ROS – Chapter 17 – Onmyou

I received permission to stream in the evening at a place that offers an extensive view of the nearby town.

I needed a spacious place today but my room is small.

“Good evening~ I’m Sora~” (Sora)

『I have been waiting for this!!』

『Finally, you’re here!』

『I wonder what he will do today…!』

『Where are you? It looks like a place with a wide view of a town. Where is that?』

『Your face looks so squishy lol.』

『Whenever Sora starts streaming, his so calm and his face always looks ‘moonya’ or ‘funya’.』


『I love it.』

I wonder if I really look that squishy…

But I’m not good at those loud, energetic greetings.

For some reason, I have a habit of feeling relaxed when I greet people.

“Today, well… I will be introducing a new companion.” (Sora)

『A new companion…?』

『Wait, did you actually catch a shikigami off-stream!?』

『Such a thing!?』

“No, it’s not a shikigami or anything like that… come in.” (Sora)

I urged him to come forward.

With nervous steps, he stood next to me.

“U-Um, nice to meet you…! I’m Sakakibara Katsu!” (Katsu)


『No way, it’s Katsu!?』

『He is there!?』

『Wasn’t he Sora’s rival?!』

“I-I’m nervous, Sora-kun…” (Katsu)

“I understand. Right now, we have a total of 130,000 viewers.” (Sora)

“Wha…! There are 130,000 people?! And they are all Sora-kun’s fans, right!?” (Katsu)

“Yes! They are all wonderful people!” (Sora)

『Naturally lol.』

『Is this ok? Sora, are you not being deceived?』

『I am starting to get worried.』

『When someone says ‘they’re good people,’ I strangely feel a sense of guilt…』

“With this, the company will become even livelier~” (Sora)


『Huh? What did you just say?』

『Did I mishear?』


“Huh… Ah, did I not say it? Actually, Sakuya and I, along with Katsu-san, started our own agency. We named it ‘Onmyou.'” (Sora)

Sakuya and I thought of the name together.

Since minors cannot start a business, we are using Katsu-san’s name for the official registration.

When we consulted with Katsu-san, he warmly accepted the company’s philosophy and said, “I’m on board!”

The comments fall silent.

“Huh? Did the comments stop?” (Sora)

“No, I think…” (Katsu)

Just as Katsu was about to respond, a flurry of comments suddenly floods in.





『No way!!』

『Even though he is so young, that’s amazing!』

『Sora joining an agency… It’s moving.』


Streamers who join an agency are generally congratulated.

After all, it’s because the scale of their activities tends to become larger and they gain more colleagues.

『What is the aim of the agency?』

Yes, that’s important.

After researching, I found out that Poover, which manages many famous streamers, has a philosophy of shining brightly, being popular, and always staying at the top.

“Our agency’s aim is… ‘Dungeon Streamers who help people in need.'”

I bow my head quietly.

The comments fall silent as if waiting for my words.

Katsu-san is also waiting for my response.

“I heard that there were many streamers who couldn’t help out at Anzai Miho-san’s live performance. Of course, I don’t blame them or get angry about it.” (Sora)

They are risking their lives. They can’t be blamed.

“But you know… if, in such a situation, no one actually comes to the rescue…” (Sora)

I can’t help but feel saddened by that thought.

Throughout history, people have always lived by helping one another.

Though that sense may have faded in modern times… I don’t want to lose it.

When someone is in trouble…

“It would be nice if there were always someone who would come to help in those times…” (Sora)

Onmyojis exist to save people.

That is a shared consciousness that has continued from ancient times to the present, starting from the Heian period.

That’s why they are depicted as the defenders of justice in any era.

I don’t want to deviate from that.

That is what the company is about desu!1” (Sora)

I lift my head up straight and smile.

Ookami Rika, who was watching Sora’s stream at Poover, involuntarily widened her eyes.

『Dungeon Streamer who helps people in need.』

Sora-san, how far will you go…?

“He announced it at this timing… So the rumors were true.” (Rika)

“I’m looking forward to it! After all, he is going to grow even more from now on, right?” (Manager)

The manager, who doesn’t seem to grasp the gravity of the situation, is taking it lightly.

“You’re being too carefree… But honestly, there’s no way Sora-san would come up with something like this on his own.” (Rika)

I cover my mouth, deep in thought.

There must be someone behind the scenes orchestrating all of this.

In my mind, a silver-haired girl appeared.

…Undoubtedly, it’s that silver-haired daughter.

The biggest and most influential streaming agency in Japan is Poover? No, that’s not it.

Now… it’s “Onmyou”.

That’s what has been determined here.

Public vs Internet?

Who made the bigger impact? Who saved people? No, that girl never even considered such things from the beginning.

She intended to have both of them on her side.

Katsu, the most popular among the public.

Sora, the hottest on the internet.

With these two in the picture… they have instantly elevated their position from the bottom to the very top.

That girl… is an incredible strategist.

Truly befitting the daughter of a major dungeon networking corporation who received exceptional education.

She is worthy of being called a genius…

But it’s also thanks to Sora-san that she was able to achieve that…!

That’s why the synergy between those two… is unbeatable.

“At this rate, Poover… will have to relinquish their top position, won’t they?” (Rika)

Sora-san… you truly are an amazing person.

From that moment of saving me, you climbed up to the top with just a few steps.

Not only that, but you saved me twice. I am grateful, and I want to properly convey these feelings to you.

But more than that…

“I don’t want to lose to Onmyou.” (Rika)

The talented streamers affiliated with Poover were sitting cross-legged, their cheeks twitching.

“Hey, hey, hey, isn’t Poover in trouble? They’re about to be dethroned from the top spot. I can understand Katsu, but being defeated by those kids? Unbelievable!” (Streamer)

Many streamers are watching the stream.

Even that Bean streamer was watching with his fingers in his mouth.

“I still want to collaborate with my Beanmate after all…” (Bean streamer)

Kamisaki Sakuya was delighted to have fulfilled Sora’s wish with her own hands for the first time.

To spread the concept of a true onmyoji, which is Sora’s goal.

She was able to become a source of support for Sora.

“With this, both Poover and other agencies will feel the momentum shift… and Sora will be at the center stage!” (Sakuya)

My Sora is receiving attention.

No one could have predicted such a turn of events.

Rather than creating conflicts, they joined hands.

Instead of determining what is right or wrong, they get the best of both sides.

This was the day when the dungeon streaming agency, Onmyou, was established.

And then, Sakuya’s smartphone rang.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

So instead of fighting over who contributed more, just use the momentum to tackle the core problem of needing to save people and get the best of both sides. Not only does this avert the drama, but it’s also a quick boost to the company’s reputation since the drama is the mainstream topic. That phone call at the end, do I hear investors making their move? Well probably not, but I will be impressed if the author went down that path.

Btw title for this chapter is 陰陽(おんみょう) which is suppose to be the company name I think. I don’t know if I translated it correctly, cause Onmyou might sound weird for a company name idk.


  1. Raw is “そんなダンジョン配信者がいる……陰陽です!”. The sentence didn’t make sense to me, so I just changed it to have it make sense.
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