ROS – Chapter 31 – The Beginning

In the truck loaded with our usual streaming equipment, the members of the Dungeon Streaming agency, Onmyou, were gathered.

“Human, friend. Human, not food. Human, help.” (Ao)

Ao muttered that with an expressionless face.

Ah, he’s talking like a pitiful monster again.

“What did you watch this time?” (Sora)

“…A zombie movie.” (Ao)

What on earth did Katsu-san show him?

And why is his personality gradually drifting away from mine?

Even after becoming a shikigami, I let Ao have relatively more freedom because I want him to grow.

Well, I’m mostly leaving it to Katsu-san.

After all, I’m not good at teaching others. I used to get scolded by Seimei a lot for that too.

He said that I suck at teaching others.

Today, only Katsu-san, Ao, Sakuya, and I are here since Katsu-san went to visit his sister.

“Hey, Ao. Were you listening to what I was saying?” (Sora)

Arubibakku1.” (Ao)

Ao’s eyes sparkled brightly as he raised his thumb.

I couldn’t help but sigh and hold my head.

“I guess it’s the phase when he wants to use every word he learns…” (Sora)

I understand, Ao, I understand.

I went through the same phase too.

It’s probably best not to delve too deeply.

“Hmm, I see. I guess today is ‘talking to myself’ day…” (Sakuya)

“I’m listening, Sakuya, I really am!” (Sora)

Why did she give me that ‘I don’t believe you’ look? Please stop.

I’m listening attentively, I promise!

According to Sakuya, she predicts that Ao’s popularity is on par with Gravito’s, so she arranged for him to co-stream with Katsu-san.

While Katsu-san mainly focuses on cooking streams, he thought it would be more entertaining to have reactions from people other than himself to taste his dishes.

However, due to Ao’s limited vocabulary, he only says things like “delicious” or “more, please” no matter what he eats, which led to comments like “Stop commenting already lol” or “Are you here just to eat lunch lol” flooding in.

There were people observing the meeting from a distance.

Those people were Val and Gravito.

“What on earth are they talking about?” (Val)

“It better not be about another plan to release my merchandise! That silver-haired girl…!” (Gravito)

“I envy you… You have so many fans.” (Val)

“What did you say!? Fine, then why don’t you try transforming into a tanuki too!” (Gravito)

“If would if I could! I want to hear women saying, ‘Aww, you’re so cute~’ or ‘I want to hold you!’… I want to be held too!” (Val)

“Don’t say creepy things with that huge body of yours! What’s with that look… Are you challenging me?!” (Gravito)

Gravito extended his raccoon dog’s front legs and hissed in a threatening manner.

“You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you? You think that intimidation is cute, and you’re doing it on purpose!” (Val)

“Since I don’t know how raccoon dogs intimidate, I’m using reference from a lesser panda!!” (Gravito)

“Ahh~! As I thought, it’s on purpose! This person is really…!” (Val)

“That silver-haired girl said this is the most feared intimidation in the human world! It’s not my fault!” (Gravito)

“It’s your fault!! Always trying to act cute and—” (Val)

The commotion could be heard even inside the truck where the meeting was taking place.

Sakuya let out a sigh and held her head.

“Katsu-san… Please come quickly… I can’t handle these free-spirited individuals on my own…” (Sakuya)

“Ao~ What are we eating today~?” (Sora)

“Soramame tofu, Soramame soup, and soramame mixed rice.” (Ao)

Sora snaps his fingers.

“Let’s go with that! Yay!” (Sora)

Sora and Ao celebrate together, deciding on their dinner.

Sakuya covers her face with both hands.

“Katsu-san, Katsu-san…!! Please come quickly…!” (Sakuya)

Meanwhile, Katsu went to visit his frail younger sister.

“Onii-chan? Lately, the souvenirs you bring are really fancy.” (Sister)

“Well, I got a bit more money to spare now~ You know, Onii-chan is now streaming as part of a streaming group.” (Katsu)

“Wow! Onii-chan, you have always wanted to try it, right? You kept using age as an excuse not to do it.” (Sister)

“Haha… Well, yeah… That’s why I’m having a lot of fun now.” (Katsu)

Katsu’s sister was surprised to see him genuinely enjoying himself.

“…I haven’t seen that expression on your face in a long time.” (Sister)

“Huh? Is that so?” (Katsu)

“Yes, it is. You’ve always looked so troubled… Hey! I want to meet those streamers you work with!” (Sister)

“Eh…?” (Katsu)

Katsu averted his gaze and wore a troubled expression.

“Is it not a good idea…” (Sister)

“That’s not it… It’s just that they are quite eccentric, or rather, meeting them might be confusing.” (Katsu)

“Eh?” (Sister)

“They are really good people… but they are too carefree and unpredictable.” (Katsu)

That’s what Katsu thought. 

(They’re having a meeting without me today, and I have a really bad feeling. For some reason, I feel like Sakuya-san is calling out to me… Nah, it must be my imagination, right? I can’t help but worry, though…! I wonder what’s happening over there right now!)

“…Yeah, let’s not worry about it.” (Katsu)

“T-they must be amazing people…” (Sister)

“Yeah, they are really incredible individuals. I admire them a lot.” (Katsu)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

That is quite the cursed dinner. I wonder if Sakuya and the others will also eat that… Urghh even if I am forced to buy it, I would never eat that menu.

Poor Sakuya, her prayers were heard but not acknowledged. Ganbare! Sakuya Fighto!


  1. He either spat out some nonsense word or failed to pronounce the word he was trying to say.
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Arubibakku is probably engrish for I’ll be back because they watched terminator


Makes sense