ROS – Chapter 26 – The Seventh Technique

All those who were watching the battle were stunned in silence.

The exchange of techniques between Sora and the opponent left no openings in their offense and defense.

They fought using martial arts, and alternate between close combat and exchanging long-range techniques.

And now, it has escalated to a sword fight.

Even if they wanted to help, they knew that stepping in would only become a hindrance.

They could sense it intuitively.

This… is on a completely different level───.

The fake Sora scattered paper dolls all over the place.

『What is it planning to do…?』

『Using paper techniques is the Third technique, right…?』

『Sora has never used it like this before, right?』

『These are completely unfamiliar techniques…』

『Sora, you were hiding this much. Amazing.』

『There might be even more than this.』

The papers fluttered in the air.

Then, while forming seals with one hand:

“Third Technique…!” (Doppelganger)

“I won’t let you strike. <Water Fate Thread>.” (Sora)

To counter it, Sora released threads to interrupt the attack.

However, it was blocked from the front.

(Stopped by a cursed layer barrier… Huh, our fighting styles are quite similar.)

The papers scattered around the area began to emit light.

“<Position Substitution>” (Doppelganger)

The paper dolls that were scattered haphazardly started swapping positions with each other.

“…I’m such a pain in the ass to deal with.” (Sora)

“Sora-sama!” (Val)

In that instant, a shadow darted away.

The figure of the fake Sora that was in front of them was no longer there.

(They must have swapped positions with the randomly scattered paper dolls…)

『Did it just teleport!?』


『What… it vanished?』

『It’s teleporting all over the place…!』

『This is crazy! What is even happening anymore!?』

(I won’t fall for the random swaps. And I would always…)

Sora swung their sword behind them.

“Here.” (Sora)

*Kiiiing…!* Sparks scattered.

The clash of swords resounded.


『How did he know!?』

『Because our thoughts are in sync…?』

『But it’s so fast…!』

The clash of swords intensified.

(These monsters are probably… some kind of doppelganger. Did they arise as irregularities? But how does it work…?)

Sora observed at zero distance and contemplated.

However, the opponent showed no mercy and didn’t wait.

“Seventh technique…” (Doppelganger)

“I wish you wouldn’t go around using other people’s techniques so casually…” (Sora)

(Protecting and fighting without harming anyone is quite challenging, you know? Do you understand that, imposter-san?)

Sora forcefully twisted the imposter’s hand as they were about to form seals.

“Shall we make the seals together?” (Sora)

“────!?” (Doppelganger)


『What’s this guy doing!?』

『What’s going to happen now…!?』

『What kind of battle is this…!?』

『He is as crazy as ever!』

“Seventh technique…!” (Sora & doppelganger)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I’m back! Managed to finish my assignments 3 mins before the deadline lol.

A bit of a late update cause I was dragged away by my friends to celebrate finishing the assignment. It was 79 pages kms. I don’t think it was well done, but I know there are people who did worse than me hehe, bell curve save me pls.

Well like I mentioned in an announcement, I am gonna post this series every day until where the author last updated. Then I’m gonna do a short series or something while waiting for the author to continue this series. 

Don’t worry, next chapter is gonna be longer.


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Congrats on finishing your assignment & thanks for the chapter

Strawberry Milkshake

Eyy good work and glad to you back 👍.
NGL this amogus arc is interesting!


Thanks for the new chapter!


waiting for authors to continue series gonna be slow but given good novel should be worth it 🙂