ROS – Chapter 22 – Collaboration Partner

“Ah!” (Ingenmame)

“Ah… Ingenmame-san.” (Rika)

It was Ookami Rika.

『Ookami Rika!?』


『She’s so cute…!』

『This is my first time seeing her outside of the stream!!』

“Rika-chan! Why are you here?” (Ingenmame)

“Huh, why? Well, this is Poover’s office…” (Rika)

When the Ingen lady raised her head, there was the Poover building with its signboard right in front of her.

“Ah, so I ended up here ~” (Ingenmame)

“Ingenmame-san, are you really okay…? Which direction were you walking in?” (Rika)

“Um, well, um? Um…” (Ingenmame)

“You forgot again, didn’t you?” (Rika)

“Yeah!” (Ingenmame)

“Why do you sound proud…” (Rika)

Ookami Rika sighed and grabbed the Ingen lady’s hand.

“I can give you a ride to the station, let’s go.” (Rika)

“Thank you, Rika-chan. By the way, can you also give me Soramame-kun’s contact information?” (Ingenmame)

“I don’t want to, and I don’t know Sora-san’s contact information. Was that your intention?” (Rika)

“Oh… it’s not like that?” (Ingenmame)

She muttered and tilted her head.

(Something about Rika-chan’s demeanor… has changed?)

“Is something wrong, Rika-chan?” (Ingenmame)

“No, nothing in particular.” (Rika)

“It’s okay to talk about it if you want to, you know?” (Ingenmame)

『Wrong person.』

『She is clearly the wrong person to talk to.』

『I can’t help but feel anxious…』

『Both of them are incredibly cute though…』

“Thank you. But don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” (Ingenmame)

Ingen lady’s eyes widened slightly.

(Hmm… Rika-chan has changed.)

“Could it be that you dislike Ingenmame?” (Ingenmame)

“I actually like Ingenmame-san. You have some weird quirks, though…” (Rika)

Rika is someone who has worked hard to climb up in life.

She grew up in a poor family and never stopped working hard to make her parents wealthier.

She wants it… to make everyone happy.

To help each other and get along together.

To cooperate and increase the number of viewers.

That is Ookami Rika’s mindset.

“Rika-chan, you’ve become brighter than before.” (Ingenmame)

“Is that so? It might be thanks to Sora-san.” (Rika)

“Soramame-kun?” (Ingenmame)

“Yes. I have started thinking that I need to work even harder!” (Rika)

What Rika is referring to is the collaboration livestream that Sora did recently.

Everyone holding hands, helping each other, and livestreaming harmoniously.

Everyone who watched it enjoyed it.

They found it entertaining and wanted to see more.

Sora represented the ideal image that Rika is aiming for.

“I see… I’m cheering for you.” (Ingenmame)

(Seeing how Soramame-kun changed Rika-chan… I’d love to meet him.)

The Ingen lady’s face showed a troubled expression.

(I have something I want to do with Soramame-kun…)

Rika took Ingen lady’s hand and headed towards the station.

“Huh, Sora-san…?” (Rika)

[Sora & Sakuya Third-person PoV]

Sora moved his feet restlessly as he sipped on the Soramame Soup.

This was a new dish created by the shop that made Soramame Tofu.

He bought it as a takeaway and was drinking it with Sakuya near Shibuya Station.

Despite the drink not being particularly tasty, Sora was enjoying drinking it.

“…Should I give it a try too?” (Sakuya)

“It’s delicious, you know?” (Sora)

“…I have never had something like this before. It’s my first time.” (Sakuya)

“You have never been to a beef bowl restaurant either?” (Sora)

“No, I haven’t. If I were to eat at home, a top-class chef would come and prepare it with the finest beef…” (Sakuya)

“Oh, I see. It’s delicious, so let’s go together next time!” (Sora)

Sakuya was not familiar with the lifestyle of common people.

Sakuya was experiencing things like conveyor belt sushi and chain restaurants for the first time together with Sora, and she was quite surprised.

Sora, on the other hand, didn’t pay much attention, but it was at that moment that he finally realized something.

“Ah… could it be that Sakuya doesn’t really like it?” (Sora)

“I don’t have any particular preferences. It is quite delicious. But… I’m surprised by the number of families here.” (Sakuya)

“It’s because it’s cheap, you know? That’s why everyone comes.” (Sora)

On the day when the three of them established the agency “Onmyou” a phone call came through.

It was from their father.

As always, he spoke with a condescending tone.

And then, an argument ensued… Their father even threatened to make Sakuya quit school.

However, Sakuya’s determination remained unchanged.

She wanted to be by Sora’s side. She wanted to support him.

(Now that I think about it, I feel like I have been going out with Sora most of the time… Could this be considered dating…?)

As they lifted their heads, the two of them realized that they were being stared at, drawing attention.

[Sora PoV]

“Hey, isn’t that Ueno Sora…?” (Passerby)

“No way!?” (Passerby)

“A real Heian-era person…!” (Passerby)

I’m getting a lot of attention for some reason.

I recently realized that I have become somewhat of a celebrity.

It’s quite exciting… and I owe it to Sakuya as well.

“Yabba, so cute…!” (Passerby)

“Don’t you think they are cool?” (Passerby)

“Daddy~! That person is the stupid one, right~?” (Passerby’s child)

You mean the one called Heian Kyō?1” (Passerby)

There is a lot of information coming into my mind…

Using my magic, I lightly shut out the information, and then I noticed a small child nearby.

The child was looking up at me and sucking their finger.

“Hmm? What is it?” (Sora)

“Mmm…” (Child)

“Well… it’s a secret.” (Sora)

“Mmm?” (Child)

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Sora)

“Mmm!” (Child)

“Oh, I see! That’s amazing!”

Sakuya, who had been watching this, was dumbfounded.

“Why is the conversation working, Sora…” (Sakuya)

“It seems like this child can see it.” (Sora)

“Eh…?” (Sakuya)

I never expected to meet someone like this in the middle of the city.

I know a few people who possess this ability, but among them, only Seimei has been able to handle it perfectly.

“But you know, it’s better not to be able to see it.2” (Sora)

In Seimei’s case, he had the talent of an onmyoji.

He was a genius that I acknowledged.

But for ordinary people who possess this ability, they only encounter unpleasant things.

“So, Onii-chan will give you a charm.” (Sora)

*Boop*, gently tapping the forehead, granting protection and sealing the power.

“Hey, I can’t see it anymore… the black fuzziness.” (Sakuya)

“Yeah, you won’t see it anymore.” (Sora)

I smiled and ruffled his head.

Then, a loud voice was heard.

“Tomei!” (Child’s Mom)

“Mama~!” (Child)

It seems that the child had gotten lost and his mother had been desperately searching for them.

“This child… always wanders off somewhere and disappears. They end up getting into dangerous situations… and there’s always that black fuzziness…” (Child’s Mom)

“He was being drawn by other’s magic power. I think he won’t see it anymore, so you can rest easy from now on.” (Sora)

Powerful things tend to gather in places with strong magic power.

Like curse power, magic power also has its troublesome characteristics.

Most likely, this child noticed my magic power and approached me.

“Thank you~! Onii-chan!” (Child)

“You’re welcome. Take care and stay well.” (Sora)

I waved my hand as I bid them farewell.

Sakuya asked a question.

“Sora, what do you mean by being drawn by magic power…?” (Sakuya)

“Well, it’s something one shouldn’t know, shouldn’t see, shouldn’t hear… I think it’s been around since ancient times. There are places that have a strong magnetic field of magic power which might house yokai or demons there. People who can see them unconsciously get drawn towards them.” (Sora)

“I see… That’s interesting.” (Sakuya)

In addition to that, there are also quite impressive ways to use the ability to see, but… I don’t possess it, so I’m not familiar with the details.

“Well, more importantly… how’s Katsu-san’s growth so far?” (Sora)

“Katsu-san is doing great. While not at the same level of momentum as Sora, he still has strong support from the middle-aged audience. It’s like he is giving people hope and showing that age doesn’t matter when it comes to pursuing their dreams… something along those lines, I suppose.” (Sakuya)

Katsu-san also has a high level of charisma.

I have heard that he has attracted an audience who previously only watched television but have now transitioned to the internet.

“I’m glad things are going well.” (Sora)

“Thanks to the diva Miho, too.” (Sakuya)

Miho-san had already left Japan and started her activities overseas.

Her final livestream happened to be the collaboration livestream with “Onmyou”.

She achieved remarkable numbers, and her momentum has only been growing.

“She did mention wanting to repay us. Well, since she felt hesitant about receiving money or gifts, maybe she found joy in achieving that level of success.” (Sakuya)

“That might be true… It could have been her way of showing her appreciation.” (Sora)

I have had a few conversations with Yasunishi Miho, and she’s someone who is skilled at reading people’s hearts.

I am sure her songs also have lyrics and a voice that are easy to empathize with. That’s why she’s so wonderful and popular.

“Oh, Sora-san…?” (?)

When I turned towards the source of the voice, I saw Ookami Rika and… a woman holding a handful of green beans.

With her slightly green hair, standing next to Ookami Rika, the difference in their bust sizes was clearly noticeable.

“Rika-chan, Soramame-kun was here? Did you bring me here because I said I wanted to meet him?” (Ingenmame)

“No, I didn’t have that intention… It’s just a remarkable coincidence.” (Rika)

I know Rika-san, but… not the person next to her.

“Why do you have Ingenmame?” (Sora)

“Why are you drinking Soramame Soup?” (Ingenmame)

We both looked at each other and tilted our heads at the same time.

“Hmm?” (Rika)

“What?” (Sakuya)

Sakuya and Rika stared silently at each other while Ingenmame-san and I were looking at each other.

“You’re Kamisaki Sakuya-san…” (Rika)

“And you must be Ookami Rika, nice to meet you.” (Sakuya)

While we were exchanging words like “Hmm…” and “Why?”, a serious atmosphere hung in the air.

“I have watched many of your live streams. The momentum of Onmyou is impressive… I never expected you to announce its establishment at that timing.” (Rika)

“Indeed. If it wasn’t for that timing, we wouldn’t have left such a strong impression.” (Sakuya)

“As expected of you desu.” (Rika)

“I see. It seems that Ookami Rika, despite the decrease in viewership, has been gaining more subscribers. Normally, both would go down.” (Sakuya)

“I decided to focus on each individual fan. Before, I only cared about view counts and delved into the lower levels… but thanks to Sora-san’s help, I was able to change.” (Rika)


Sora’s viral moment was sparked by her.

“I wanted to ask you something.” (Rika)

“What is it?” (Sakuya)

“Do you like your family, Sakuya-san?” (Rika)

“…I don’t. Especially not my father.” (Sakuya)

“I see…” (Rika)

A serious atmosphere filled the air, with tension existing only between the two of them.

In the midst of that, the Ingen lady’s voice echoed.

“Yes! It’s really delicious even as miso soup! I live in Chiba, and when it comes to Chiba’s local specialty, it’s Ingenmame…” (Ingenmame)

“Ingenmame…? Ingenmame…” (Sakuya)

Sakuya’s cheek twitched.

“What is she talking about…?” (Sakuya)

“Ahaha… Ingenmame-san has always been like that, you know…” (Rika)

“Are they cursed?” (Sakuya)

Rika said it with seriousness.

“Perhaps… by Ingenmame.” (Rika)

I was troubled.

While it was nice to garner interest from other streamers, I felt like she was a little off.

“Ingenmame streamers are amazing in a way, aren’t they?” (Sora)

“Yes! As an Ingenmame streamer, I really wanted to talk to Soramame-san! After all, Sora-san is also a bean-themed streamer, right?” (Ingenmame)

“Well, I’m an onmyoji, actually.” (Sora)

“Ehhhh, what?! You mean being an onmyoji isn’t your side job!?” (Ingenmame)

Sakuya murmured as they observed the situation.

“Seems like the number of idiots has increased.” (Sakuya)

“Yes…” (Rika)

The woman with green beans blinked her eyes repeatedly in surprise.

“I thought there was a big bean revolution happening because of all the buzz about Soramame… I had things I wanted to do too…” (Ingenmame)

“Things you wanted to do?” (Sora)

“I wanted to grow beans in a dungeon. It’s not something you can normally do, but I thought maybe I could do it with Soramame-san… I have been watching your live streams and you have always made the impossible possible, so I thought maybe it could happen…” (Ingenmame)

Finally, Sakuya’s lips curled up into a smile.

“Ingen-san, where did you get the idea about growing crops in a dungeon?” (Sakuya)

“Well, it’s just something I came up with… There are places in dungeons that have good soil. I tried growing vegetables there… and they turned out really delicious! If they taste that good on the upper floors, I wondered how much better they would be on the lower floors!” (Ingenmame)

Normally, an average person wouldn’t think of growing vegetables in a dungeon.

“Have you streamed that?” (Rika)

“No, it’s just a personal hobby.” (Ingenmame)

Rika groaned, holding her head in her hands.

“If you focused on streaming that instead of Ingenmame, it would definitely gain popularity…” (Rika)

“I don’t have the skills for that… I’m not good at fighting monsters. I find growing beans more enjoyable.” (Ingenmame)

I was conflicted.

Ingenmame-san didn’t seem to have the desire to grow and become popular, or to chase after fame.

She simply wanted to try something she genuinely felt interested in.

“Are you in trouble, by any chance?” (Sora)

“I can’t dive into the lower floors, so I’m doing my best on the upper floors, especially the shallow ones.” (Ingenmame)

“I see~” (Sora)

Well, in that case, it’s fine.

“Then, I’ll take you there.” (Sora)

“Huh…?” (Ingenmame)

“Let’s grow vegetables in the lower floors!” (Sora)

After a few seconds of silence, Ookami Rika shouted out.

“What… what?! Sora-san?! Can you decide so easily? That’s practically a collaboration, you know?” (Rika)

“Is that so? Sakuya.” (Sora)

“Yeah.” (Sakuya)

“Well, why not?” (Sora)

Furthermore, Rika shouted.

“Ehhhhh?! How can you be so casual about it? It’s our first collaboration, right? It should be with bigger streamers…!” (Rika)

Even if she says “bigger streamers”, I’m not really familiar with many other than those around my age.

“It’s not about who the other person is right? What’s the reason behind Ingenmame-san wanting to grow vegetables?” (Sora)

“Me? Well, it’s because I want everyone to smile.” (Ingenmame)

That’s what I thought.

People who do something they love are usually kind-hearted.

She wants to make it more delicious, and make people smile.

Without such heartfelt intentions, it won’t last long.

“I like beans too, and I’m curious about what they will taste like.” (Sora)

I smiled confidently.

Sakuya, who was standing next to me, had a resigned expression on her face.

“Since Sora said he’ll do it, I will take care of the rest. The timing of the announcement and the schedule…” (Sakuya)

“Ah, I forgot to end the stream.” (Ingenmame)

With Ingenmame’s words, there was a momentary silence in the room.



“I’m sorry… I messed up. Ah, ahaha…” (Ingenmame)

Ookami Rika, who was watching, had her eyes and mouth wide open.

Sakuya quietly averted her gaze.

“Well, it happens sometimes!” (Sora)

In fact, I have also made mistakes and forgotten to end a stream before!

Needless to say, the online forums were in an uproar that day.

“Don’t worry about it!” (Sora)

And thus, this was essentially Sora and his first collaboration.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I hope the magic stuff wasn’t too confusing.

For a refresher, Ingenmame is green beans, but I guess it can also be the nickname of that streamer so it might get a bit confusing. Btw in the dungeon cooking chapter, I named the chapter collaboration stream, but I think it can also be called Joint Stream or something. So maybe this is why in this chapter, the author referred to this as the first collaboration.


  1. Probably wrong translation? Raw is “頭平安狂って言われてる奴だろ”
  2. I don’t think what he could see was specified, but I think it might be a yokai/spirit
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