ROS – Chapter 27 – Limit

“Sora! Sora!” (Sakuya)

The earphones won’t connect…!

Could it be because of the lightning earlier?!

Even the drone’s connection was briefly lost…!

What kind of attack was that…!

I shift my gaze to the monitor and quickly make adjustments.

I enabled direct communication such that the voice went directly through the drone.

『───Connection confirmed.』(System?)

*Baaang!* A loud impact echoes, and dust fills the air.

The clash of the Seventh technique.

Sora disrupts the opponent’s attempt to activate their technique.

The Seventh technique… was a fire-based technique.

It was inspired by the familiar, Sumeragi, from the past.

Among the techniques possessed by Ueno Sora, it had quite troublesome characteristics. Therefore, Sora directly formed the seal, making it impossible for the Seventh technique to be used for a certain period of time.

Sora disabled the Seventh technique, causing it to be broken.

As a result of this disruption, the magic that lost its intended destination caused an explosion.

[What… what is this situation?] (Sakuya)

『Ah, I hear a voice!』

『Isn’t that the silver-haired girl!?』

『Such a beautiful voice~!』

『There is a real Sora and a fake Sora fighting!』

『What happened to Sora!?』

The dust finally settles, revealing two Soras standing there unscathed.

『They are both unharmed…!』

『Out of all the battles so far, this is the most intense…!』


『I don’t want the real one to lose…』

The number of viewers continues to rise in response to the intense battle.

It has already exceeded several millions.

The spectators were so captivated that they forgot to blink.

As techniques were unleashed one after another, the excitement was rising.

───There can only be one winner in this battle.

Finally, Sakuya’s voice reached them.

In response to her voice, both Soras turned their faces towards the drone.

[Sora! Can you hear me, Sora!] (Sakuya)

“……?” (Sora)

“……?” (Doppelganger)

They both point at themselves.

The meaning behind it is, “Are you asking me?”.

[No, not that Sora.] (Sakuya)

Now they point at each other.

The meaning behind it is, “You mean the other one over there?”

[No, I’m talking about the real one…] (Sakuya)

『Which one is it LOL』

『This feels like a comedy show smh』

『Bring back the tension LOL』

『Even if it is a doppelganger, it possesses his idiot trait lmao』

『These guys are hopeless lol』

『All the tension just disappeared LOL』

“Oh, you’re talking about me.” (Sora)

『Just say something from the beginning lol』

『You should have spoken and asked instead lmao』

『Why did you even have to point and confirm HAHAH』

“……The real one is over there. The fake one is here.” (Doppelganger)

『LOL the fake one admitted to being fake.』

『LMAO This is the end of me』

『Don’t make us laugh all of a sudden LOLLL』

Sakuya lets out a deep sigh.

[Can you win…?] (Sakuya)

She was worried. This kind of battle had never been seen before.

The dungeon walls are deforming, and the battle is even altering the terrain.

“Hmm…” (Sora)

Sora groans.

『Sora can win for sure lol』

『Just win with your usual ease!』

『You can do it, you can do it!』

『No problem, no problem!』

“Sorry, but it might be a bit difficult. I won’t lose, but I can’t win either.” (Sora)



『Even Sora can’t win…?』

“Since our thought processes are almost the same, all our moves can be predicted. That’s why I can’t exactly land a clean hit.” (Sora)

In return, Sora himself doesn’t take any damage.

In other words, the outcome of the battle remains stagnant.

Either one of them would collapse from exhaustion due to depleted magic, or an external influence would intervene… That’s what will determine the outcome of this battle.

(And also… In my case, I’m fighting while protecting everyone. Buying time and creating opportunities by keeping a distance… That seems to be the right move in this situation.)

“Fortunately, my doppelganger isn’t fully equipped… So it’s still manageable.” (Sora)

『Fully equipped…?』

『What’s that…?』

『I never heard of that before.』

『What does it mean?』

“That means they can’t use anything beyond the Eighth technique.”

『There are even more…!』

『No way…!』

『Unbelievable LOL』

(But if I were fully equipped, the outcome of the battle would be decided quickly…)

The amount of magic is higher for the real Sora. However, the other Sora is absorbing cursed power from the dungeon and converting it into magic.

As a result, they are effectively equal in power.

Their skills are also evenly matched, and their thought processes are the same.

[Katsu-san is heading to provide backup.] (Sakuya)

“Okay… I’ll leave the evacuation of everyone inside the barrier to you.” (Sora)

Sora looks at the doppelganger in front of him.

“I can’t contain this guy unless I’m the one doing it.” (Sora)

Sora tightens his grip on the hilt of his sword.

He knows. There is no victory in this battle.

As he said in front of everyone, winning is impossible.

I never thought that I, myself, could be this troublesome.

The more I fight this doppelganger, the more I feel my own limitations.

Your limit is here.

You can’t surpass this point and break through the wall ahead.

Give up.

That’s how it feels as if someone is telling him to do so.

『Could it be… Sora will lose this battle?』

『Impossible, right? lol』

『But he himself said he can’t win.』

『He also said he won’t lose.』

『There’s no way he can surpass himself.』

『It seems impossible…』

『Is there anyone who can surpass Sora?』

『Can’t win, huh…』

『Shouldn’t he just run away?』

『If it’s impossible, running away might be the better option.』

The comments are in turmoil.

Naturally, it’s to be expected.

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

The clash of the Sixth technique.

The combination of seals for the Seventh technique.

Battles between onmyoji have happened in the past.

But never before has there been a doppelgänger of oneself.

In the past, I was curious and thought of playing around with a “Mirror copy” like ‘Fuhn-fuhn♪.’ But I got seriously scolded, it was quite weird.

But the Emperor said, “Don’t you dare do it. Absolutely, do not do it. This isn’t a joke,” it was for this kind of reason.

I had always thought it was just a joke.


『Is he enjoying this…?』

『Seriously… this guy…』

『He laughed…!』

“It’s amusing…” (Sora)

If the opponent’s thoughts are the same, then this is a battle of minds.

It’s a completely new and fresh feeling, something I have never experienced before.

It’s a good opportunity for me to try things I don’t usually do.

『Eh, what?』

『Sora, what are you────』

Before they could finish reading the comments, Sora moved.

“Second technique…” (Sora)

With his fingers positioned like a gun, he expands the cursed layer walls.

“……!” (Doppelganger)

Several cursed layer walls are deployed at scattered positions.

Sora thinks to himself.

If it can predict my movements, then it should know what I’m going to do next.

“Third technique…” (Doppelganger)

“You’re a bit slow. Sixth technique… <Divine Thunder>” (Sora)

“……!?” (Doppelganger)

『He wasn’t aiming!』

『He just shot randomly!』

Sora’s Divine Thunder travels in a straight line.

It then reflects off the deployed cursed layer walls, bouncing through the space multiple times.

『It reflected!?』

『Cursed layer walls can reflect too!』

The doppelganger’s attention shifts towards the reflected Divine Thunder.

Originally, the Divine Thunder had considerably high power, but it could only travel in a straight line, making it an impractical technique.

However, with it bouncing all around due to the reflections, the unpredictability of the Divine Thunder’s movements became overwhelming, forcing the doppelganger to focus on the attack.

For a brief moment, the doppelganger’s focus wavers from Sora.

Seizing the opportunity, Sora swiftly launches his attack.

“<Water Fate Threads>” (Sora)

Sora extends the thread, not stopping the doppelganger’s hand seals, he instead entangling the doppelganger’s legs and pulled him.

“Third…!” (Doppelganger)

With a twist, the doppelgänger Sora’s body shifts.


The reflected Divine Thunder approaches the doppelganger’s back.

“<Position Subtituition>” (Doppelganger)

“Please stop that~…” (Sora)

To avoid getting hit, the doppelganger Sora uses the technique again to switch places with a paper doll.

Sora quickly surveys his surroundings.

There are a large number of paper dolls deployed.

He continues to contemplate.

Which one… Which one will he use to escape?

Where would I…?

I don’t know where it will move. I would probably have to check multiple options.


Using time to figure that out would be pointless.


The deployed cursed layer walls shift.

Not enough…! I need more.

Using his fingertips, he designates new positions and increases their numbers further.

In just a moment, he deploys a massive number of cursed layer walls.

From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like an absurd use of the technique.

Think, calculate, transcend your limits.

“<Water Fate Threads>” (Sora)

A single thread reflects off countless cursed layer walls, spreading out.

It pierces through every single one of the spread paper dolls.

It looks as if a spider’s web is spreading out.


『He pierced through all of them…!!』


『This is crazy…!』

『That was so cool!』

『Now the doppelganger Sora can’t escape!』

The doppelganger doesn’t manage to activate <Position Substitution> and gets hit directly by the approaching Divine Thunder from behind.

Baaang!! The sound echoes.

Comments start flowing.

『He went all at once…!』

『Too fast lololol』

『That series of movements was insane…』

『The combat tempo is incredible.』

『Great sense of battle.』

『He hit him…!』

『They were evenly matched, but Sora landed a direct hit!』

『Did he defeat him!?』

『It’s a direct hit!』

“…No, it’s not that easy.” (Sora)

The dust settles.

There, the doppelganger’s figure is nowhere to be seen.

Debris falls around the surrounding.

A large hole is revealed.

“He escaped to the deeper layers.” (Sora)

Deep within the layers.

Right below where Sora was fighting, Akari was there.

“W-What!? Something just fell down!” (Akari)

“……” (Doppelganger)

“Ah! You’re the one from that time…!” (Akari)

At that moment, Akari sees the pitch-black shaggy aura.

“────!!” (Akari)

(No! This isn’t the one from that time!! The one from back then had much gentler shaggy black aura! This one is…)

“Enemy!” (Akari)

Akari swings her spear.

“……<Cursed Layer Wall>” (Doppelganger)

(That impenetrable barrier again!)

She couldn’t pierce through it and was once again blocked.

“Huh? Someone’s there.” (Sora)

“……!? Ah!” (Akari) 

Sora descends from the hole that was created.

“You, your shaggy aura! You’re the real one, right!?” (Akari)

“Geh, Shogun… Uh, don’t judge people by their shaggy aura… Huh? Did you just say ‘mojamoja1’?”

“……” (Doppelganger)

『Shogun is HERE!!』

『This might be a chance…!?』

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Sorry if the translation quality is a bit shit, my brain is still fried after the 79-page assignment. DeepL and ChatGPT gave me something about black shaggy hair but I feel like that isn’t right so I changed from hair to aura. Hope I’m not wrong.

Here we go! The Shogun x Sora collab we all wanted. We didn’t really get to see Akari do much before so this is gonna be fun, unless gets sidelined or something xd

So the 6th technique is lightning based and the 7th technique is fire based. What’s next? Air-based technique?


  1. Mojamoja = shaggy. She was using this term the entire time.
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