ROS – Chapter 15 – TV vs Internet

A truck containing Sakuya’s streaming equipment.

The back of the truck has been modified to allow viewing drone footage and monitoring streaming conditions.

It is also equipped for overnight stays, truly an expensive truck.

The next day, after rescuing people from Tokyo Bia Dome…

I hurriedly ran to the truck to confirm what I had seen.

“SakuyaSakuyaSakuya!” (Sora)

When I opened the back, there was Sakuya, elegantly sipping tea.

Sitting on a gaming chair, she was engrossed in studying a diagram with numerous graphs.

“What’s the commotion about?” (Sakuya)

“N-News! I’m somehow featured in the news!” (Sora)

I show her the news feed on my smartphone.

“So what? Considering what you’ve done, it’s only natural. It’s not surprising.” (Sakuya)

“I-Is that so…?” (Sora)

I simply helped people in need. I don’t think I did anything particularly amazing.

If someone is in trouble, it’s only natural to help them. It’s the right thing to do.

“But… this news is a masterpiece, isn’t it?” (Sakuya)

And with that, Sakuya shifted her gaze towards the smartphone.

“Sora, you’re going to become even more famous.” (Sakuya)

Sakuya sipped her tea with a pleased expression.

“It’s time for the news. In the live concert of Miho Anzai that took place a few days ago…” (News reporter 1)

The news delved into the detailed account of the disaster.

Initially, the disaster seemed utterly devastating.

However, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a miraculous disaster where, despite numerous injuries, there were no fatalities.

The 100,000 monsters eventually met their demise through the efforts of numerous forces and adventurers who rushed to the deepest parts of the dungeon. The dungeon finally calmed down after a while.

In the news, the event had started to be referred to as the “Miracle of Anzai Miho, The Japanese Diva.”

“There were adventurers who played a vital role at the live venue… as well as streamers who came to support. It seems like there were such individuals, according to reports.” (News reporter 2)

The news continues, highlighting the achievements of the adventurers who played an active role.

In this way, they are being recognized and gratitude is being expressed.

Of course, there is no blame or criticism to those who didn’t come to help.

Adventurers always put their lives on the line. It would be cruel to blame them for not coming.

“… adventurers like […] and […] are truly amazing.” (News reporter 1)

“By the way, the adventurer who is said to have been the first to arrive… um, was it a dungeon streamer?” (News reporter 2)

“Yes. According to the rumors, it seems to be a person called Ueno Sora, who is currently a hot topic on the internet!” (News reporter 1)

An elderly and outspoken critic, who had remained silent until now, furrowed his brows the moment Sora’s name was mentioned.

In an eloquent tone, he began to speak as if they were already aware of the matter.

“I still can’t believe it, you know. He’s just a high school student, right? And to call himself an onmyoji… Isn’t he just a fraud? A liar, perhaps. I mean, he only showed up at the scene, didn’t actually do anything. Hahaha!” (Elder critic)

“Ah, haha… Well, um… he was the first one to take action, so…” (News reporter 1)

“Anyone can just show up and move around, can’t they? I don’t know much about streaming or the internet, but my eyes can’t be deceived.” (Elder critic)

In the gloomy atmosphere, the smug-faced critic sniffed dismissively.

“And now, let me introduce the adventurer who made the most significant contribution, the one who can be called the MVP for rescuing thousands of people… Sakakibara Katsu!” (Elder critic)

“He truly had the most remarkable performance this time!” (Elder critic)

“To protect and evacuate thousands of people from tens of thousands of monsters… It’s only natural! It’s a divine feat!” (Elder critic)

“When everyone safely came out of the live venue, led by Sakakibara Katsu, it was truly exhilarating!” (Elder critic)

“The public’s voice is also filled with praise for Katsu.” (Elder critic)

“And not to mention, Ookami Rika from the Poover agency also played a significant role…” (Elder critic)

For ordinary people, the more they like Sora, the more discomfort they would feel towards this news.

Because the one who made the most significant contribution is not Sakakibara Katsu.

It’s Ueno Sora.

Ookami Rika, who was watching the news during her lunch break, was astonished.

“Ehh?! W-Where are they reporting this news…!?” (Rika)

(Thanks to him we were able to overcome that desperate situation without any fatalities…!)

Rika takes out her smartphone and makes a call.

“Manager!” (Rika)

Just like Ookami Rika, there was also a commotion online.

People were questioning the accuracy of the news, suspecting that it might be misleading or incorrect.

Ueno Sora is the real deal.

That fact is known by the 2 million people who witnessed it live on the internet.

Furthermore, being accused of being a fraud and other derogatory remarks, there is no way they can stay silent.

However, Sakuya was laughing.

“Well, things have gotten interesting.” (Sakuya)

“I’m nervous…” (Sora)

Never did I imagine that I would be in the news…

Television is such a common part of our daily lives that when we hear someone we know saying, “I appeared on TV for a brief moment!” we naturally think, “Wow, that’s amazing!”

I got even more excited when I’m experiencing this for the first time.

Yoshi, I’ll brag about it to someone.

First, I went to Sakuya… but as I try to speak, she responded in a dispassionate manner.

“Don’t brag to me about appearing on TV. I make appearances too, you know.” (Sakuya)

“Wow!” (Sora)

“Because my old man’s speeches are sometimes aired on TV. And I happen to appear in them for a split second.” (Sakuya)

“S-Sakuya, that’s amazing…” (Sora)

“It’s nothing special, really. But you’re still cute, as always.” (Sakuya)

Sakuya smiled and rested her chin on her hand.

“Well, it’s clear now. The news and public opinion is completely different from the views on the internet.” (Sakuya)

The news is controlled by large corporations, not individuals. The content of the news can be manipulated when pressure is exerted from the higher-ups.

On the other hand, the internet allows individuals to post and gather information. Due to this nature, facts are less likely to be manipulated.

The world we live in is no longer an era where television dictates everything as black or white.

“Basically, the upper management of big corporations consists of stubborn old geezers. They cling to old customs and lack flexibility. Ueno Sora, who recently emerged is relatively unknown. It’s understandable to put someone like the moderately famous Sakakibara Katsu at the forefront.” (Sakuya)

“Well, this is not going to end normally though.” (Sakuya)

“Thanks to those old folks, Japan will be flooded with discussions about you… It’s going to be entertaining.” (Sakuya)

As predicted by Sakuya, there was a conflict arising from the news reporting that Sakakibara Katsu had played the most significant role, while the internet claimed that Ueno Sora had been the most active.

“I think it’s about time for me to make a move too.” (Sakuya)

Sakuya wears a sinister smile and “fufufufu”ed.

“She is like an evil schemer…” (Sora)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Sakuya has a gaming chair lol. She is fully prepared to start a war and looks like this is gonna be the perfect opportunity to start everything off.

Thank god that short chapters can still exist.


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Evil schemer waifus are more than welcome