ROS – Chapter 33 – Repairing the Technique / The Mikage Clan

Today, instead of a dungeon exploration stream, it was a casual talk stream.

While I did consider delving into a dungeon, I thought it would be better to take care of some other tasks first.

I decided to set up a casual talk stream today to share what I am doing with my viewers.

This time, I’m using a part of Sakuya’s truck as a workshop for the stream.

*Whoosh* A small flame emerges from my hand.

“Hmm… This is going to be tough.” (Sora)

『Looks like magic.』

『It resembles the flames of the Seventh Technique.』

『What are you going to do with it?』

『Ao is just staring at it absentmindedly lol』

“During the fight with Ao, the Seventh Technique got temporarily broken… or so I thought, but since then the technique has been completely messed up.”

A while ago, during the battle with Ao inside the dungeon, I temporarily disabled the Seventh Technique. However, afterwards, I forcibly used the Seventh Technique and ended up completely breaking it.

“I guess I really went overboard with how recklessly I used it…” (Sora)

Maybe I should be thankful I still have an arm.

『What happens if the technique breaks?』

『Does that mean you can’t use it anymore?』

“This stream is about fixing it~” (Sora)


『Huh, can you really fix it?』

『Is it like repairing a machine or something?』

『For real?』

Ao, who was listening, was also surprised.

“I had no idea it broke.” (Ao) 

“Ahaha, it’s true. Come here, Ao. I’ll teach you.” (Sora)

Like me, Ao can use many techniques. It seems that he inherited some knowledge, but not everything, so there are still many things he doesn’t know.

I’ll teach Ao what I can, and for common sense and stuff, I’ll leave it to Katsu-san.

『Oh, there are more Soras now.』

『They are so cute lol.』

“Repairing techniques is not something every Onmyouji can do.” (Sora)

I’ll make sure to convey this to the viewers in an easy-to-understand manner this time.

“Originally, most people could only use up to the Fifth Technique. If you can use that much, it’s already enough.” (Sora)

The basic techniques are very straightforward, or at least I believe it is. 

From there, many people would create their own derivations for the Sixth and Seventh Techniques.


『That’s interesting.』

『So, it’s about developing your own style, huh?』

“Exactly. And if someone wants the same technique as another person, they can beg to be taught or create it together.” (Sora)

I proceed to remove the broken Seventh Technique.

“Fourth Technique… <Curse of the Floating World>” (Sora)

Blue strings of characters emerge from my arm and hover in front of me.

“Wow…!” (Ao)

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” (Sora)

The colors of the techniques vary from person to person.

As I mentioned before, there are also Onmyouji who specialize in medical techniques.

People with such abilities have red-colored techniques. Onmyojis skilled in curses and hexes has purple-colored techniques. 

Those who are proficient in multiple areas have complex colors.

And the most common color is blue.

“I want to do it too.” (Ao)

“Huh? Sure, but…” (Sora)

I also proceed to extract the Seventh Technique from Ao, just as I did with myself.

“Ao, do you want your own technique?” (Sora)

“…! Is that okay?” (Ao)

“Of course.” (Sora)

『Ao is so cute lol』

『Sora is being a great onii-chan LOL』

『I really like this kind of content.』

『It feels like I’m watching sibling love.』

『It’s heartwarming.』

For me, I was going to modify the technique anyways. 

It’s doesn’t take that much effort to help Ao, and it’s important for him to be able to have his own technique.

“I want something like… A time-slowing ability.” (Ao)

“Huh… why?” (Sora)

“So I can watch more TV.” (Ao)

Ah, I see.

“Well, it’s not impossible…” (Sora)

『Huh, you can do it…?』

『Sora, are you serious?』

『Is this a joke…?』

“I can do it.” (Sora)

Ao claps excitedly.

“Sora, you’re amazing.” (Ao)

“Ahaha… Well, for now, let’s fix the technique.” (Sora)

I’m familiar with repairing techniques. I have already broken them many times in the past… though this is the first time in a situation like this.

I extract the technique using the Fourth Technique and adjust the floating characters.

If necessary, I can rewrite and reconstruct them as well.

For this case, I extracted the broken characters and inserted new ones.

Using my magic, I carve out the characters and repair the technique.

Using my other hand, I also modify Ao’s technique.

“Swap these characters here and here…” (Sora)

『Fast lol』

『His moving his eyes a lot lmao』

『Wow! It looks cool!』

『I have absolutely no idea what is happening lol』

『The way he quickly does it is like how a hacker would LOL』

Within a few minutes, the technique is completely repaired.

“Here you go, Ao.” (Sora)

I return the floating technique to Ao.

“Thank you, Sora.” (Ao)

With just those words, Ao dashes outside with a “Yay~”.

It seems like he is eager to try out the new technique.

“He’s kinda cute… hmmm” (Sora)

Unintentionally, I find myself reminiscing about Seimei when he was young.

『You’re just as cute!』

『Sora, you’re like an onii-chan, it suits you well.』

“Alright, I also want to check if my technique is working properly, so I’ll head outside!” (Sora)

Just like Ao, I dashed outside with a “Yay~”.


『These siblings are something else.』

『This onii-chan is kind of hopeless.』

『There’s nothing but idiots lol』

『They are probably just being themselves lol』

『Sora and Ao are quite similar, aren’t they? LOL』

Afterwards, we went outside and Ao was satisfied with the new time-slowing technique.

“Now I can watch lots of movies.” (Ao)

『This can’t end well.』 

『I have a feeling things will get messy, haha.』

『It’s kind of scary the way he absorbs everything.』

The viewers seem both amused and concerned about the newfound ability. It’s all in good fun, and we enjoy the interactions with our audience.

I confirm that the memorable technique which was inspired by Sumeragi, has also been fixed.

“Seventh Technique… <Flaming Flower>” (Sora)

*Whoosh* The flames spread out like flowers.

Yep, it’s fixed.

『Come to think of it, you mentioned needing equipments for techniques beyond the Seventh.』

『Now that you mention it, I’m curious.』

“Well, I don’t have them right now. I do believe someone else might have my equipment though…” (Sora)


『What does that mean?』

Mikage Akari was watching Sora’s live stream from her room.

The main branch of the Mikage clan is currently engaged in modern-day exorcism and dealing with evil spirits.

The main house is a traditional Japanese-style home surrounded by a fence and is situated in a relatively prominent location in Tokyo.

The main house is quite spacious, as such they employed servants.

“Akari~! Akari~!” (Akari’s Mom)

“Ugh, Mom, you’re so noisy! What is it!?” (Akari)

“Your father and I saw it! You collaborated with that Onmyoji, right!?” (Akari’s Mom)

“It wasn’t a collaboration, it was a joint battle.” (Akari)

After the fight, Mikage Akari returned back to her home.

After a month of running away, she decided to come back home after talking with Sora.

Sora had told her, “It’s better to go back home. Your parents are worried”, and she reluctantly returned.

After receiving a mild scolding, she was told to stay at home for a while.

(Why do I have to listen to them when they tell me to? It’s so frustrating…)

*Grrrr* Akari grumbled in frustration.

“Are you going to marry that person? Hey, when are you getting married? He’s such a strong and cool Onmyoji, so Akari must be satisfied, right?” (Akari’s Mom)

“Tsk! We are not like that yet…! Now, get out!” (Akari)

The sound of approaching footsteps was heard, and Akari’s father arrived.

“Honey! The red rice is cooked and ready!” (Akari’s Dad)

“Oh my! Akari, would you like to have some too?” (Akari’s Mom)

Akari, who had lost her energy to be angry, lets out a sigh and relaxes her shoulders.

“Sigh… Are Onmyoujis really that important?” (Akari)

Akari’s parents wear a troubled expression.

It’s as if they are saying “Of course!”.

“The Onmyouji was the one who lifted the curse of short life from us. We have to repay that kindness…” (Akari’s Dad)

“We have many books related to that in our family’s storehouse so it’s true!” (Akari’s Mom)

“I see… We have a lot of ancient texts in the storehouse, don’t we?” (Akari)

Akari averts her gaze, not caring too much about the details.

(Whether it’s an Onmyoji or not, if it’s someone like Sora…)

“There are many incredible treasures in the storehouse~ Some are said to have been passed down from Abe no Seimei himself! I heard they were told, ‘These belong to my benefactor, so protect them dearly!’” (Akari’s Mom)

“What’s that? Are you really keeping such an ancient promise? Wait… the storehouse…” (Akari)

(Ever since the celebration party with Onmyou, I haven’t seen Sora… Actually, I don’t have any reason to meet him.)

But, Akari contemplates.

(If I have a request for him to stream something related to Onmyoji… Wouldn’t that be a sufficient reason?)

“U-Um, Mom… You often see shows on TV where they explore old storerooms and search for treasure right?” (Akari)

“Huh? Oh yes, that’s true.” (Akari’s Mom)

“Could we do something similar, but with our onmyoji-related storehouse?” (Akari)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Hmm… We are not like that YET she says. 

Well, with this chapter, we have caught up with the author and now we are waiting for him to continue the series. I kinda want to see more Akari but too bad I guess, gotta wait. Who knows, maybe the author is working on a light novel version of this series, i mean I wouldn’t be surprise if there will be one.

EDIT: You gotta be kidding me, the author decided to resume posting today… You know what screw it, I already finished the first few chapters of the new series, I’m gonna release it. Releases for this are gonna depend on my time and how often the author of ROS gonna post. Here you go, the first chapter of this new series:

My Online ‘Oshi’ and Real Life ‘Oshi’ Moved In Next Door ~I Thought That My Dream Life Was Beginning, But It’s Different from What I Expected~


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