ROS – Chapter 30 – The Last Page

AN: A bit more serious chapter

After some time had passed, we were once again streaming as usual.

“Hello~ It’s Sora~” (Sora)



『The stream is here~!』

“Today, um… I thought I’d introduce a new member to you all.” (Sora)

“Nice to meet you. Ao desu.” (Ao)


『It’s Sora, but with a different hairstyle!』

『Isn’t that the one who copied Sora?!』

『Oh, you cut your hair!』

『Whoa! He turned into a shikigami~!』

『Seems like he is not very motivated lol』

『So we have Ao and Sora, meaning ‘blue sky’1 lol』

“I… I’m not good at talking. Please be kind to me.” (Ao)


『Honesty is good.』


『We’ll get along just fine lol』

“Thank you, everyone.” (Ao)

Ao bowed slightly.

The comments were filled with questions for Ao, and during that time, I was off-screen.

“Look, Sakuya. It’s amazing, right? Our Ao has grown so splendidly…” (Sora)

I felt like crying, but I held back my tears.

Sakuya looked astonished

“We never really taught him anything though…” (Sakuya)

Oh, right, that’s true.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

“Oh, but I was the one who taught him, hehehe.” (Katsu)

It was Katsu-san, the most level-headed person in Onmyou, who had been guiding Ao.

Thanks to him, Ao started thinking that “Humans can be friends”.

Well, it’s a good thing.

Later on, I must properly thank Akari from the Mikage clan too.

If I were alone, I don’t think I could have defeated Ao.

On top of that, the streaming ended up being a great success.

Ao firmly captured the hearts of fans because he looked just like me and had a similar idiotic personality.

Watching all this, Val was the only one lamenting, “I’m the only one… with the fewest fans…”

Gravito, with his tanuki appearance, was incredibly popular among women, and it goes without saying that Sakuya was planning to create merchandise featuring him.

At the end of that day’s stream, Sora and the others gathered together.

Behind Sora, there was Sakuya’s truck.

Sakuya, Katsu-san, Ao, and the rest were there. It seemed that we will have a celebration and a welcome party for Ao.

Ever since Katsu-san joined us, we started doing these kinds of events.

I don’t think we would bother with these kinds of events without his help.

“Soramame tofu… It’s delicious…” (Ao)

Akari, aka Shogun, made a sound of agreement. 

“Well… hmm, I don’t dislike it either.” (Akari)

I found a comfortable spot to sit on a suitable fence and looked at my smartphone.

On the TV broadcast, there was a program talking about onmyoji.

────Abe no Seimei’s diary.

I never imagined that I would end up reading Abe no Seimei’s diary this way.

“Sora…?” (Sakuya)

Sakuya murmured softly from a distance.

Sora, sitting on the fence with a smile, appeared quite small from where she stood.

Sounds leaked from the smartphone.

“(Who could this content be directed towards…?)” (News reporter)

“(Well… it seems to be stated at the last page of the diary)” (Professor)

And with that, the final page was read.

[Seimei PoV]

The Heian period.

The chirping of birds could be heard.

Close by, there was a veranda where Sora often used to sit.

Near that place, Seimei sat with the diary.

In the tranquil atmosphere, Seimei gripped the brush.

“…” (Seimei)

How much time has passed since you were gone?

I am sitting alone on the veranda where you used to be, looking at the sky.

I touch the spot where you used to sit with my hand, feeling the wind… Until now, it’s certain that you were here…

“Hm? What is it?” came the gentle voice.

Even now, I vividly remember it.

I loved that voice.

I came here wanting to become a person of power, but you changed that; I now want to become a true onmyoji…

Senpai, since then, I have properly become a licensed onmyoji.

I’m no longer an apprentice.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? I believe you would surely praise me for it.

I want to hear you say, “Well done, you’ve done great…” and pat my head again.

But… that’s all I wanted.

Ahaha… even though I’m no longer a child, it’s embarrassing to feel this way.

But in front of you, I am just a pure and lonely boy.

Ever since you have been gone, I’ve realized so many things.

I’m stupid, aren’t I?

If only I had noticed a little earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have felt so hurt.

I should have simply said that I wanted to be closer to you.

I should have conveyed how much I liked you.

If I’m feeling this much pain after you’re gone… I should have told you from the beginning.

*Potsu Potsu* There are tear stains on the paper.

… The Mikage family has started to cooperate with me. Even that little one has grown up and is helping me now.

She’s still as selfish as ever.

Among the onmyoji, I’ve become the strongest.

Just as I promised you, I’m helping many people.

Someday, I’ll surpass you…

I’ll show you that I can surpass you, so please watch over me. And then, please praise me again.

But I know that these words won’t reach you…

…There’s no way they could.

I understand. But I’ve always wanted to say this.

Thanks to you, many lives have been saved.

Thanks to you, people are smiling.

I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. Because of the path you walked… I am here.

To my most cherished person─── Sora.

Thank you for changing my world.

[Present day, Sora PoV]

Sora, who was looking at it on the smartphone, murmured quietly.

“It’s reached me, Seimei.” (Sora)

I knew you were too embarrassed to say it.

From the smartphone, the comments continued with “It’s a somewhat lonely diary…” and “Is it like a love letter from the Heian period?”

“Ah~! That was the sushi I was about to eat!” (Akari)

“…First come, first served. That’s what Katsu told me.” (Ao)

“I didn’t tell you that… Wait, Ao, are you subtly blaming me?” (Katsu)

Ao’s education has been entrusted to Katsu-san.

Sometimes, I feel like my stomach hurts because of it, but maybe it’s just my imagination.

“Sora~! Gravito doesn’t want to be turned into merchandise! Please convince him.” (Sakuya)

“Okay.” (Sora)

Swiftly descending from the fence, I head towards Sakuya.

The wind blows.

Instinctively, I look up at the sky, and there it was.

A clear, transparent, and beautiful sky.

That time, the promise we made on the veranda, that little child has fulfilled it.

He was so small and seemed to act all proud.

He has grown up.

…Seimei, thank you for keeping the promise.

“Seimei, you’re amazing.” (Sora)

We are under the same sky.

The sky looked as ordinary as back then.

But it makes me happy that we can find beauty in ordinary things.

That’s why I love the sky.

Because it shows that our ordinary world can be more beautiful. 

Someone has to show it.

Someone has to teach it.

I believe that.

That’s why I will continue to save people.

As a streamer and an onmyoji, Ueno Sora.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

LMAO how did I not think of creating merch out of Gravito, it’s such an easy decisions.

You know ngl, I started to wonder if Seimei was actually a girl halfway through.

Sorry, but Sora’s final monologue kinda got lost in translation. Some things didn’t quite make sense to me so I altered it a bit to make sense. I think it turned out quite well.

Btw this is actually the end of the first arc/volume. There are still 3 more chapters so I will go translate those too. OMG now that I think about it, that special grade curse item thing in the title of the series never came up again LOLLL


  1. Ao means blue and Sora means sky in japanese.
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