ROS – Chapter 16 – Bulletin Board / Sora’s Live Stream

[Thread: Vol. 562 – Discussing Dungeon Streamer Ueno Sora]

108. Anonymous Onmyoji
Man, Sora is amazing.

How has no one heard of him before?

109. Anonymous Onmyoji
No matter how many times I watch it, Sora’s live stream was exciting

It’s amazing!

110. Anonymous Onmyoji
That damn Sakakibara Katsu was reported to have had the most success.

That old bastard…

It’s him again.

111. Anonymous Onmyoji
That guy has been making mocking remarks to other dungeon streamers as well.

Sora worked incredibly hard and was the first one to rush in, and yet, he treats him like this.

He’s the worst.

112. Anonymous Onmyoji
I’m seriously pissed off this time.

I’m going to make a complaint call.

113. Anonymous Onmyoji
That old man sure has a knack for getting on people’s nerves.

I absolutely won’t forgive him this time.

114. Anonymous Onmyoji
I don’t know if he holds any authority, but he should stop spreading lies.

Calling Sora a liar is beyond despicable.

Doesn’t he know that other streamers were laughing and saying, “There’s no way I will go”?

And now those streamers are facing backlash.

115. Anonymous Onmyoji
Are you telling me that none of the people involved watched the live stream?

Are they stupid?

I can’t believe it.

116. Anonymous Onmyoji
Honestly, doesn’t it seem a bit unreasonable this time?

It’s clear that Sora had the most significant role.

I do think that Katsu did his best, but no matter how you look at it, Sora’s contribution was extraordinary.

117. Anonymous Onmyoji
A group of reporters was waiting with their cameras ready when Katsu appeared, accompanied by thousands of people. They misunderstood and thought, “Katsu rescued everyone by himself!”

Every news reporter wanted to be the first to report the news.

From the perspective of the news reporters, they probably think that Katsu was the one who protected and moved everyone, even though Sora is part of the rescue efforts as well.

The other news reporters seem to be observing the situation for now.

It seems like they have noticed that the way the internet is reacting is abnormal.

118. Anonymous Onmyoji
That news was mostly limited to that company… although because of that, the older generation in society believes that Katsu was the one who helped.

By the way, isn’t that Soramame boy angry about this?

If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely be furious, thinking, “They stole my credit!”

119. Anonymous Onmyoji
If it’s Sora, they would probably say something like, “Oh, really? I didn’t know about that.”

120. Anonymous Onmyoji

121. Anonymous Onmyoji
LOL You got the perfect picture of Sora.

122. Anonymous Onmyoji
Yeah, he doesn’t know anything.

He’s from the Heian period, after all.

123. Anonymous Onmyoji
Could it be that Sora needs others to properly acknowledge him for him to be known?

124. Anonymous Onmyoji
That’s possible.

It’s strange because Sora never boasts about his achievements or comes across as arrogant.

So, could it be that the reason he has been overlooked all this time is because of that?

125. Anonymous Onmyoji
And his cute, too.

He might be the type to get excited and say, “I appeared on TV! How amazing!”

The magic he demonstrated during Anzai Miho’s miracle was incredible, although it was quite intense.

126. Anonymous Onmyoji

That was seriously cool.

127. Anonymous Onmyoji
Sora’s atmosphere is completely different.

To think that he had such a side… It touched me a little.

128. Anonymous Onmyoji
So he is not just an idiot.

129. Anonymous Onmyoji
I’m relieved to hear that he’s not just an idiot.

130. Anonymous Onmyoji
It’s disrespectful to call him an idiot just because he has a carefree personality.

Let’s just call him Soramame.

131. Anonymous Onmyoji
Speaking of which, why do we call him “Soramame” in the first place?

I understand calling him an “idiot” but…

132. Anonymous Onmyoji
Because he loves “soramame” (Enamame).

133. Anonymous Onmyoji
Because he loves “soramame” (Enamame).

134. Anonymous Onmyoji
It’s a cute nickname, after all.

135. Anonymous Onmyoji
How about you become a “Soramame” too?

136. Anonymous Onmyoji
Become a “Soramame”!

If you don’t become a “Soramame,” you’ll die!

137. Anonymous Onmyoji
This place feels a bit scary…

There are only crazy people here…

138. Anonymous Onmyoji
It seems like it will be either “Idiot” or “Soramame”…

139. Anonymous Onmyoji
Sora saved my younger brother at a live concert venue, so I’ll support them for life.

Thank you, Sora.

That old man…

140. Anonymous Onmyoji
I wonder what Sakakibara Katsu is up to?

He doesn’t seem to be affiliated with any agency. I wonder if he will release a personal statement.

141. Anonymous Onmyoji
He is keeping silent for now.

I also wonder what he is up to.

Although he is a good person, so I’m sure he will say something soon

142. Anonymous Onmyoji
Well, he is already quite old…

143. Anonymous Onmyoji
Come to think of it, why is he still adventuring at that age?

Don’t people usually retire from that in their 20s?

144. Anonymous Onmyoji
It’s quite unusual, isn’t it?

I wonder if there’s a specific reason behind it.

145. Anonymous Onmyoji
Summary of Sora’s achievements:

First Dungeon Livestream:

  • Solo defeats an irregular boss in the lower dungeon (an enemy of deep-level difficulty).
  • Unexpected transformation of boss into a Shikigami. Birth of the loyal dog, Val.
  • Concurrent viewership surpasses 1 million.

Second Dungeon Livestream:

  • Challenges the trial system in the lower dungeon.
  • Impressive breakthroughs in trials through sheer force and gains a Shikigami of the highest difficulty boss.
  • Second Shikigami, Gravito, is born.
  • Concurrent viewership surpasses 1.5 million.
  • Following the conquest of the dungeon boss, a dungeon incident occurs during Anzai Miho’s live concert.
  • Sora immediately decides to go and help.
  • Single-handedly holds off thousands to tens of thousands of monsters.

I watched that live stream, and it seemed like Sora still had plenty of power left… It was amazing.

146. Anonymous Onmyoji
Thanks for the summary.

147. Anonymous Onmyoji
Looking at it this way, it’s incredible… All of this in just a few weeks, right?

Even though he is called an idiot or “Soramame,” he is truly amazing.

148. Anonymous Onmyoji
Indeed, that’s our Sora.

149. Anonymous Onmyoji
Yeah, that old man really gets on my nerves.

150. Anonymous Onmyoji
Sora should really say something about it.

151. Anonymous Onmyoji
I don’t think he will stay silent about it.



535. Anonymous Onmyoji
I guess this concludes this discussion?1

536. Anonymous Onmyoji
I think it’s good.

537. Anonymous Onmyoji
We can never predict what Sora will do…

I’ll try to guess this time.

538. Anonymous Onmyoji

Predicting Sora’s next actions:

  1. A fun dungeon livestream with the trio of idiots, the loyal dog, and the bearded one.
  2. Getting angry about the news incident and doing a livestream addressing it.
  3. Accidentally live streaming a special-grade cursed item once again.

539. Anonymous Onmyoji
Hmm, it’s likely to be one of these three.

540. Anonymous Onmyoji
Number 1 would be hilarious.

541. Anonymous Onmyoji
The bearded one, LOL. What’s with that name?

542. Anonymous Onmyoji
Well, it doesn’t seem like there will be anything other than these three options, based on past trends.

543. Anonymous Onmyoji
I’m really looking forward to Sora’s next move. 

Currently, it’s being discussed a lot in the news whether it’s Katsu or Sora who made the most contribution.

544. Anonymous Onmyoji
To the general public, it’s all about Katsu.

On the internet, it’s all about Sora.

That’s how it is.

545. Anonymous Onmyoji
Japan is going crazy over these two lol

546. Anonymous Onmyoji
Yeah, Sora and the others managed to save people without any casualties during that major disaster. 

It’s seriously amazing.

546. Anonymous Onmyoji
I can’t wait for the next live streammmm!

547. Anonymous Onmyoji
Sora’s live stream is here!!

548. Anonymous Onmyoji
I have been waiting for it in the nude!!

549. Anonymous Onmyoji
It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!

550. Anonymous Onmyoji
Now, which option will he go with…!

551. Anonymous Onmyoji
What will happen in Sora’s livestream…!

The anticipation for Sora’s next live stream wasn’t limited to just internet users. 

Even the manager received a phone call from Ookami Rika, who confidently declared, “The news report is incorrect, so I will come forward to correct it.”

“Here it comes… Sora’s live stream!” (Watanabe)

And there was another person.

It was Watanabe, who had been berating Sora as a police officer, finally able to offer a sincere apology.

She witnessed the battle up close, while protected by the shikigami.

“That was definitely thanks to Sora! Sora, you have every right to be angry! This live stream is about that, right?” (Watanabe)

Everyone speculated and contemplated Sora’s actions, holding their breath in anticipation.

“Good evening~ It’s Sora~” (Sora)

Sora greeted with a soft smile, waving towards the drone.

And then, he began to speak.

“Well, today~…” (Sora)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading

I think for Gravito its suppose to be a beard instead of mustache, so I’ll go with that from now on. Also chances are that Sora will not pick options 1-3. You can never predict what he will do after all lol.


  1. Absolutely no idea what this talking about. Raw is “これで意見まとまった?” if it helps much.
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inb4 he just says something and audience just goes “typical sora” lol

Strawberry Milkshake

Let me guess, he will stream another special-grade curse items with two shikigamis, so it will be 1 and 3 😂
And i hope the TV News drama will be solved soon and ended with TV takes the L.
Katsu should speaks up as well, from his personality, taking all the credits like that will only hurt his pride.

Strawberry Milkshake

(Wait what if Sora will doing a speech and then Sakuya hijacked the TV for his live stream?! That would be cool!)


To translator:
I think it means something like “I guess this concludes the opinion?”
I just checked using the dictionary in


Well I guess it makes more sense that way.


Thanks for the new chapter!