ROS – Chapter 18 – Coworker

Inside the truck transporting streaming equipment.

Social media was abuzz with talk about the new Dungeon Streaming Agency “Onmyou”.

Sakuya looked at her smartphone with a wide smile and nodded in approval.

“The operation was a great success. Thanks for all the help, Katsu-san.” (Sakuya)

“Oh no, I should be the one apologizing. In the news, it’s being portrayed as if I’m the one who helped people… I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Hahaha…” (Katsu)

I tilted my head in confusion. I found those words to be strange.

“I’m sure everyone was helped because of you, Katsu-san.” (Sora)

“From anyone’s perspective, it was thanks to Sora-kun. I shouldn’t take credit for the achievements of a promising young person like him.” (Katsu)

“I believe that everyone was saved because you were there, Katsu-san.” (Sora)

In fact, it’s that thanks to Katsu-san, there were no injuries among the civilians before I arrived.

Without him, I can’t imagine what would have happened.

Katsu scratched his cheek and blushed slightly.

I simply unleashed magic through cursed power.

It was like gently extending a hand without involving people.

“…Sora-kun, I fell in love with you for saying such things.” (Katsu)

Sakuya’s eyes narrowed.

“Fell in love…?” (Sakuya)

“N-No, don’t misunderstand! It’s not like that… I meant that you look dazzling.” (Katsu)

Katsu dropped his gaze.

I was really happy when Katsu-san became a coworker. 

He has both the skill to delve into the depths and the charisma, and he is always the first to step up to protect others. 

He is a very kind person.

He is also close to the image of the onmyoji that I aspire to.

“Since I was young, I have been alone… I wanted to enjoy my youth for once. I never thought it would become a complex for me hahaha.” (Katsu)

He chuckles with a wry smile.

“To cure my sister’s illness, I needed a large sum of money. So, I dropped out of high school and became a dungeon adventurer trying to earn money.” (Katsu)

For Katsu, there were no fleeting youth days during his school years.

He needed money to treat his sister’s serious illness. He considered himself a tool to earn that money.

That’s why he couldn’t die.

With single-minded determination, Katsu continued to delve deeper and deeper into the dungeons, honing his skills to the point where he could reach the depths.

That was the story of Sakakibara Katsu.

“Well, if I had a proper youth… I might have been like you guys, I guess. That’s why I wanted to cooperate. It looks fun just watching,” (Katsu)

He gave a gentle and tired smile.

Sakuya fell silent.

I knew the smile that Katsu just gave. 

It’s the expression he wears when he is suppressing his true desires and resigning himself, saying, “This is fine.”

“Let’s do it!” (Sora)

“Huh?” (Katsu)

“Let’s have our youth! Katsu-san!” (Sora)

“What? What do you mean?” (Katsu)

I grabbed Katsu-san’s hands and looked into his eyes with determination.

If there’s something you still want to do, then go for it.

“Age doesn’t matter when it comes to doing what you want!” (Sora)

As adults, it’s natural to become hesitant about taking on new challenges as we grow older.

But that is inevitable.

It’s because we have responsibilities.

If I were to take on a challenge and fail, I might end up losing my job or impact my family negatively. 

Adults always carry responsibilities.

The more precious things you have, the more risker it is. 

Before becoming an adult, Katsu risked his life and devoted his life to saving his sister.

There’s no one as cool as Katsu.

“Sora, you’re truly… never mind. I understand. Alright, I’ll give youth a try.” (Katsu)

“Yes!” (Sora)

“My goal is to experience youth… It’s embarrassing.” (Katsu)

Katsu appears to be blushing, but there is a genuine smile on his face. It’s not a forced smile, but one that seems truly joyful.

He looks incredibly happy.

“So, Sakuya. What do you do for youth?” (Sora)

“M-Me? You’re asking me!?” (Sakuya)

“Well, Sakuya seems to know everything.” (Sora)

“Um… well, maybe having a meal in a place with a view of the city lights… or something like that?” (Sakuya)

Naruhodo~1” (Sora)

Sakuya truly lives up to expectations. She knows common things that I don’t.

As I nod deeply, I notice Katsu’s cheek twitching.

“Oh, well… I think that’s not quite right. When it comes to youth, it’s more about hanging out and chatting at a family restaurant or playing games at an arcade, isn’t it?” (Katsu)

“Is that so?! I have never been to a family restaurant or an arcade.” (Sakuya)

“Me neither!” (Sora)

I raised my hand as I said that.

I heard of them before, but I have never been there.

Students often go to places like that.

“Hey, hey… Are you two really okay? That’s kinda amazing in a way… this Uncle is starting to worry…” (Katsu)

Huh? Why does Katsu-san have such a worried look on his face?

To be honest, even if people talk about “youth”, I don’t really understand it.

Well, in school, I was a loner, and Sakuya is also often a loner.

Huh? Could it be that we don’t know what a proper youth is…?

No way, that can’t be.

Don’t worry, I do know about youth in the Heian period.

Things like playing kemari or tag… See, those are youth-like activities.

Oh… In the modern era, nobody would do those things with me, and I would end up crying alone… Oh, I feel like I’m remembering something.

Suddenly, some non-existent memories are being triggered.

In that memory, while I was sitting in the gymnasium and crying, someone threw a soybean at me.

(“Yaaay, Heian era folks!”)

(“Go back to the Heian period!”)


Okay. Let’s stop dwelling on those fake memories.

There was no youth. 

“Sora-kun, why are you suddenly feeling sad…” (Katsu)

“There was no youth…” (Sora)

“Sora-kun!? Are you hurting yourself!?” (Katsu)

Sakuya clears her throat with a deliberate cough.

It seems that this topic is also causing distress to Sakuya, as she seems to want to avoid it.

It seems like we carry deep scars from our youth…

“Forget about youth for now… Let’s talk about the dungeon streaming! Sora!” (Sakuya)

“Y-Yeah, Sakuya! Let’s do that!” (Sora)

“I’m worried… this Uncle is really worried…” (Katsu)

Ignoring Katsu, who is visibly worried and holding his head, Sakuya takes out a whiteboard.

“First of all…” (Sakuya)

On the whiteboard, there are numerous data points. It is evident that Sakuya has pulled an all-nighter to gather, organize, and come up with improvement ideas for the data.

According to Sakuya, it seems that a large portion of my viewers are younger audiences.

On the other hand, with Katsu joining the agency, it is expected that we can attract older demographics that were previously difficult to reach.

Furthermore, since Katsu primarily operates during the daytime, it perfectly aligns with Sakuya’s plan to do evening streams with me, since we still have to attend school.

This way, we can avoid competing for viewership.

“So, Katsu-san, I want to know what you’re good at.” (Sakuya)

“I specialize in being a front-line shield user. As for my talents, I’m pretty skilled in cooking~ I thought it would be great to showcase things like ‘dungeon meals’ during our streams. For example, meat dishes and such.” (Katsu)

“I see… There’s definitely a significant demand for that.” (Sakuya)

Sakuya shows a troubled expression.

During this time… I don’t really have anything to do.

In other words, I’m free.

I sit in seiza position, waiting idly for the conversation to come to an end.

Hmm, what should I have for dinner today?

Just then, Katsu-san interjects.

“Um, Sakuya-san… I actually don’t know what Sora-kun is good at. It might not be good for us as teammates if I don’t know each other’s strengths.” (Katsu)

“Oh, right. Sora, why don’t you tell him?” (Sakuya)

Sakuya doesn’t even glance up and remains focused on the monitor.

I respond.

“Enemies, defeat. Allies, increase.” (Sora)

Sakuya seemed satisfied and continued.

“Alright, just as usual. Now, onto the next topic…” (Sakuya)

“W-Wait. Is that all!?” (Katsu)

Katsu said with a surprised expression.

“Hey, Sora’s presence alone is entertaining.” (Sakuya)

“Well, yeah, but he can do more than just that, right?! And you were looking at him like some kind of unfortunate soul?!” (Katsu)

“This is how things are. Today, having Katsu-san here makes it feel less one-sided, and that’s really nice.” (Sakuya)

Sakuya appeared somewhat satisfied.

I’m actually listening to the conversation attentively~ but sometimes the discussions become too complicated and I tend to lose track midway.

“Is it always like this…? That’s kind of amazing in a way…” (Katsu)

“Don’t worry, Katsu-san. You will get used to it eventually.” (Sora)

“For Sora-kun to say that…” (Katsu)

But it’s truly a good thing that more people have joined.

It was fun being just Sakuya and me, but now it’s become livelier.

“Do you have any ideas, Sora?” (Sakuya)

“Hmm… hmm…” (Sora)

Katsu-san mentioned being skilled in cooking, and I have never had dungeon cuisine before.

I’m quite interested in trying it, but I don’t think Sakuya would be satisfied with just that.

“Cooking monsters, perhaps?” (Sora)

“Huh?! W-Well, dungeon cuisine doesn’t exactly mean that…” (Katsu)

“But it sounds interesting, doesn’t it?” (Sora)

“You really do come up with the most unexpected things… Sora-kun.” (Katsu)

It couldn’t be helped. This was the first idea that came to my mind.

All that’s left is to take action and if it doesn’t work out, we can reflect on it.

“Sakuya, how about monster cuisine?” (Sora)

“Fufufu… That sounds interesting. I think it’s a great idea!” (Sakuya)

“Alright, it’s decided. How about… this location?” (Sora)

I point my index finger downwards.

“The lower levels? Well, if it’s monsters around that level…” (Katsu)

“No, even deeper.” (Sora)

There is a brief pause as both of them react.

“…Huh!?” (Sakuya)

“Eating monsters from the deeper levels!? Is that what you’re suggesting!?” (Katsu)

“Well, you see, Gravito says that the deeper the monster, the stronger and tastier it is.” (Sora)

If we’re going to do it, let’s go all out… No compromises.

Let’s delve deeper.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Next stream: “Dungeon Exploration BUT every monster I defeat gets added to my Hotpot”

… Is what I predict the next stream is going to be named lol. Honestly, that would be something I would watch. Can’t wait to see Sora invent some new food or something.

Edit: No post for the next 3 days, Amario Chocolate 2 just came out so I gotta go play that. I have been waiting for a Ichika and Nana route for so long.


  1. Naruhodo = I see
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