ROS – Chapter 13 – Gravito

The statue spoke.

“Oi! Why are you all making such ‘troublesome…’ faces?” (?)

I never expected it to talk…

It’s not normal for a statue to speak, right? This thing must be a monster or something.

“We were just about to leave.” (Sora)

“After thrashing my room so much!? At least clean up before you go!” (?)

『Reasonable lol』

『The boss is speaking facts LOL』

『I have no idea who the villain is anymore LOLLL』

“Well, because there was no response…” (Sora)

“Just because there was no response does not mean that it’s normal to break my mustache! It was my pride and joy!” (?)

Eh~… to be honest, I am not good at solving puzzles.

I can handle puzzle games that even a three-year-old can play, but this one is just too difficult.

It seems like the statue understood my thoughts based on my expression, and it speaks.

“This is the ultimate challenge of the highest difficulty! It is natural for it to be difficult!” (?)

“But wouldn’t it be better if you provided some clearer hints or something? Right, Val?” (Sora)

“Yes.” (Valsark)

“You see, we are not the ones at fault here.” (Sora)

『Ah, his shifting the blame LOL』


『This is too funny HAHAHA』

The statue starts to accumulate anger in its temple.

“You disrespectful ones! Those who fail to solve the mechanism shall face punishment… death for failure!” (?)


The statue stomps heavily on the ground.


『That was an impressive sound!』

『The atmosphere has changed…!』

『This seems kinda bad, isn’t it…?』

『I have never seen a failure in the highest difficulty level…!』

“I am Gravito! I shall bestow punishment upon you who have failed the Trial of Falling Stars!” (Gravito)

Since we were trying to leave, that must be considered a failure.

“The Trial of Falling Stars…?” (Sora)

“There should be a depiction of stars on the ceiling! It’s a hint for the puzzle! Understand the stars, analyze the wall paintings! Then press the panels on the floor in a specific order to unlock the mechanism!” (Gravito)

『You’re basically giving away all the answers yourself…』

『It’s tough! I have no idea!』

『Maybe it would be possible with specialized knowledge.』

Gravito explains the solution in detail and provides the answer.

…Wait a minute.

“But there are no wall paintings, right?” (Sora)

“And there are no panels on the floor either.” (Valsark)

“You guys destroyed them!” (Gravito)




『Are they doing some kind of comedy routine? LOL』

“Therefore, it is time for the Judgment of Stars!” (Gravito)

The boss room becomes dimly lit.

“Sora-sama.” (Valsark)

Val steps forward.

Failure = a fight with the boss.

Coincidentally, a battle between bosses was about to unfold.

『Val is so cool~!』

『As expected of loyal dog Val.』

I quietly stared at Gravito.

Gravito chuckled with a sly grin.

Comments started to emerge.


『That gave me shivers!』

『Is this really gonna be ok?』

Val readies his sword.

“Fear not, dear viewers! With my sword, I shall—” (Valsark)

Gravito thuds heavily with each footstep.

“<The Gravity of Stars!>” (Gravito)

Siiiiii… *BOOOM!*

“Tsuu!!” (Valsark)

Val is thrown down, as if being slammed.

“It’s… heavy…!” (Valsark)

Val ponders.

(“I can’t get up…! My armor should have resistance against magic…! Is this gravity powerful enough to penetrate it…?”)


『Oh no, isn’t this bad…?』


『Are you okay?!』

“Hahaha! You fools! Learn the weight of the stars!” (Gravito)

Gravito laughs cheerfully.

“Trials are tests of wisdom! Those lacking wisdom have no means to survive! Hahaha, HAHAHA!” (Gravito)

Gravito has been burying adventurers this way.

There were numerous individuals have been unable to clear the Trial of Falling Stars.

If the adventurers make even a single mistake with the mechanism, Gravito awakens and engages in battle with them.

“Both of you shall be crushed by my gravity! None have survived this ordeal! Taste the gravity that is dozens of times stronger than Earth’s!” (Gravito)


『Isn’t he kind of weird?』

『That’s one weird guy.』

“Wow, dozens of times stronger than Earth, huh?” (Sora)

“That’s right! My magic controls gravity! HAHAHA! The stars are truly magnificent!” (Gravito)

“Wow~!” (Sora)

『’Wow~!’ LOL!』

『Sounds like an idiot lol』

『Cute lol』

Finally realizing an anomaly, Gravito stops his boisterous laughter.

“Haha… Huh? Why are you still standing?” (Gravito)

“This. It’s my Second Technique, <Curse Barrier>.” (Sora)

Sora had created a barrier of cursed energy around himself which protected him from the gravity of the stars unleashed by Gravito.

“Wha… You… Are you a mage?” (Gravito)

“Not quite, I’m an onmyoji.” (Sora)

“Don’t be ridiculous! There’s no way someone who isn’t a mage can block my attacks!” (Gravito)

Sora furrows her eyebrows.

“Well, even if you say that… Hmm.” (Sora)

Sora ponders how to explain it in a more understandable way.

“For example, imagine there’s an unbreakable board. If pressure is applied from above, it would crush anything beneath it, like what happened to Val… But what do you think would happen if pressure is applied from below as well?” (Sora)

“…Ah!!” (Gravito)

“The pressures would balance out, and your magic wouldn’t reach me.” (Sora)

A straightforward answer.

During the fight with the King of Knight Valsark, the Curse Barrier was shattered. It was broken by the power of the magical sword possessed by Val.

However, this time is different.

Gravito launched his magical attack, but it couldn’t penetrate the Curse Barrier that Sora had crafted.

“W-What…? That’s impossible without an immense amount of magic power… I can’t even fathom it.” (Gravito)

“It’s not particularly difficult though. Is it really that surprising? Something like this is quite easy, you know?” (Sora)

“Y-You…!” (Gravito)

『LMAO the provocation!』

『So much provocation LOL!』

『Stop it HAHAHA!』

『But, to be honest, it’s really impressive…』

“Ah, I wasn’t trying to provoke him though.” (Sora)

『Press X to doubt! HAHA!』

『Come to think of it, this person is a natural at this kind of stuff LOL』

『As expected of Soramame!』

*Thud* *Thud* Gravito stomps his feet repeatedly.

“Don’t underestimate my gravity!” (Gravito)

Gravito gathers his strength.


『Everything’s shaking so much!!』

『Shouldn’t this drone move further away?!』

Sora speaks out.

“Sakuya, it’s better to move the drone further away.” (Sora)

[Understood… But to think that he has enough power to shake the area outside the dungeon…] (Sakuya)

“Is it shaking over there too?” (Sora)

[It’s shaking a little… but still.] (Sakuya)

(I see, it seems that Gravito intends to crush me with all his strength.) (Sora)

Magic power and curse power.

A clash of similar yet different forces.

No one understands the current situation.

It was a dream matchup that would have thrilled anyone if they could grasp the situation.

Which power is superior?

“Fascinating…!” (Sora)

『His smiling again!』

『He was also smiling during the battle with Val.』

『Yep, his definitely smiling!』

『This is intense…』


Sora focuses on refining his curse power. He intertwines his fingers with one hand and concentrates.

He circulates the increased curse power throughout his entire body.

“Here I come! <Dark Gravity>!” (Gravito)

“────Second Technique: <Curse Barrier>!” (Sora)

An impact with varying intensity clashes. 

Shiiii… ──── DOGAAN!

『Even though this is through the screen, I can almost feel the shaking…』

『I’m getting dizzy! I’m getting dizzy!』

『Motion sickness pills! Someone, give me motion sickness pills!』

(He likely has more magical power than me… but he has a weakness…) (Gravito)

Gravito smiles smugly.

“Sora-sama! Please don’t expand the barrier to my location…!” (Valsark)

“I have to do it this way to protect you. Otherwise, you might get caught in the crossfire.” (Sora)

“But… but then your magical power will…!” (Valsark)

Val desperately pleads for Sora to reconsider.

(Hahaha! What a pitiful man! Indeed, with the barrier expanded to protect his comrades, he cannot overpower me…! The larger the surface area, the greater the pressure becomes!) (Gravito)

Gravito exerts pressure efficiently through magic, utilizing its full potential.

In contrast, Sora relies solely on pure curse power to sustain the pressure.

The difference in energy consumption was significant.

“How about that! At this rate, victory is mine!” (Gravito)

『Isn’t this getting dangerous?』

『Don’t lose, Sora!』

Yabai Yabai1!』

『Don’t give up!』

Sora exhales.

“I haven’t even broken a sweat yet, you know?” (Sora)

“Grrrrr—!” (Gravito)

(What is this man…? Is he implying that I am powerless against him? I should surpass him in intelligence, strength, and strategy…! I cannot afford to lose to someone who foolishly tries to protect their companions!) (Gravito)

Sora’s behaviour was far from Gravito’s ideals.

Knowledge is something to be monopolized.

Power is something to harm others.

Companions hinder one’s growth.

Therefore, friends are unnecessary.

“More, more gravity… I must pour more magic…!” (Gravito)

No matter how much magic power is poured, Sora’s cursed barrier doesn’t budge at all.

(Oi oi oi! This is unbelievably rigid…!) (Gravito)

“Is this all you got?” (Sora)

“Uwaaaaah!” (Gravito)

『Is it shaking here or something?』

『It’s just your imagination. But seriously, this battle is amazing!』

『Wait a minute, I feel the shaking.』

『I’m not feeling any shaking here.』

『Could it be because of these guys that it’s shaking!?』

『No way! Is it really that intense?』

『This is incredible!』

Even from Sora’s earphones, Sakuya’s voice reaches him.

[Whoa! It’s shaking too much…!] (Sakuya)

The impact of the tremors was causing something akin to an earthquake.

However, that couldn’t last forever.

There were limits to Gravito’s magical power.

A cracking sound echoed as it shattered.




『No way!』


After being continuously subjected to gravity that exceeded his own limits, Gravito’s statue-like body has his arms broken.

Gravito’s body couldn’t withstand the strain.

It was only natural. Having long surpassed his limits, yet still fought for his ideals.

“Tsu────!!” (Gravito)

The force of gravity suddenly weakened.

It was the limit of Gravito.

Sora released the hand seal.

“… I gave it my all.” (Gravito)

Gravito murmured quietly.



『Once again, defeating the boss single-handedly… This person is incredible!』 

『What a monster!』 

『As expected of him!』 


“Neither wisdom, magic, nor magical power… None of them reached this man, you say?” (Gravito)

“Well, you’re still pretty amazing. I have never seen gravity magic before, so it was exciting!” (Sora)

“Heh, spare me your pity…” (Gravito)

(Oh, how refreshing this feeling is. To give it my all and lose, it’s surprisingly satisfying…) (Gravito)

He stomps his foot resolutely.

“It’s your victory! You’ve cleared the Trial of Falling Stars! Now, take the treasure!” (Sora)

(This life, without regrets. It will disappear in due time…) (Gravito)

Sora clenches his teeth and groans.

“Hmm…” (Sora)

『There it is again.』

『Wow, he’s groaning again.』

『Oh no!』

『Someone stop him!』

『Who can stop him, HAHAHA!』

『When Sora starts groaning, nothing good ever happens…!』

“I don’t think I need the treasure. I already have most of what I want.” (Sora)

“Huh… What do you want, then?” (Gravito)

“I guess… companions.” (Sora)

“What…?” (Gravito)

『Oh no, Gravito, run!』

『Gravito, run!』

『His going to join the idiot brigade!!』

『The party is expanding!!』

『I can’t tell who’s the boss anymore LOL』

And so, Sora increased the number of shikigamis.

After clearing the trial dungeon, Sora exits the dungeon with Val.

“Ah~ I’m exhausted.” (Sora)

“Good job, Sora-sama. You did well.” (Valsark)

『Good work~!』

『This one was also really fun…!』

『That was an amazing stream!』

『It was so entertaining!』

The comments kept flowing.

Yeah, it seems like everyone found it really entertaining! That’s great~!

The number of concurrent viewers have also exceeded 1.5 million, which is a new record.

This surpasses Val’s record! Amazing!

“Thank god, I am glad everyone enjoyed it!” (Sora)

『Such a great smile.』

『I love it!』

『Sora is the best!』

『Looking forward to the next one!』

『This is definitely going to be made into a new record video.』

『Another legendary record has been set!』


Now… I need to wrap up the stream.

Last time, Sakuya forgot to turn off the drone, so this time I made sure to learn how to operate it properly.

If I remember correctly, pressing this button on the drone should do it…

While I was tinkering with it, I received a report from Sakuya.

[…Hmm? Sora, can you still fight?] (Sakuya)

“I’m fine, but what’s going on?” (Sora)

[It seems that an irregular dungeon has occurred near Anzai Miho’s live performance…! They are urgently gathering capable adventurers!] (Sakuya)

“Anzai Miho…?” (Sora)

Who is that? I will probably remember her face once I see her…

Comments start pouring in, completely changing the atmosphere that seemed like it was about to end.

『Emergency news on TV!』

『A dungeon has appeared!? At this timing!?』

『Ehh! It’s near his location!』

『Isn’t that a live event with tens of thousands of people, right!?』

『Wow, there’s even an emergency declaration from the government…!』

『It’s at the Tokyo Bia Dome which can accommodate tens of thousands of people. Yabai!』

It seems like something really serious has happened.

The emergence of a dungeon in a place where tens of thousands of people are gathered is not something to be taken lightly.

『Well, it doesn’t concern us, right?』

『After Sora finishes, should we watch other streamers? It’s not that interesting though.』

『Gotta work on editing the clips lol.』

『You guys are being too insensitive.』

“…” (Sora)

I quietly watched to comments.

『I heard that a lot of people have lost contact with the victims!』

『Sora-san! Please help! My sister is at the live concert, so please save her!』

『Don’t rely on Sora. The stream is ending anyway.』

『Sora just finished fighting a boss, it’s impossible for him to go to an irregular dungeon now.』

『Think about Sora and comment properly.』

『Sora is not involved in this.』

『It’s not something to ask a high school student for.』

That’s right. Even if I don’t go there, no one will blame me.

I’m exhausted after fighting the boss. 

I can be forgiven…

I place my hand on my special earphone.

“Sakuya.” (Sora)

The answer is clear.

“Lead the way.” (Sora)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Sora is about to make his TV debut lol. He just set a new record and is already about to surpass that. 

After this week, my 2 week holiday is gonna be up, so I’m gonna go back to releasing 1 chapter a day of either LSP or ROS soon. I want to keep doing daily chapters of this, but the chapters are just getting too long.

I’m gonna refer to Valsark as a male from now. It’s annoying to keep putting “it” for everything xd


  1. Yabai means bad or dangerous or something like that. It’s used quite often in the chapters and I have no idea how to substitute this, so I’m gonna just leave it. So remember this cause I’m gonna use it in the future.
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