ROS – Chapter 21 – Green Bean Streamer

“It’s delicious…!” (Miho)

Those were the first words uttered by Anzai Miho.

After bringing home the meat from Pigdelicious, Sora handed the ingredients over to Katsu.

Sakuya, who had always assumed that Sora also cooked, couldn’t help but interject.

“Sora, don’t you cook?” (Miho)

“I can, though all my recipes are outdated. But today, Katsu-san is the star.” (Sora)

“… I see.” (Miho)

Sora approached Sakuya, who nodded lightly and asked her.

“Do you cook, Sakuya?” (Sora)

Surprised by the sudden approach, Sakuya took a few steps back.

“Y-You’re getting too close… If it were me, I would hire a chef. It’s safe, reliable, and the taste is exceptional.” (Sakuya)

“I see. That’s a shame.” (Sora)

“A shame…? Sora, entrusting cooking to a professional is more perfect than doing it yourself. Amateur cooking has its limitations.” (Sakuya)

Sora gazed at Katsu, looking delighted.

“That’s true, but you can’t surpass someone’s feelings.” (Sora)

“Feelings…?” (Sakuya)

“Even with something as simple as onigiri or frozen food, if it’s filled with someone’s feelings, it can taste incredibly delicious.” (Sora)

“But frozen food is something that’s made. Can it be considered homemade cooking?” (Sakuya)

“It’s still considered homemade cooking.” (Sora)

Sora stated this firmly. That’s what he believed.

Sometimes, there are people who say, “Frozen food isn’t real cooking!”… but I think that’s incorrect.

During busy mornings, my parents prepare and make it for me. Of course, I also make it myself.

“In whatever form it may be, like with the intention of wanting someone to enjoy it… that’s more than enough. Even the Soramame Tofu tasted delicious because it had that kind of sentiment behind it” (Sora)

Sora’s gaze fell on Katsu.

Anzai Miho’s “It’s delicious” brought a bright smile to his face.

“Phew~! I’m glad!” (Katsu)

Observing this, Sakuya looked down at their own palm.

“Even with onigiri… it’s fine…” (Sakuya)

(Indeed, Sora always says “It’s delicious” no matter what he eats. He has never once said something tasted bad. Though I’m afraid of taking risks and failing… even if I do fail, with Sora…)

Sakuya thought to herself, “Let’s give it a try” within their heart.

Upon thinking that, Sakuya recalled the words spoken by her butler recently.

“Sakuya-sama, you have changed a bit.” (Butler)

“Changed? Don’t joke around.” (Sakuya)

“People often don’t realize it themselves, Sakuya-sama.” (Butler)

Those words echoed in Sakuya’s mind. 

Upon recalling those words, Sakuya found herself in a state of contemplation.

(To think that I would do something for someone else… Maybe I changed just a little?)

Sakuya couldn’t help but chuckle softly.

(No one to trust. Relying on no one. That’s what I thought… But now, could it be because of Sora?)

Sakuya had undergone a slight change.

The goal of making Sora famous remained unchanged. However, the beliefs Sakuya had cultivated all this time seemed to be melting away due to Sora’s influence.

Sakuya acknowledged it.

“Well, if it’s for Sora’s sake… I suppose it’s fine.” (Sakuya)

The camera on the drone was pointed towards Anzai Miho and the others.

Comments started streaming in.

『Katsu making Katsudon LOL』

『Seems like Katsu loves Katsudon.』

『I want to eat it too…!』

『Today is katsudon, right?』

『Nom nom! Nom nom!』

『If Anzai Miho says it’s delicious, it must be seriously good. She doesn’t lie.』

『Pigdelicious meat that can satisfy even top-class individuals… the demand will rise.』

『Will there be a frenzy of people rushing to get it?』

『Hey! Show Sora and the silver-haired girl on camera! I felt a momentary romantic comedy vibe!』

『What’s going on lol』

“Oh~! I’m so glad I was able to make a good memory in the end!” (Miho)

“It was really fortunate, Miho-san… If we didn’t have the meat, it would have been a big problem~” (Katsu)

“Katsu-kun, you could have used a different kind of meat.” (Miho)

“A different kind of meat…?” (Katsu)

Their gazes shifted towards the quiet Gravito watching the exchange.

“…Oi, what are you looking at? I’m not meat.” (Gravito)

“How about tanuki hot pot? That sounds good.” (Katsu)

“Tanuki soup could work too, right?” (Miho)

“What on earth are you two talking about?!” (Gravito)



『Emergency rations LOL』

『Ponpoko Tanuki.』

As the comments were filled with discussions about Gravito, Val, who was feeling envious, started pondering.

(If I were to develop something called “Armor Soup”, would everyone consider it as a joke and talk about it…?)

Pigdelicious meat is currently the top trending topic, and even Anzai Miho made it into the rankings.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Katsu’s debut and the first live stream after the establishment of Onmyou was a huge success.

The scale had already surpassed that of a mere gathering of streamers. A force to be reckoned with had been formed, it is impossible for anyone to ignore their presence.

『On second thought, this is one hell of a group lol』

『I love the atmosphere they create.』

『It feels like I’m having a meal together with them.』

『This is the first time I have seen Anzai Miho laughing so hard…』

『Looks like a lot of fun…!』

『Wait, who’s even in this stream? This is incredible!』

“Right now, we have Sakuya, Katsu-san, Miho-san, Val and Gravito.” (Sora)

『The scale is just too amazing, lol.』

『What an incredible lineup!』

『All of them came together thanks to Sora, right…?』

『Yeah, it’s all thanks to Sora.』

As we settled down, numerous questions started flooding in.

Sora began answering them.

(Now that I think about it, I never left time for this in a while.)

“Yes, I’m definitely more of a bath1 person. It makes me feel indulgent…” (Sora)

『By the way, Sora, how many techniques can you use?』

Ah… I think I was asked the same question before.

At that time, if I recall correctly, there was interference from a monster, so I couldn’t answer.

The comments continued to increase.

『I still haven’t seen the Fifth technique in action.』

『You stopped using it during the battle with the Shogun.』

『I’m really curious about the Fifth technique…』

『For onmyoji, isn’t the Fifth technique the foundation? There must be more beyond the basics, right?』

Hmm… everyone is paying close attention.

“Well, that’s correct. The Fifth technique is indeed the foundation, but of course, there is more beyond that.” (Sora)


『There’s no end to your talents!』

『As expected of my Sora.』

『Sora belongs to all of us.』

Everyone’s Sora, huh…

Looking up,

The weather is clear,

No clouds in sight,

It’s a perfect sunny day.

“Certainly, Sora belongs to everyone.” (Sora)

『That sounds profound.』

『Sora also means ‘sky’, right?』

『What about the Shogun? Shee seemed like a formidable opponent.』

『The Shogun was strong!』

“Ahaha… that child could manipulate curse miasma to some extent, but she is still inexperienced…” (Sora)

The power of the Mikage clan from the Heian period was far greater than that.

At the very least, in terms of raw power, they were the second strongest after onmyoji.

Thanks to the peace, that power has weakened. That’s great.2

『LMAO his stirring up trouble.』

『Love the way you provoke.』

『Sora, stirring things up as naturally as always.』

“No, no! I didn’t mean to provoke! Please believe me!” (Sora)

A woman walks through the streets, holding a bag of green beans.

“Green beans~ Does anyone need green beans~?” (Women)

『This person is doing another green bean stream.』

『Streaming to sell green beans lol』

『Scary! Who is this…?!』

『First time seeing her? She is always like this.』

『Are all bean sellers crazy or something…?』

The number of subscribers steadily grows, reaching tens of thousands.

However, most people have subscribed out of mere curiosity.

“Ah, I heard that green beans are called ‘Ingenmame’3 in kanji. It sounds kind of erotic, doesn’t it!” (Women)

『What’s gotten into her all of a sudden!?』

『What is she even saying…』


『This woman is making outrageous comments…』

『And yet, she’s gaining popularity because of it.』

『Clearly, she’s just mentally unstable…!』

“Why is everyone so worked up? If you have any troubles, feel free to consult with Ingenmame, okay?” (Women)

『You can talk with them?!』

『She must have mistaken who to consult with!』

『What on earth does it even mean to consult with Ingenmame?!』

The green bean women’s footsteps come to a halt.

“Ah” (Women)

“Ah…” (???)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I guess he never used his fifth technique in the previous chapter and Shogun just backed away before he could use it.

As someone who sucks at cooking, I consider myself cooking when using frozen food or making instant noodles. I really put my heart inside pouring that hot water inside the noodles xd

I have absolutely no idea if she is referring to herself as ingenmame towards the end, or just crazy and telling people to talk with actual green beans. 

Also I wonder if this is that streamer from earlier chapters who want to collab with Sora. I thought she would be an irrelevant character, so I closed one eye on her earlier lines, so what you think of her before is probably different.


  1. Basically he prefers baths over showers. I am a shower person tho.
  2. I think he means that since curse miasma steals power from monsters, and there is lesser of them in the present era, the power is weaker compared to the past. I could be wrong, raw is “平和になったお陰で、その力も弱くなったんだ。凄く良い事だよ.”
  3. Ingenmame is basically green beans, although when I look it up I get common beans or something like that. I just decided to use green beans since people know what that is. Also no idea why it sounds erotic.
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