ROS – Chapter 20 – Abe no Seimei / Deep Battle

[Heian Period, Abe no Seimei PoV]

I was a prodigy Onmyoji.

In fact, since I was young, I could see demons and spirits, and possessed special powers.

This power I possessed was something that an Onmyoji shouldn’t originally have… But let’s leave that aside for now.

Thanks to my special talent, I ended up enrolling in an Onmyoji training school.

I emerged from the rural countryside and came to Heian-kyo1 where the training school is located and a place where I could fully demonstrate my talent.

From here on, I will rise to the top.

I will attain power and stand above everyone else. There’s no way I’m going back to the countryside.

Onmyoji is just a stepping stone to achieve my goal. The means to acquire power.

“Yes! I look forward to working with you from now on!” (Seimei)

According to my plans, once I entered the Onmyoji training school, I was praised as a prodigy and hailed as a genius.

“With the prodigy joining us, we can rest easy.” (Person)

“That’s right. Lately, the atmosphere in Kyoto has been deteriorating. Now we can feel relieved.” (Person)

Fufufu, when the time comes for me to seize power, I will make sure to put you seniors to work, just you wait.

As I harbored ambitions, my senpai placed their hand on my shoulder.

“But, Seimei, never get close to that man in our midst.” (Senpai)

“That man…?” (Seimei)

“Don’t mention his name…” (Senpai)

“Huh?” (Seimei)

My senpai Onmyoji colleagues began to tremble.

“He’s dangerous.” (SenpaI)

“Yeah, I don’t want to remember…” (SenpaI)

“He’s mentally unstable…” (Senpai)

“It’s a mystery why he became an Onmyoji…” (Senpai)

“We thought he was possessed by an evil spirit, so we performed exorcisms on him dozens of times… His true nature is just bizarre…” (Senpai)

“Huh? Ehhhh…?” (Seimei)

I wondered who that man was, whom all the senpai Onmyojis spoke of with such persistence.

I couldn’t help but imagine what kind of terrifying individual he must be.

Is he truly as cold and chilling as they described?

… I couldn’t help but wonder if I would eventually be under his command.

The Onmyoji, feared by them. Surely, he must be powerful. However, he shouldn’t be stronger than me.

Humans are always filled with curiosity.

When something piques our interest, we can’t help but take action.

“That’s the Onmyoji with the unstable mind that the senpais were talking about…” (Seimei)

And there, the man I saw was… sitting on the veranda, holding a plate of soybean curd with broad beans2 in one hand, humming a tune. Occasionally, he would gaze at the sky with a serene expression.

“Hmm hmm~ Munch.” (???)

That food has a reputation for being unpleasant even in Heian-kyo.

I also tried it, but it’s not meant for human consumption.

I prefer flavorful food that has a rich taste…

Well, he doesn’t seem particularly scary, does he? What’s so terrifying about him?

His appearance is ordinary, and his magic power is even weaker than mine. He’s definitely weaker than me.

He’s just a regular Onmyoji, nothing to be afraid of.

Honestly… I wasted my fear for nothing.

“Hmm? Is someone there?” (???)

The man notices my presence.

Even though I had completely concealed my presence, I’m a little surprised that he noticed me.

“Y-Yes…! I’m sorry, I was just curious and peeking…” (Seimei)

“Oh! That outfit… You’re from the Onmyoji training school, right? This place is usually restricted to authorized Onmyoji… but well, whatever! Oh boy, I’m really looking forward to your future!” (???)

The man has a delightful smile and gestures me over with his hand.

“Come, come~!” (???)

My feet moved naturally towards him.

Looking back now, I should have run away at that moment.

I was immature.

(Perfect…! First, I will bring this person under my control. If I can have control over someone who is feared by everyone…!)

I felt the desire to test it out. The real Onmyoji vs the Onmyoji from the training school.

I wanted to make it clear through the difference in our magical power that I was the stronger one.

To attain power! That’s why I came to Heian-kyo!

I unleashed my magical power while approaching him, trying to intimidate him.

“Fufu… Senpai, I am stronge–” (Seimei)

“『What, you little brat. Are you trying to pick a fight?』” (?)

From behind the man, I could see a bright red flame.


My steps came to a halt.

I realized I was trembling.

(That… that’s not just an ordinary Shikigami…!!)

“Hmm? Is there something behind me? Ah, it’s Sumeragi.” (???)

(Why is this man so calm, even with such a monstrous being right behind him…! Is he sane!?)

Shikigamis are normally companions that consist of youkai and evil spirits… if you can befriend them.

However, the Shikigami this man possesses doesn’t fit into any of those categories.

It’s a power that ordinary Onmyoji absolutely do not possess.

(This Shikigami… This Shikigami…! It’s a god!!)

“Sumeragi, don’t intimidate him.” (???)

“『But this brat is trying to intimidate us. They are even emitting killing intent.』” (Sumeragi)

“It doesn’t matter. He is still a child.” (???)

This man never broke his gentle smile.

“『I don’t like being underestimated.』” (Sumeragi)

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Stop it.” (???)

“『Ugh…!』” (Sumeragi)

The space trembles.

The magical power released by that man for just an instant… It overwhelmingly surpassed my own magical power.

And it silenced the god.

“Ahaha, sorry about that.” (???)

He gives a wry smile and perfectly concealed and controlled his magic.

This man… he is godlike in every aspect…! Amazing…!

…This is what a true Onmyoji looks like!!

Before I knew it, I found myself seeking guidance from him.

He mentioned that Sumeragi became his Shikigami as a byproduct when he was lifting the curse of the Mikage clan.

“I’m actually not good at teaching others, you know~” (???)

I couldn’t understand at all why I had become his disciple.

After all, I came to Heian-kyo to rise to the top.

I didn’t really want to become an Onmyoji.

My goal was to attain a position of power… to manipulate others. I didn’t come here to be used by someone else.

Before I knew it, I was mesmerized by him.

I was captivated by his power.

It was so intense that it began to change my dreams.

I want to become a true Onmyoji.

I want to be like him.

How can I become a strong Onmyoji like him?

With that determination in my heart, I ask this question.

“You’re Seimei… right? Then, make a promise.” (???)

“A promise…?” (Seimei)

“Onmyoji are those who save people. They should never stain their hands with power or wrongdoing.” (???)

It felt as if he could see right through me.

His eyes were like the sky.

“No matter what happens, save people. Save them more than anyone else, more than me.” (???)

“To save… more than anyone else… Yes!” (Seimei)

I made a vow.

To become a true Onmyoji, I will save people more than anyone else.

I want to become a person who can spread the name of Abe no Seimei far and wide.

If I do that, my message should reach him.

Is he mentally unstable? I understand that. But more than that… I was infatuated with his power.

“Oh, um… Senpai…” (Seimei)

“Yeah? What is it?” (???)

“Your name… please tell me.” (Seimei)

“Ah, my name, huh.” (???)

I asked, and he answered.

His name is…

“I am…” (???)

[Present day, Sora PoV]

[Sora!] (Sakuya)

“I’m okay, Sakuya.” (Sora)

*Kyiiiinnn!* The swords and spears clash against each other.

『This is amazing lol』

『The battle between deep-level adventurers is insane!』

『This is really interesting…』

『Is this allowed?』

『I don’t think they are actually trying to kill each other.』

『But damn, this is too crazy LOL. The monsters in the level are getting caught in the crossfire LMAO』

『Well, occasionally people fight over prey.』

“It’s mine! The prey is mine!” (Shogun)

“I told you, let’s split it halfway~” (Sora)

“But then, my stomach won’t be satisfied!” (Shogun)

Sora is troubled.

(I wonder what I should do in this situation. After all, I was the one who found the Pigdelicious first… but it’s kind of sad to see this child’s stomach rumbling with hunger.)

The curse of the short lifespan in the Mikage clan is no more. However, the power of the curse miasma still remains.

Her physical abilities far exceed those of an ordinary person.

“If I want it, I’ll take it! That’s my creed3!” (Shogun)

“You’re quite savage… hmm.” (Sora)

Sora creates some distance.

In a battle against a spear, a sword is at a slight disadvantage in terms of reach.

(Close combat is troublesome… I don’t want to hurt her either. Then, I will make it as thin as possible…)

“Second technique…” (Sora)

I hold my fingers in a gun-like position.

“<Curse Barrier>” (Sora)

“An invisible barrier… Damn it!” (Shogun)

I attempted to trap the red-haired girl called Shogun by deploying thin curse barriers where she moved.

However, due to her exceptional physical abilities, she managed to escape.

(She has a beast-like instinct… It’s impressive how she can escape even when she can’t see the barrier. Maybe she is just incredibly perceptive?)

“Phew… hey, calm down a bit. I understand you’re frustrated because you’re hungry.” (Sora)

I increased the number of curse barriers.

The red-haired Shogun thinks to herself.

(Ugh, these barriers are so annoying! I sense a power similar to mine… Who the heck is he?! I need to end this quickly before my curse miasma runs out… I won’t kill him, of course, but I hope he won’t complain about getting a little injured!)

“I haven’t eaten for days already!” (Shogun)

The Shogun throws her spear.

(She threw her spear…? That won’t hit. Is she planning to charge barehanded?)

The spear passes through beside Sora.

(It passed through after all… huh?)

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows.

The Shogun disappears from Sora’s line of sight.

A voice comes from behind.

“All-out curse miasma… <Instant Boost>!” (Shogun)

Sora thinks to himself.

(She must have poured all the remaining curse miasma into strengthening her body and leaped right behind me…! That’s quite impressive! I won’t be able to defend or evade in time… or so she thinks)

The Shogun grabs the spear she threw and aims to pierce Sora’s back.

(I got it…! A surprise attack from behind! There’s no way to dodge at this distance…! This will get me my meal…!)

… Suddenly, Sora clasps his hands together in a hand seal.

Even though there are no comments flowing, those who witness it can’t help but think.

『Is that the Fourth technique?』

『Is he using the Second technique for full defense…?』

『I can’t imagine Sora hurting a girl.』

『Come to think of it, we don’t know much about the techniques.』

『What is he going to use?』

The First technique, the Second technique… to the Fifth technique, form the foundation of an Onmyoji’s skills.

Onmyoji must learn all the way up to the Fifth technique in order to become a full-fledged onmyoji.

The First and Second techniques involve the manipulation of magic power.

The Third and Fourth techniques involve the application of those techniques and the manipulation of the soul.

And so, the final technique that encompasses all of them… the Fifth technique…

Suddenly, a dense surge of spiritual power envelops Sora.

“Fifth technique…” (Sora)

“──────!” (Shogun)

In that instant, the Shogun’s eyes widen, and a chilling sensation runs down her spine.

Ceasing her attack, the Shogun quickly creates a significant distance between herself and Sora.

She gulps audibly. Sweat trickles down her cheeks.


(Wh-What was that just now… What is this… Who is this person…!? That was definitely dangerous!)

(Oh, she’s perceptive after all… Truly worthy of the Mikage clan.)

“Sora-sama~! I have divided the meat for you! It’s perfectly split in half!” (Val)

“Oh, thank you, Val!” (Sora)

“Huh!? Hey, I didn’t say I want only half!” (Shogun)

Taking advantage of the distracted Shogun, Sora unleashes a technique.

“<Quadruple Cursed Barrier>!” (Sora)

“Wha-?!” (Shogun)

I deployed four layers of overlapping walls, sealing Shogun inside.

The trapped Shogun attacks with her spear.

“It won’t break…! What is this wall?!” (Shogun)

“Alright, Val! Did you get the meat?” (Sora)

“Yes!” (Val)

『Oh, is it time to bully Shogun?』

『Is this the part where she says ‘Kuh! Kill me!’4?』


『Shogun has a great style, with her red hair.』

『I love the red hair.』

Nigenrundayo!!5” (Sora)

I hold the meat up with both hands and run off.

『He is running away, lol.』


『Why is he running away lmao.』

『Screaming and running, that’s so lame lol』

『That’s so Sora-like LMAO.』

『I love how he didn’t actually hurt anyone, seriously.』

“That kid’s eyes are scary! Super scary!” (Sora)

“Sora-sama! Gravito is far behind!” (Val)

“W-Wait~! Don’t leave me behind~!” (Gravito)

It is difficult to run with a tanuki plushie.

Sora continues to run with a light-hearted tone.

“Hah, hah, hah!” (Sora)

With the Pigdelicious meat in hand, Sora managed to escape successfully.

After defeating the target, despite fighting over the meat with someone, Sora made sure to leave exactly half of the meat together with the rest of the rations he had with him.

“Deep levels… scary~!” (Sora)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

We got baited. It turns out that Shogun isn’t Abe no Seimei’s descendent. Also, the encounter with Shogun didn’t really seem all that scary when you are as powerful as Sora. Well it’s always safer to run away from crazy. 

Firstly, this chapter keeps changing between third and first person I think, so it might be weird at parts.

Secondly, I don’t think Sora showed the fifth technique here. Well he did use it, but nothing was said other than Shogun felt the effects.

Thirdly, I updated the character list with the various techniques so you can refer to that if you forgot about them.


  1. Heian-kyo is the former name for Kyoto, the capital city of Japan
  2. I just realised that Soramame can also mean broad beans in japanese too. I thought it was just a meme, but its an actual food. Well, I don’t consider broad beans food either, so more like bad ingredient I guess.
  3. Creed = system of religious beliefs; a faith
  4. Come on, you guys know this line right? The infamous female knight gets captured line.
  5. Sora never actually said this lol. He just screamed “OUHHH!!” and ran away. But I thought it was a bit weird so I changed it to this for a quick lol. Btw this is that famous line from Jojo if you don’t know. It basically means run away/escape.
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Strawberry Milkshake

Daaamn so Seimei was actually his junior?!
And I hope Sumeragi will meet Sora again.
This is just my personal suggestion but it sounds better if Sora’s name on Seimei POV changed to “(???)” Instead of “(Sora)” to give mysterious vibe,
since theres no mention of his name from the start to the cliffhanger of Seimei about to ask his name.
And that Jojo “Nigerundayo” tho 😂


There is one line near the start, when he was talking to some random senpai and he called him Seimei


Yeah, but we’re not talking about Seimei. We’re talking about Sora’s past life. We don’t know the name of Sora’s past life, so it shouldn’t be labeled as Sora when he is speaking. It’s a little like Trash Prince, where his past life’s name was blotted out until the author revealed what it was way later down the line.


Ouh, I forgot his name was different in the past


so tl:dr is he doesn’t gotta worry about the ‘i was friend your ancestor so can’t see you as a girl’ trope and soon red hair kunoichi waifu get gotcha 😉 lol

Strawberry Milkshake

Thats a must get, then!