ROS – Chapter 29 – Boss Battle

Children grow up so fast. Seimei has also turned from five to eight years old.

He has grown taller, and it feels like he has become more unpleasant. He was so cute when we first met…

“Yeah, nice to meet you. You’re such a well-behaved child. But sitting in seiza on the gravel must be painful. Come over here.” (Sora)

“I-I can endure it!” (Girl)

“It’s ok, it’s ok.” (Sora)

With a smile and a beckoning gesture, the little girl glanced back at her father.

“Go ahead.” (Head)

“Yes…!” (Sora)

She walked *teto teto* and sat down gracefully.

Seimei and her father were surprised by her.

“Na────!” (Both of them)

“Oh.” (Sora)

“I like it here!” (Girl)

The child sat on my lap.

Seimei shouted out in surprise.

“You, you…! Being so disrespectful as to sit on senpai’s lap…!” (Seimei)

“P-Please get off right away…!” (Head)

“Ahaha, it’s okay, it’s okay~. I don’t mind.” (Sora)

“Yes!” (Girl)

Seimei clenched his fist.

Lately, Seimei’s eyes have been so scary…

They are truly frightening…

“Senpai! You should be more aware of your position…!” (Seimei)

“Eh~ I hate being too formal.” (Sora)

“That’s why I have to be strict with you!” (Seimei)

Seimei said loudly.

I decided to tease him a bit.

“What, are you jealous?” (Sora)

“N-No…! That’s not it!” (Seimei)

“Come to think of it, lately, Seimei dislikes being praised.” (Sora)

“I’m an adult, so it’s only natural.” (Seimei)

He crossed his arms and looked proud.

Well, from my perspective, you’re still very much a child.

“I will become an adult faster, so I can stand by your side, Senpai!” (Seimei)

“Hahaha! I’m looking forward to it.” (Sora)

“D-Don’t laugh!” (Seimei)

“I really am looking forward to it, Seimei.” (Sora)

I gently patted his head.

On this veranda, there are so many memories.

This is where I first met Seimei too.

It’s my favorite spot.

The little girl watching them seemed absent-minded.

Then, she grabbed my hand and placed on her own head.

“I’ll stand by your side too!” (Girl)

“Eh, w-wait…? How many decades in the future will that be…?” (Sora)

“It’ll be soon! Sooner than this person!” (Girl)

“Hey! How cheeky! You brat!” (Seimei)

For me, this is a harmonious and enjoyable time. I really don’t want them to argue… Well, occasional conflicts are important too.

Both of them will surely become great onmyojis in the future.

They’re still young, though.

“Want some snacks? Let’s eat together.” (Sora)

“Snacks!” (Girl)

The little girl’s eyes sparkled with delight.

As I hold her hand and moved away from the veranda, Seimei was still sulking.

“Seimei.” (Sora)

“I am not a child…” (Seimei)

“But to me, you’re still a cute kouhai.” (Sora)

With that, I reached out to his hand.

“This hand is still free.” (Sora)

“…Fine. Make sure you hold it properly.” (Seimei)

“Yeah, yeah.” (Sora)

The cute thing about Seimei was that despite complaining, he would eventually come to rely on others.

He should just be more honest and straightforward.

If he just asks for praise, I would definitely give it to him…

With Seimei and the little girl holding both of my hands, we walked together.

Both of them will surely stand by my side when they grow up…

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

Sora couldn’t see that future.

“What’s with that stare? Is it weird for me to stand by your side?” (Akari)

“No… it’s not weird… It’s more like I’m surprised…” (Sora)

Mikage Akari is a member of the same Mikage clan as that little girl and possesses the same eyes as Seimei.

It’s no wonder I was surprised.

“I’ll be in the front, and you will be in the back. Any objections?” (Akari)

“Haha, that won’t work. Let’s switch.” (Sora)

“Huh?” (Akari)

“Leave the finishing blow to me. And one more thing, believe in your instincts.” (Sora)

“Instincts…?” (Akari)

After saying only that, Sora rushed forward.

『Are you planning to attack all at once again!?』

『Let’s fight together!!!』

『This is getting intense!』

『Sora is as amazing as ever lol!』

“…” (Doppelganger)

The doppelganger isn’t wary of Akari. The reason is that Akari is significantly weaker than him.

Thus, Sora believes there’s an opportunity to win there.

It was the first time he let someone he was protecting fight.

With a snap, the doppelganger formed hand seals with both hands.

“Sixth technique…” (Doppelganger)

“Lightning-based techniques are powerful, and I can understand using them extensively, but doing so without purpose is meaningless.” (Sora)

Sora also formed the hand seals and activated the Sixth technique.

“<Thunder Dragon>!” (Both)

Two lightning dragons collided.

A massive explosion erupted inside the dungeon.

The sand smoke danced in the air.

『I can’t see anything…』


From within the smoke, Sora dashed out.

The doppelganger readied his fingertip, targeting a specific location.

The doppelganger started thinking.

(…If he thinks like I do, he will evade this attack. A direct hit is risky.)

Thus, he decided to reset and try again.

“Sixth tech─!?” (Doppelganger)

Sora charged in without hesitation, even though the opponent was preparing a technique.

(He’s charging in!! What is he thinking…!? It’s completely different from his usual tactics…! What’s going on?!)

There was a reason why Sora charged in.

That’s what he believed.

Even gaining a split-second advantage was more than enough.

Sora closed the distance between himself and the doppelganger.

“Sixth Technique!” (Doppelganger)

Sora took the lightning technique at almost point-blank range.



『Could it be… he’s about to be hit…?』

Once the lightning settled, there was Sora, evading the technique.

They were almost face to face.

“─!” (Doppelganger)

Sora knew.

─ Even if we exchange techniques and manage to land direct hits, it won’t be a decisive blow. Knowing that, the fake Sora remains composed even when closing the distance.

However, that’s true only when it’s just me alone.

“It might sting a bit… Seventh Technique.” (Sora)

“!?” That technique is broken…!!” (Doppelganger)

(What is he really thinking…!? If he does that…!)

Despite having the same appearance and seemingly the same thought process, he can’t predict Sora’s actions.

He uses a broken technique.

In other words, it’s like pouring water into a bottomless cup.

If the Sixth Technique is broken, it means he can create lightning and cause a massive explosion all around.

Then, what about the Seventh Technique, which controls flames?

Sora grinned.

“<Flames of the End>” (Sora)

The words “self-destruct” flashed through his mind.


The scorching heat enveloped the surroundings.

The ground melted due to the intense heat, and haze shimmered in the air.

“Get away…!” (Doppelganger)

From within the explosive flames, the doppelganger managed to escape.

Instincts are pleading.

That thing is insane. It’s crazy.

Even a copy of Sora is saying the same thing.

A broken technique is like detonating a bomb inside the body. Mishandle it, and the arm could be blown off, rendering it useless forever.

────It’s a completely messed up move.

Amidst the smoke and flames, all attention is focused on Sora, alert and cautious.

He comes rushing out again, and if he releases the Seventh Technique at point-blank range again, there is no way to get away unscathed.

A voice is heard from behind.

“Curse miasma… <Red Spear>!” (Akari)

“─!?” (Doppelganger)


A light and agile sound resonates.



『No way!!』

『For real…!?』

“Why did you come out from there…! That eye…!” (Doppelganger)

Akari trusted her instincts.

The shaggy aura she can see is the flow of magic.

By understanding the flow of magic… she can predict the next moves of the person she’s facing.

Sora said, “Believe in your instincts.”

In other words, he was telling her to look ahead through the flow of magic.

Akari trusted her instincts and predicted that where he would come out from the explosion.

(Mysterious… When I believed in what he said, it became so easy to understand…)

Pierced by the spear, the doppelganger suffered damage. However, he still tried to form hand seals with both hands.

“Fifth technique…” (Doppelganger)

Akari cursed under her breath.

“Damn it! How is he still up!” (Akari)

(YabaYabaYaba, I can’t stop him! Seriously, he’s too strong…! The real one can’t be this powerful, right!?)

*Byunnn…!* A blaze-wrapped lightning shot out from within the explosion.

The attack avoided Akari and pierced only the doppelganger.

“Sixth Technique… <Penetrating Thunder>” (Sora)

A few seconds of silence enveloped the area.

Pierced by the lightning, the doppelganger fell into silence.

Comments were suspended as well.

It was the outcome everyone had hoped for.

And it was a fierce battle that they had witnessed for the first time.

『Sora did it!!』


『He defeated the imposter…! He defeated it…!』

『Even though we thought it was impossible…!』

『This battle was seriously incredible…!』

Akari distanced herself from the doppelganger and sat down.

“Phew~! I’m exhausted~” (Akari)

“Good job. Thank you.” (Sora)

“I’m sorry… I tried to steal Pigdelicious.” (Akari)

Upon hearing her apologizing, Sora blinked several times in response.

『Seems like there won’t be any rewards this time.』

『He defeated the boss tho?』

『After such an amazing battle, not getting anything is kind of disappointing.』

『Well… they did their best.』

『I wonder why it happened and why it copied Sora.』

『There are still many mysteries.』

“Now then…” (Sora)

Sora approached the doppelganger.

Everyone thought they would exchange final words.

This would be their farewell.

“What will happen to you, my doppelganger?”

“…I will just disappear.” (Doppelganger)

“Hmm… I see…” (Sora)

In those words, Sora sensed something.



『Calm down.』

『Stop, okay?』

『That’s too much…』

『No way his going to do that right?.』

『Eh? Eh?』

Indeed, it’s not a good idea, but I also felt it would be a shame.

“Have you ever tried Soramame tofu?” (Sora)

“…No.” (Doppelganger)

“What a waste…” (Sora)

At that moment, Sora had a thought.

The Soramame tofu that everyone said was disgusting… Maybe my doppelganger could understand it.

Could he become its only appreciator, I wondered…

“Is Soramame tofu… delicious?” (Doppelganger)

“It’s incredibly delicious. Do you want to try it? Then, why not become my shikigami?” (Sora)

With that, I extended my hand.

If I educate him properly, I think everything will turn out fine.

『Wow, that’s unexpected.』

『Alright, it’s over.』

『+1 doppelganger…』


『No one will be able to stop these guys LMAO』

『They can probably wreck a dungeon all by themselves LOL』

It goes without saying that even Akari was utterly flabbergasted by the scene.

“This… this guy is crazy…” (Akari)

Shikigami: Doppelganger
Copy: Ueno Sora

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wait Seimei became Sora’s disciple when he was five?

Also, Akari might be the descendent of both Seimei and that girl? So tsundere Seimei might have ended up with that girl somehow. I would read a series about these two lol.

That ending is just bruh.

Btw heads up, I plan to pick this up after I caught up with the author of ROS.

My Online ‘Oshi’ and Real Life ‘Oshi’ Moved In Next Door ~I Thought That My Dream Life Was Beginning, But It’s Different from What I Expected~

It has a light novel and manga adaptation too but no one translated it yet soo yeh. It’s not a short series, but I’ll tackle the problem when I come across it xD

Yes, I picked this up because I have been into VTubers recently and I wanted to do one with one included lol. Looks like the MC even ends up debuting as a VTuber later. I only read the first 5 chapters so I’m going in basically blind again lol.


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