ROS – Chapter 14 – Tokyo Bia Dome

The last live performance in Japan took place at the Tokyo Bia Dome.

In that concert featuring Anzai Miho, there were tens of thousands of people present.

Amidst that, the sudden appearance of a dungeon caused a nationwide commotion.

Other dungeon streamers and adventurers are contacted, and the government sends a notification requesting those who can come to hurry to their aid but…

– Other dungeon streamers –

“What? A dungeon appeared at Miho Anzai’s concert…!? And there are thousands of monsters…!?” (Streamer)

『Oh well… Personally, I wouldn’t risk my life to help someone else.』

『Going to help them would be foolish LOL』

『I heard the venue is in complete chaos. LOL.』

『What a coward.』

『Just go and help, damn it.』

“Well, I guess it’s not possible for me. To all my viewers, I will be taking on goblins from now on…” (Streamer)

Similarly, other streamers follow suit.

“I got scared when the alarm went off during the live concert. An incident during Miho Anzai’s concert… I’m a huge fan, but what should I do?” (Streamer)

『I believe Anzai Miho is being properly protected by her bodyguards.』

『Miho Anzai is definitely still alive, right?』

『It’s hard to imagine a celebrity dying.』

『She’s a famous singer, after all.』

“Yeah, you’re right. So, it’s the ordinary people who are affected. In that case, I won’t go.” (Streamer)

『That’s the right decision.』

『It’s fine. Prioritize yourself.』

『No other choice.』

『It seems like no one is going to help them, huh.』



“No way I’m going to help!” (Streamer)

『Don’t say that with a smirk. LOL.』

『Inappropriate streamers are indeed different.』

“Wait a minute. If I can capture footage of the accident scene, it might go viral!”

『The lowest LOL』

『What a scumbag.』

『The level of decency here is gone…』

『Are you new here? Relax and take it easy.』

『Sora’s stream was amazing though…』

“Hey, can you please refrain from mentioning other streamers’ names? Seriously, it’s not cool.” (Streamer)

Meanwhile, there was a state of chaos at the Dungeon Management Center that sent out the notification.

“We don’t have enough people…!” (Director)

On the monitors in the control center, Anzai Miho’s live concert venue was dyed in a deep red color.

It was filled with hordes of monsters.

It was impossible to detect a dungeon’s appearance until just before it occurred.

In other words, it was similar to earthquakes.

While it could be predicted shortly before their arrival, it was impossible to determine when and where they would occur days in advance.

The reported and confirmed number of monsters exceeded several thousand.

From the upper floors to the middle and lower levels… There might even be monsters in the deeper levels.

Nevertheless, the Dungeon Management Center was not giving up.

They were determined to face the situation head-on.

Among the attendees at the live concert venue were experienced adventurers who had been invited by Anzai Miho, as well as members like Rika Ookami, who had recently started challenging the lower levels.

They would do their best to protect the civilians.

However, their efforts wouldn’t last long. They were just ordinary people. It wouldn’t take long for them to reach their limits when facing over a thousand monsters.

“Director… um…” (Researcher)

“What is it? Can’t you see I’m busy?” (Director)

A researcher wearing glasses approaches with a hesitant demeanor, holding some documents.

“Well, regarding the initial report on the number of monsters… ” (Researcher)

“It was in the thousands, right?! I have already heard it and even received an official announcement from the government…”  (Director)

“Actually, upon rechecking, it turns out it was a mistake…”(Researcher)

“What…?”  (Director)

The researcher blinks repeatedly and trembles as they speak.

“The number of monsters wasn’t in the thousands… it was 100,000…” (Researcher)

“100,000?! That’s way more than the initial report! How did it increase so much?!”  (Director)

A dry laughter escapes.

Our forces here consist of only a few hundred adventurers at the live concert venue.

Dealing with such an unimaginable number like 100,000, who can possibly handle it?

“It’s over… Today will go down as the worst day in Japanese history…”  (Director)

“So, this is Tokyo Bia Dome.” (Sora)

Sora’s live stream had reached the point where the concurrent viewers were about to exceed 2 million.

Being the first person to head there, amidst other streamers choosing not to go.

『Wow… he made the decision to go instantly…』

『As expected of Sora.』

『He’s our Sora.』

『Love him.』

『While other streamers are hesitating, he’s taking action. That’s seriously impressive.』

『There are too many people saying they won’t go, lol.』

When Sora arrived at the entrance of the live concert venue, he found a large gathering of police officers.

Amidst the crowded scene, they skillfully guided the injured individuals and ensured that no further chaos or trampling occurred.

『Wow… this is awful…』

『It’s like a scene from hell.』

『Oh no…』

『There are way too many people!』

It seems Sora arrived quite early, as only a short time had passed since the dungeon appeared.

“Oh, you managed to bring a drone here?” (Sora)

[As long as the network is connected, it can go anywhere.] (Sakuya)

“As expected of Sakuya.” (Sora)

Knowing that Sakuya is in a safe place is the most reassuring.

Due to the large-scale nature of the concert, there were a significant number of security personnel. Their efforts had paid off, allowing them to somehow maintain a balance against the monsters.

There were adventurers who were not streamers but still showed up, working in cooperation with the police to evacuate people and fight against the monsters.

“Use the monsters as shields to push them back!” (Police)

“Damn it! There are too many… Should I just use magic…?” (Adventurer)

“No, don’t attack with magic! You will risk involving innocent civilians!” (Police)

“Protect them! Right now, prioritizing evacuation is crucial!” (Police)

The command structure is in disarray… The current situation is quite unclear.

I hold my hands in the air and use a weapon that can move in the air effortlessly.

“First Technique… Water Fate Thread” (Sora)

I kicked off the ground and swiftly dash forward.

I cut through the battlefield and join the police officer who is engaged in a dangerous battle with a Lizardman.

With a powerful leap, I create a loop with my thread.

“Wha-!?” (Police)

“Gyaaah!?” (Lizardman)

The thread entangles, causing the Lizardman’s neck to be severed.

“A single strike…!?” (Police)

『The police officer got lucky there lol』

『What a stroke of luck!』

『One-shotting the Lizardman, wow!』

I turn my gaze towards the police officer.

“Are you alright…?” (Sora)

“Ah! You’re Ueno Sora!” (Watanabe)

I know this police officer.

It’s Watanabe-san, the officer I encountered the day before I saved Ookami Rika.

(Hey… You’re a high school student, right? There’s no way you can go to the lower levels. You’re not some big-time streamer or anything.) (Watanabe)

I vividly remember being told those words.

I am sensitive to being hurt. That’s why I never forgot it.

“I’m sorry for doubting you back then! It was rude of me to say such things!” (Watanabe)

Oh, a 90-degree apology right from the start…

As for the comments asking “Who is this?” I debated whether to explain, but I think I will put it off for now.

“I wanted to apologize for so long! And thank you for saving me!” (Watanabe)

“N-No… But more importantly, Watanabe-san, what’s the situation?” (Sora)

“W-Well, the priority is to ensure people’s evacuation, and we haven’t managed to evacuate everyone yet. Fortunately, there are adventurers and streamers who were invited by Anzai Miho, but it’s still cutting it really close…” (Watanabe)

Honestly, a sweep attack would be the easiest, but it would involve civilians. So, individually defeating them would be a safer approach.

“I’ll take care of the rest.” (Sora)

“Huh?” (Watanabe)

I took out a paper doll (Shikigami) and show it to her.

“Val, fortify the defenses. Don’t let any more people get hurt.” (Sora)

“As you wish.” (Valsark)

“Wow… It’s real…! Turning a boss into a shikigami…!” (Watanabe)

『Val is here!』

『That Watanabe is in the safest place right now lol.』

Don’t underestimate a Heian-era onmyoji, thinking they are only good at one-on-one battles. They can take on countless demons and monsters as well.

I need to end this situation as efficiently as possible.

I took off my jacket.

“Perhaps I should increase the rotation rate of my curse power… Continuous attacks can be tiring, but there’s no time to waste.” (Sora)

I circulate the curse power within my body, increasing its speed.

It’s akin to accelerating the flow of blood in my veins.

I perform this technique within my body, strengthening myself.

Here I go.

As I forcefully kick the ground, a cloud of dust rises.

“Hey, wait— he is already gone!” (Watanabe)




『Mom, I’m scared!』

『He even left a dust cloud lol』

While passing through the horde of people, I continue to weave the Water Fate Threads.

There’s a battle going on over there too…

“Damn! I won’t lose here…!” (Adventurer)

“Gigagaaaah~!” (Monster)

“Excuse me.” (Sora)

*Paan!* The neck of the monster flies off.

“Eh? Wait, did something just passed by…?” (Adventurer)

Every time Sora moves, a monster collapses in that spot.

Meanwhile. the drone captures the scene of monsters being defeated.

『What the hell is this!?』


『Too strong!』

『Wait. Didn’t Sora fight a boss just now?』

『This is amazing LOLL』

『LMAO Even the drone can barely keep up!』

『So fast!』

『It’s like he is leaving afterimages!』

Entangling them with the threads.

Strengthening the threads’ durability to deflect attacks.

Extending them.

Connecting them.

The thread slips through gaps as small as the hole in a needle.

Seconds passed by.

Yet, in those few seconds, a single person single-handedly dealt with twenty monsters.

The viewers who witnessed that spectacle, as well as the adventurers inside the dome, were filled with awe and admiration.

“That’s amazing…” (Adventurer)

“Who is that person…?” (Adventurer)

“He is on a whole different level.” (Adventurer)

“He helped me.” (Adventurer)


『They disappear just by touching the thread!?』

『This person is single-handedly changing the tide of battle…』

『Amazing LOLL』


『Sora is definitely the strongest in modern times, huh?』

『That’s my Onee-chan1! The person who he just saved me is my Onee-chan desu!』

The number of viewers continues to increase.

『I came here because it was trending and causing a big commotion, but this is amazing…』

『Even if you are not a first-time viewer, it’s still mind-blowing.』

『This is some crazy stuff…』

Sora just arrived, and only a few minutes have passed. Just in that short time, the live venue is filled with the corpses of the monsters.

『It seems like this video is being broadcasted overseas too!』

『Well, if a dungeon appears at Anzai Miho’s live concert, this is what you’d expect.』

『But even without that, this is still incredible!』

Inside Tokyo Bia Dome,

Sakakibara Katsu, an experienced adventurer in deep dungeons, was sweating.

“Good grief! Miho-san sure knows how to invite us to an extraordinary live event!” (Katsu)

He used his large shield to block the attacks of the monsters, protecting the civilians.

In combination with Ookami Rika, they skillfully lured the monsters together and defeated them with their swords.

Despite being an impromptu2 party, Katsu’s skillful support allowed Rika to move more freely.

“Katsu-san!” (Rika)

“I’ll be your shield! Rika-chan, aim for that opening!” (Katsu)

“Got it!” (Rika)

Katsu himself is already in his thirties. 

Adventurers tend to be stronger when they are young, and it’s common for the top-ranked adventurers to be younger individuals.

However, Katsu continues his adventuring career because he needs money to treat his sister’s illness.

(Haha! I underestimated her. I thought that being a dungeon streamer would make her less capable. Turns out she can really move. Maybe it’s the youth!) (Katsu)

Katsu understood that his prime had already passed.

Nowadays he was relying on the experience he had accumulated to overcome the challenges of the deep levels.

(But… Aren’t there too many of them?! This won’t last long… Huh?) (Katsu)

He felt a sense of strangeness as he noticed a sudden decrease in the number of monsters spawning.

(Somehow… they are decreasing…) (Katsu)

He suddenly shifted his gaze towards Ookami Rika.

(Did she do something?) (Katsu)

“Wha!?” (Katsu)

Katsu strained his eyes.

Perhaps due to his age, he had trouble seeing things in the distance. 

Someone seemed to be fighting…

(But it seems too fast for that…) (Katsu)

A mid-level monster, a Lizardman, appears before Katsu.

“Gigaa!” (Lizardman)

“Urgh–! Dammit!” (Katsu)

But then an aqua-colored thread entangles the Lizardman and its head popped off.

“Are you okay?” (?)

“W-Who are you…? Ah! Wait, don’t answer that!” (Katsu)

“Huh?” (?)

Katsu reached his hand to his forehead, trying to remember.

Being older, his memory wasn’t the best.

“Let me see… Oh, right! You’re Ueno Sora!” (Katsu)

“Yes, that’s correct…” (Sora)

“Did you come to help me!?” (Katsu)

“Yes, I did.” (Sora)

Katsu became excited, feeling a sense of youthful enthusiasm.

“I have been wanting to meet you! I am Katsu. The deep-level adventurers have been spreading rumors that you might be among the strongest of the next generation~!” (Katsu)

Katsu enthusiastically grabs both of Sora’s hands and shakes them up and down.

“Awa.” (Sora)

Sora, who is being shaken, lets out a bewildered expression and utters some words, while Katsu continues to speak with a smile.

“Well, it’s nice to be young. When I was young, this uncle was amazing too. Back in the day, there were no streaming apps, but oh boy, it was still incredible…” 

As Katsu continues to ramble on, the bystanders who were being protected, along with Ookami Rika, start to notice.

“Eh, is that Sora-san!?” (Rika)

“Ah, he is the Sora-kun that Rika-chan was talking about!?” (Miho)

Ookami Rika, Anzai Miho, and many others were present there.

“Did he come to help…? But he’s just a kid.” (Bystander)

“So, that’s the famous Ueno Sora…!” (Bystander)

“It’s my first time seeing him!” (Bystander)

“The idiot child…!” (Bystander)

Skeptical voices and relieved voices intermingle. Amidst the mix of emotions, Sora speaks.

“Are you still able to fight?” (Sora)

“Yeah, of course!” (Katsu)

“Sora-san! I can still fight too!” (Rika)

It’s not just the two of them who can fight. Although their abilities may be inferior, there are other adventurers present here as well.

The path they came from is already filled with more monsters.

No matter how many they defeat, more keep spawning from somewhere.

“It’s impossible to protect all these people while moving, isn’t it?” (Katsu)

“Well, it’s definitely impossible… We’re barely managing to defend the entrance. There are still thousands of people inside…” (Rika)

Rika murmurs this.

“We can’t protect everyone… Someone has to be prepared to die.” (Rika)

So far, fortunately, there haven’t been any casualties in this live venue.

It was all thanks to the adventurers present there, fighting desperately, that this was possible.

They all shared the same determination not to let their fellow Anzai Miho fans to die. They were prepared for that.

Sora crossed their arms and placed a hand on his chin, appearing troubled. He began to growl, deep in thought.

“Hmm… hmm…” (Sora)

Those who recognized that growl were excited to have witnessed the real deal. Likewise, the comments section was getting noisy.

『There it is!』

『He started growling at this timing, lol.』


『What’s he up to…? In such a hopeless situation…』

“I will hold back all the monsters, so can you move during that time?” (Sora)

Katsu and Rika are taken aback.

“….Huh?” (Katsu) 

“….Eh?” (Rika)

『What is he saying…?』

『With this number…?』


『Nah, that’s impossible…』

『There’s no way he can do that lol』

『Even for Sora…』

Katsu’s face contorts.

“Umm, are you going to use magic?” (Katsu)

“It’s not magic, but something similar.” (Sora)

“No, that’s not allowed! You can’t use magic! What if you end up burying people under the rubble…!” (Katsu)

“No one will be caught in it.” (Sora)

“That’s impossible… Even the top-tier dungeon explorers wouldn’t be able to do something like that!” (Katsu)

“Haha, don’t worry. Well then…” (Sora)

Without saying anything more, Sora left them in the dust.

“Is… Is he really planning to do it alone…? Seriously!?” (Katsu)

Katsu couldn’t believe it.

The young man standing before him had eyes that held no trace of deception.

Sora stood atop a mountain of rubble.

When he looked up, the weather was clear. There were no clouds in sight.

Sora, in this clear world, stood tall.

Once he has taken a bird’s-eye view, it becomes a scene from hell.

Monsters are running rampant.

In the midst of it all, Sora stands.

The number of visible monsters easily reaches several thousand… It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there could even be tens of thousands.

“Third Technique… Shikigami!”

With a puff of smoke, Gravito appeared right behind Sora.

“I didn’t expect you to use me so soon… You got quite the nerve.” (Gravito)

“I need a little help from you.” (Sora)

“And who said I would help you…!” (Gravito)

“I’ll heal your body for you. And I’ll also teach you something amazing.” (Sora)

“Hmm… if it’s something amazing, then I suppose…” (Gravito)

Gravito was injured during our battle, and I haven’t healed those wounds.

Well, even if he doesn’t help me I will still fix him.

I have learned a bit about how to handle Gravito using his thirst for knowledge.

Alright… Let’s go.

“Shii…” (Sora)

Regulate your breath.

Increase the beating of your heart.

Circulate your magical energy.

“Haa…” (Sora)

Concentrate the refined magical energy into a single point. Place your hands together to form a hand seal.

『I think the hand seal is a bit different?』

『It’s not the same as before…』

『With Gravito, it was one-handed!』

『But now it’s both hands!?』

『Oh no!』

Earlier, people like Katsu and Rika, as well as the viewers, said:

『It’s impossible.』

『Stopping it alone is impossible.』

『You can’t possibly do that!』

『There’s no way you can do it!』

I understand very well whether it’s impossible or not.

If I could simply back down and say, “Yes, you’re right,” when people tell me it’s impossible, then I wouldn’t be here right now.

I successfully performed the reincarnation technique that was deemed impossible, which is why I have been reincarnated from the Heian period.

As Ueno Sora, I stand here.

You never know until you try, even if it seems impossible. This is truly important.

I focus on the hand seals formed with both hands.

I’m an onmyoji who helps people.

“Fourth Technique…” (Sora)

In an instant, everything fell silent.

People witnessed it.

Surrounding Sora, a pitch-black darkness seemed to envelop everything.

“Fourth Technique…” (Sora)

What followed was an intensely concentrated surge of magical energy that should have been invisible, now made visible to the naked eye.

True Life Manipulation.” (Sora)

Katsu and Rika were astonished.

“Wha!?” (Katsu)

“────Whoa!!” (Rika)

(Sora-san’s demeanor has changed…! It’s not his usual relaxed self!) (Rika)

(Hey, hey, hey…! That pressure… Is he really just a young man!?) (Katsu)

The atmosphere around Sora had undergone a significant transformation, leaving everyone in awe.

People’s bodies were covered in goosebumps, as they intuitively understood.

Sora was stronger than anyone present… Stronger than the monsters themselves.

He possessed the power to single-handedly change everything.

Gravito’s thoughts race.

(Is he really planning to use my magic!? Wait! I cast magic using magical power, not curse power… I have no idea what will come out if it’s cast with curse power…!!) (Gravito)

He uses a completely different source of power.

For example, even if you try to charge a smartphone, it won’t fit or work if the charger’s shape is different and incompatible.

So, what if you forcefully plug it in and manage to charge it anyway? What if it actually works?

While the nature of electricity remains the same, the physical shape does hold significance.

The Fourth Technique… it can be described as the transfer of souls.

It reflects the soul from one object to another. This technique is used for purposes such as removing curses or relocating shikigamis.

By sharing consciousness with a shikigami and amplifying its abilities, one can manipulate it on their own.

In that fleeting silence…

Curse Severance: Gravity Loss!” (Sora)

Shiiii… KABOOM!

The intense gravity targets only the monsters, while the people manage to completely avoid its effects.

“Huh? A few managed to escape… Hey, Gravito, control it properly. I’ll be mad if you don’t.” (Sora)

“Sora! It’s because you suddenly unleashed such tremendous power! It has long exceeded my capacity…!” (Gravito)

“I’m also assisting with the control, right?” (Sora)

Gravito breaks into a cold sweat.

(Damn it! This guy is single-handedly controlling it with many times more power than me…! I can’t argue back…! I can’t afford to lose!)

The gravity effectively captures the remaining monsters.

『Huh, did the monsters just stop moving?』 

『What was that just now? It was amazing…』

『What did you do? I don’t really understand.』

“What on earth…?” (Adventurer)

“The movement of the monsters has stopped…?” (Adventurer)

“I think he stopped the movement of the monsters in this area…” (Adventurer)



『He is using the gravity magic that Gravito used earlier!』

『Madness lol』

『Does this mean that Sora amplified Gravito’s abilities?!』

“Ar-Are you kidding me…! How big do they think this area is?!” (Adventurer)

“There are thousands of them…!” (Adventurer)

“This is crazy…” (Adventurer)

Seeing the success of his technique, Sora laughs without paying attention to the voices of others.

“He’s laughing…” (Adventurer)

To others, it may seem like madness, but to Sora himself, he was simply filled with pure joy.

Magic and curse power are indeed different. If the output is different, you just need to adjust it.

Magic may change, but its essence remains the same.

In other words, I, as an onmyoji, have ventured into the realm of power beyond onmyodo… into the realm of magic.

What else could it be if not a source of joy?

“Ah! Umm…Katsu-san! Please move everyone to a safe place quickly!” (Sora)

“Ah, yes!” (Katsu)

With just one person, the tide of the battle is turned.

That person is Ueno Sora, the onmyoji.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

URGHHHH I don’t understand this magic stuff, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t make any sense. Well putting that aside, he has quite the successful debut. My man decided to go all out just this once. Actually he didn’t even go all out, we still have no idea how many techniques he can use.

I think this was suppose to be called Tokyo Beer Dome, but it sounds kinda like a weird place to host a concert.


  1. Onee-chan is elder sister
  2. Impromptu = done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed.
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