ROS – Chapter 19.2 – Collaboration Stream

I contemplate.

The deep levels are quite deep.

Based on the current stream, the objective is to find and defeat the target.

And the time it takes to transport it.

I thought it would be easier to find, but it seems not.

“I guess it isn’t easy to find Pigdelicious, huh?” (Sora)

『The encounter rate for that super rare monster is only a few percent!』

『Isn’t it quite unlikely to find it?』

『I have never seen it in any live streams.』

『Since it only exists in the deep levels, the meat from any part of its body is said to surpass even the highest quality meat… It’s like an urban legend.』

『I have only heard rumors. Besides, there aren’t many people who even venture into the deep levels in the first place.』

“Hey, Gravito. Can’t you use your nose to search?” (Sora)

“Are you mistaking me for a real tanuki?! I’m not a tanuki!!” (Gravito)

“Give it a try, and if it doesn’t work, we will give up.” (Sora)

“It’s embarrassing! Oyy, don’t lift me up!” (Gravito)

Gravito growls and raises its front paw in a threatening manner.


『He is even cuter when he is angry HAHAHA』

『I like this side of Gravito better than before lol』

『Cute lol』

“Sora-sama! Could it be… that thing over there?” (Valsark)

Val points with his finger. 

I turn my gaze in that direction and see a creature with golden eyes, its entire body shining in gold. It is clinging to the ceiling of the dungeon.

“That’s it!” (Sora)

『Ohh! It’s real!』

『It’s my first time seeing the real thing, and it’s kind of creepy lol.』

『The way its eyes are moving is scary!』

『No way it’s that right?』

『I am losing my appetite by looking at it LOLL』

Val’s <Severance> might completely wipe it and Gravito’s gravity magic might crush it.

However, if I personally defeat it, I can ensure the meat remains in the safest condition.

The part that can’t be eaten is the head. So, I will aim for the head…!

“First Technique, <Water Fate Thread>!” (Sora)

I circulate my mana and reinforce my body.

Then, I leap towards the creature, ready to strike.

“Gyoro!!” (Pigdelicious)

Noticing my presence, the Pigdelicious attempts to escape.

I raise my finger, poised like a gun, and mutter,

“Second Technique, <Curse Barrier>!”

I deploy a curse barrier at the location where it would likely try to flee, cutting off its escape route.

The Pigdelicious creature crashes into the curse barrier.

“Caught it.” (Sora)

『The sequence of actions was so amazing that the comments have stopped.』

『I just realized it.』

『We were all so focused on watching lol』

Without letting this opportunity go, I entangle the threads.

In that moment, someone with red hair appears from an unseen position.

Huh…? Red hair…? And this magic…

A red flash runs through.

“Today’s meal…! <Scarlet Spear>!” (?)

“<Water Fate Threads>!”

Our attacks collide, and it is evident to anyone that an overwhelming assault strikes directly at Pigdelicious.


『It’s practically obliterated lol』

『What, what is this!?』

『What’s happening!?』

The blood splattered onto Sora.

“…It turned completely red.” (Sora)

With a stunned expression on my face, the comments start buzzing.

『Poor Sora lol』

『So cute haha』

『Who was that just now?』

“Wait! Why is there someone here… Who are you? This is my target, you know!” (?)

『Who is that?』

『Oh, that person…!』


『That’s the adventurer the other deep level adventurers have been talking about, one of the 5-fingers of the next generation… Isn’t that Shogun!?』

『That’s the adventurer who has been diving into the deep levels for over a month without resurfacing!』


『A serious deep level enthusiast…!』

“Is that the curse miasma of the Mikage clan…?” (Sora)

A red and black light envelops her.

Curse miasma is the power that steals strength from youkai and demons, used to sustain one’s own life.

Though different from an onmyoji, the essence of exorcising monsters is the same.

She is significantly stronger than ordinary humans and youkais, with her distinctive red hair.

Curse miasma is essentially the power of curses. Cursed by the gods, they take advantage of that power to exorcise monsters.

However, due to the nature of the curse, their lifespans are very short, ranging from 10 to 25 years.

“───!! Who are you? How do you know about the Mikage clan?” (Red-haired girl)

“Why, you ask…” (Sora)

I am reminded of the Heian period.

A certain man came to visit me.

He got down on his knees and made a request.

“You are recognized as the strongest onmyoji of this generation…! Please, grant me one wish! I beg you… please lift the curse of our clan’s short lifespan!” (A certain man)

“That curse is quite powerful. It’s a divine curse.” (Sora)

“My daughter… The curse afflicting my newborn daughter is severe, and at this rate, she won’t last more than a few years…! Our Mikage clan will serve you for a lifetime…! So please, I beg of you, please grant my request…!” (A certain man)

If the curse removal fails, the curse will backfire upon the one attempting to lift it.

No one wants to take on such a task, nor do they dare to get involved even if they come across it.

The more powerful the curse, the higher the price that is demanded in return.

“The curse of a god, huh…” (Sora)

As I reflect on it, I realize I was being reckless. A curse from a god is far more dangerous than just facing death if the attempt fails.

“It sounds interesting. Sure, I’ll do it.” (Sora)

“Still, it’s impossible… Huh?” (A certain man)

Meanwhile, influenced by Sora, the topic of onmyoji was being discussed on TV.

“When it comes to onmyoji, Abe no Seimei1, who was active during the Heian period, is well-known.”

A text overlay appears on the screen, displaying “The Diary of Abe no Seimei.”

“There has been an exciting incident for onmyoji researchers recently! It turns out that the diary of Abe no Seimei has been discovered!” (News reporter 1)

“Oh my! That’s amazing!” (News reporter 2)

“Yes, we can’t disclose everything, but we can show part of it which has been analysed.” (Professor)

The studio staff members smile wryly as they are shown some ancient writings.

“Professor, what does it say here?” (News reporter 1)

“Well, let me first provide a modern translation.” (Professor)

In the tense and excited atmosphere, the first line was uttered.

“『There is an extraordinary onmyoji who can lift the curse of the gods.』” (Professor)

The curse of the gods.

Not fully understanding the magnitude of this information, they tilt their heads in confusion.

Because they didn’t know, they decided to research and contemplate. That was their job.

Continuing with the content:

“『I shall now record my thoughts about this onmyoji.』” (Professor)

──── Abe no Seimei

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I am assuming that red haired person is a girl since she use watashi. Also Sora is a literal walking legend lol. 

By the time you read this, I already finished the presentation, soo should have more time to translate. I have like a 50 page report in like 2 weeks, but most of it is images so I should still have time to translate.


  1. Abe no Seimei is a leading specialist of Onmyōdō during the middle of the Heian period in Japan. In addition to his prominence in history, he is a legendary figure in Japanese folklore. He has been portrayed in several stories and films. The Seimei Shrine, located in Kyoto, is a famous shrine dedicated to him.
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Strawberry Milkshake

Sora was the legendary Omnyouji even Abe no Seimei mentioned him in the past wow


Thanks for the new chapter!


Thank you for the chapter! Hope the presentation went well!

Huh, the red girl has a curse from a bloodline he had dispelled the curse from? Or does she just have the power of the curse? If it is the former, I can foresee a future where our lovely sky boy dispels her god curse once more.

Strawberry Milkshake

Meaning a new member for Omnyou group 🙏