worry.” (Sora)

King of Knight Valsark, huh? A humanoid monster clad in armor, mainly blue and white.

While holding a sharp greatsword, it glared at me.

The pressure it exudes is enough to evoke a sense of impending death, a silence reminiscent of the deep sea.

Although I can only speculate, I am sure the people watching on the other side of the screen can feel it too.

The fear of imminent death staring at you. You can’t help but shudder at the thought of being in that very spot yourself.

Nevertheless, it’s quite aggressive to open with a slashing attack right from the start.

I extend both of my hands, preparing to engage with my Water Fate Threads.

Is he really going in head-on!?

Even after that slash, he doesn’t seem fazed at all…

What kind of courage does this guy possess!?

I kick off the ground and charge straight ahead, confronting the enemy head-on.

In response to me rushing him… it swung its sword sideways.

Just as I expected… I leap high to avoid it.


He dodged it?! What kind of move was that!?


Just like tying a rope, I entwine the Water Fate Thread around its neck.

While keeping it entwined, I pull it forcefully… like this!

Can he actually defeat it!?

Let’s go!

The neck should be cleanly severed with this…!


The thread couldn’t be straightened any further…! Is the armor too tough!?

Upon closer inspection, the armor had numerous layers of engraved magic on it.

Magical armor…! It’s my first time facing one, but I didn’t expect it to be this resilient!

It seems to have resistance against magical attacks as well. I learned something today.

“『Severance』” (Valsark)

Ohno, Ohno, Ohno!

You can’t dodge that!

It’s point-blank range!

Don’t die, Sora-kun!

“Second Technique activate… Curse Layer Barrier.” (Sora)

A curved, pale purple wall is deployed.

“『!?』” (Valsark) 

The King of Knight, while displaying a reaction he had never seen before, raises its sword.

With a sharp and unpleasant sound, the Curse Layer Barrier shatters.

In those few seconds of it breaking, I create distance between us.

The more magical power I pour into it, the harder it becomes… but that sword also feels like a magical sword.

It’s troublesome to be facing an enemy completely equipped with magical armor and weapon… This must be the boss’s irregularity.

“Interesting…!” (Sora)

Blocked it!

Well done!

This is your chance, escape!

Is this guy… laughing?

No, it must be some kind of mistake.

The King of Knights continues to gaze at me with an unwavering demeanor.

It’s as if this scene is reminiscent of a medieval duel.

Having evaded the first and second strike of 『Severance』, I can’t help but feel that I have earned the recognition of the King of Knights.

It’s clear as day.

This individual possesses a will of its own.

Neither Water Fate Threads nor defensive barriers can stop that monster. Is there nothing to be done here?!

Surely, running away is the only option at this point.

Well, with those movements, I think we can escape.

Run, Sora!


“I’m not running away. If I do that, I’ll be slashed from behind.” (Sora)

This guy doesn’t listen to anyone!

I’m an adventurer too, and I agree with Sora.

Does the power of the King of Knight Valsark surpasses the top-class in Japan…?

Water Fate Threads are ineffective.

If I can’t cut through the armor, using them excessively will only leave me exhausted and vulnerable.

“Well, I guess there’s no other choice…” (Sora)

I still have some magic power to spare.

I take out a humanoid-shaped paper from my pocket, hold it between my index finger and middle finger and begin to chant.

“Third Technique… come out: [Storage: Sword].” (Sora)

My main weapon was never the Water Fate Threads.

I specialize in using swords. I have been using a sword as my favored weapon since the Heian period.

Of course, the sword I used in the past is no longer available. So this is just an ordinary sword.

However, adjusting its strength through magic power is something I am skilled at.

I raise the blade to eye level and press my hand against the hilt.

“Let’s go, King of Knights.” (Sora)

“『…』” (Valsark) 

The King of Knights silently assumes a stance with its greatsword.

In this space shared only by the two of them, comments fade away in the face of the battle between two powerful individuals.

There are millions of viewers watching this.

The comments in the live stream fall silent.

Comments can be left for later.

There is an intuitive sense that this must not be missed, and it resonates strongly.

I assume a stance with my sword and leap forward.

The King of Knights moves.

“……『Severance: Triple Thunderclap』” (Valsark) 

A lightning-infused slash comes from three directions…!

Maybe it’s made possible by its physical abilities and the magic sword.

However, it’s too slow.

An attack of this level can easily be evaded.

“『────Tsu!!』” (Valsark) 


I am right beneath the King of Knights’ feet.

I swing the sword upwards with a powerful motion.

Even if the armor is resistant to magic and curses, it may not have the same resistance against physical attacks.

The reason for it having high magic resistance is that adventurers who delve this far tend to be magic users.

That’s why… it can be slashed.

“『…tsu.』” (Valsark) 

A satisfyingly sound resonates.

In that instant, the King of Knights falls on his backside.

At that moment, comments flood in.





I swing the sword and sheathe it back into its scabbard3.

The body of the King of Knights begins to fade slightly.

It’s time for the item drop~!!

I wonder what will drop! I’m looking forward to this!

This is my first time seeing the rewards from an irregular boss!

“Item drop?” (Sora)

As I tilt my head in confusion, Sakuya explains to me.

[Irregular bosses drop items. They might drop multiple equipment items, or sometimes just one.] (Sakuya)

“Oh, I see…” (Sora)

To be honest, I don’t really need any of them.

They seem heavy, and they are unnecessary for me.

“Hmm, hmm…?” (Sora)

Why is this guy groaning? LOL

This is hilarious after pulling off something outrageous.

The way he groans is just like when he showed the special-grade cursed item. LOL

I have a bad feeling about this…

As I’m pondering, the voice of the fading King of Knights slips through.

“『…Impressive.』” (Valsark) 

Impressive, huh.

It should be surprising that monsters speak, but yokai and demons can also speak human language.

Well, thanks to that, I got used to it quickly.

The comments are making a bit of a fuss about it though…

“Yeah… maybe I should turn it into a shikigami4.” (Sora)

The Third Technique is a technique that utilizes paper. It has various abilities, such as storage and shikigami creation, offering versatility.

While it has good versatility, acquiring the skill is quite challenging due to its high difficulty level.

“『……?』” (Valsark) 

“I have been feeling a bit lonely being all by myself, you know.” (Sora)

“『……!?』” (Valsark) 

“Come on, let’s adventure together.” (Sora)

“『……!?!?』” (Valsark) 

While saying that, I reach out my hand to the King of Knights.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

If the quality sucked more than usual it is because this chapter is long and has too many terms I don’t understand. This is what I meant when I said before that this is gonna be hard to translate. All of this onmyodo stuff is hard to understand and translate.

Btw anyone knows what “yaba” and “yabai” means? It is used a lot and I heard some vtubers use this word. I know it is a slang of some sort but like how do I translate this. The “Damn HAHAHA” was actually “Yaba www”, idk if I translated it correctly.


  1. Maybe he is talking about how you can’t stream when inside the deep levels or something. I am not quite sure what he meant here.
  2. Onmyodo is a system of natural science, astronomy, almanac, divination and magic that developed independently in Japan.
  3. Scabbard = a sheath for the blade of a sword or dagger, typically made of leather or metal
  4. Shikigami are spirits or beings that are conjured or controlled through magical means. They are often depicted as paper dolls or talismans imbued with spiritual energy.
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