ROS – Chapter 28 – Mikage Akari

“…” (Doppelganger)

The doppelganger silently observes the exchange in front of him.

It seemed as if he were saying, “I don’t know anything. Please don’t involve me.”

“Why do I have to run away!?” (Akari)

“Well, because the other person is me… It’s dangerous.” (Sora)

“Dangerous? What’s so dangerous about your mojamoja? It’s not scary at all.” (Akari)

“…Could it be, can you see it?” (Sora)

“See what?” (Akari)

Mojamoja” (Sora)

You’ve been saying “mojamoja” all this time.

It’s really rare to meet someone who can see it, especially in the past few days.

The kid I helped in the town probably won’t be visible anymore, and the only person who can use it properly is Seimei.

“What’s wrong?” (Akari)

“Well, that’s… ” (Sora)

Maybe there is a way to win this fight… but is it a good idea to involve her?

Ah, I see… I understand now. That’s what it is.

When I first fought Shogun, I thought it was strange how she was avoiding the curse layer barrier so skillfully. But it turns out she could see it, that’s why she could dodge it.

I thought she just had keen instincts.

“Anyway, this place is no good. You need to run away quickly.” (Sora)

“I don’t want to… I haven’t properly apologized yet, and I haven’t even asked for his name…” (Akari)

『You’re blushing lol』

『Your face is a bit red.』

『This guy is cute.』

『Isn’t he a tsundere?』

『Let’s do it together!』

The comments are also supporting the Shogun.

“Isn’t it okay to fight together…?” (Akari)

“Ugh…” (Sora)

I was quite conflicted.

Honestly, there is a chance to win.

But she is still very weak.

She hasn’t fully mastered her “eyes”, and she might get hurt.

For me, the Mikage clan are important comrades.

It’s natural to not want her to get expose to danger and to wish for her to lead a peaceful life.

Even if the Mikage clan forgets about the “promise”, that feeling won’t change.

“I am strong, you know?” (Akari)

“I know. But in this situation…” (Sora)

I was a little surprised by the words that came next.

I never expected those words to be spoken.

Because those words were…

“I’m the only one who can stand by your side.” (Akari)

Heian period.

Sora is always sitting on the veranda.

The head of the Mikage clan is sitting in seiza1 in the gravel-filled garden.

“As the head of the Mikage clan, I have come to pay my respects.” (Head)

“We welcome you!” (Head)

After that incident, several years had passed since the Mikage clan was saved.

The girl had red hair and was still around three or four years old.

“Good morning, it’s nice to see you!” (Girl)

I thought that she was the girl I had saved.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Shortest chapter in the history of chapters, so I’m releasing it too.

Man author really likes his flashbacks. Well, I enjoy reading them a lot so I’m ok with it. Btw that girl at the end is probably Akari’s ancestor. I mean, Akari herself can’t be there during the Heian period.

Btw when Sora said that he thought that she was the girl he had save, it refers to the daughter of the Mikage clan being sick from the Mikage curse thing in ch19.1


  1. Seiza = an upright kneeling position which is traditionally used in Japan. I think you have seen this at some point in manga/anime.
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