ROS – Chapter 34 – side【Kamisaki Sakuya】Sora’s juice

I knew Ueno Sora before he became a popular streamer.

When I entered this high school, Sora was sitting in the seat in front of me.

I didn’t have any friends, and although I could have made some if I tried, I chose to be alone. Sora once told me directly, “Sakuya has this ‘don’t talk to me’ aura.”

Yes Sora, I know that. But, even if you know this, you wouldn’t normally tell it to their face, right?

Perhaps it’s because of my appearance, or maybe it’s because of my personality… No, it’s probably both.

Even if I can’t make friends, it doesn’t really bother me in my school life.

This is a small act of resistance against my father. It’s my way of showing reluctance… But, in the end, it’s all meaningless.

It’s a childish act, and in the end, nothing changes. I am just a tool for the company.

But Sora changed that for me, and that’s why I am who I am today.

And yet, I have been suppressing the feelings that have slowly started to bud inside me.

I felt like I shouldn’t acknowledge them. I felt like it was a feeling I’m not ready to face yet.

One day, while I was thinking about this, Mikage Akari came to visit me in the truck 

“You want him to stream the storehouse owned by the Mikage family?” (Sakuya)

“Ehh yeah. You know Sora loves historical stuff, right? Our mansion has a long history, so we must have some incredible treasures.” (Akari)

“But there’s no benefit for you.” (Sakuya)

“Oh, there is… You see, it’s an old building, like a storage house, and I was thinking of renovating it! In exchange, please help me clean it up!” (Akari)

“……Suspicious.” (Sakuya)

“It’s not suspicious at all!” (Akari)

In present-day Japan, there are numerous individuals targeting Sora.

Not just in Japan, but globally too. Sora is the current most trending topic, and his popularity continues to rise without any signs of slowing down.

As a content creator, it’s only natural that people will crave any kind of interaction with him, no matter how small.

Fortunately, the encounters with Ookami Rika, Sakakibara Katsu, and the Ingen lady were reasonable… well, except for the Ingen lady, the rest are down-to-earth individuals.

It does seem unlikely that Akari is trying to capitalize on Sora’s popularity. After all, she is already well-known as a promising young adventurer and has a considerable amount of fans of her own.

Perhaps she genuinely needs help with the cleaning…?

Or it’s possible that she doesn’t have many friends herself.

“…I see. I’ll ask Sora’s opinion later.” (Sakuya)

“Hey, can you stop looking at me with those kind eyes? You’re definitely misunderstanding something.” (Akari)

“I can understand the feeling of not having friends too.” (Sakuya)

“Don’t compare yourself to me…” (Akari)

Then, there was a knock on the door.

“Sakuya-san~ I brought you some souvenirs while I was out… Oh?” (Rika)

Akari looked surprised.

“Ah, Ookami Rika!?” (Akari)

“Um, you’re Mikage Akari, right?” (Rika)

“You’re the famous high school girl streamer!” (Akari)

“You’re a high school girl too, you know.” (Rika)

Oh, come to think of it, I am a high school girl too.

Living surrounded by monitors and energy drinks, I wonder if that can truly be called the life of a typical high school girl. It’s uncertain.

I wonder if a life surrounded by monitors and energy drinks can be called the life of a typical high school girl.

“If you would like, Akari-san, please have some of this too. It’s a soybean juice that’s been trending lately.” (Rika)

“Soybeans? Why?” (Akari)

“Thanks to Sora’s influence, there is a soybean trend going on right now. Every store is rushing to offer it, a rather shameless idea, though.” (Rika)

“So, it’s not ‘Sora-mame’ juice, huh?” (Akari)

“That thing is not meant for human consumption.” (Sakuya)

“Ahaha… Sakuya-san, you’re as blunt as ever.” (Rika)

“Of course. Being sweet is reserved for Sora only.” (Sakuya)

I can smell a refreshing citrus scent coming from Ookami Rika.

In comparison, I give off the chemical smell of coffee and energy drinks. I don’t think it’s all that bad though.

As for Mikage Akari… I wonder what her scent is like. It smells kind of sweet, like chocolate.

“Well, what exactly is a high school girl? To be popular, do I need to drink tapioca1 and act all giggly?” (Sakuya)

“Sakuya-san, that’s going too far with stereotypes~” (Rika)

“Is it? Well, I’m a high school girl too, in a way. I thought maybe I should follow the trends… So, I made this.” (Sakuya)

As the trend of soy-related products continues, I have been receiving more and more business proposals related to them.

However, all of them have mundane ideas, and they just want me to promote their products, which are quite underwhelming. So, I have been rejecting them one after another.

If there is nothing I like, then I will create something myself.

I decided to show what I made to Rika and Akari.

“I call this the ‘Sora Juice’.” (Sakuya)

“What’s up with that terrible name which instantly kills any desire to drink.” (Rika)

The product I created comes in a plastic bottle filled with juice inside that inflates like a balloon.

“Sora’s face is printed on it! It’s so cute…! I might actually want to buy it…” (Rika)

Akari, on the other hand, seemed slightly taken aback.

The actual drink inside the bottle is, technically, a collaboration with another company, but since we developed the packaging, we have negotiated the profits to be divided in a mutually beneficial manner.

Moreover, it was good that the collaborating company turned out to be a huge fan of Sora. Thanks to that, they provided their full support without us back too much.

I continued talking with pride.

“It’s interesting, right? But that’s not all I’ve got!” (Sakuya)

As I drank the juice inside the bottle with a straw, Sora’s picture gradually began to shrink.

“I-It’s shrinking…! Sora-san’s picture! It’s like his nutrients are getting sucked…!” (Rika)

“If you suck hard enough, it’ll make a sound.” (Sakuya)

“Really!?” (Rika)

As I sucked with even more force, a sound came from the bottle.

“Uwaa~” (Sora)

It was the usual unmotivated voice of Sora.

In reality, this was achieved by adjusting the shape of the straw and the bottle to produce a sound that resembled Sora’s voice. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s quite an impressive creation.

“Why do you have such talent and yet create something like this… It’s such a waste…” (Akari)

“Akari-san! What are you talking about?!” (Rika)

“That’s right, there is nothing wrong with having as many amusing toys related to Sora as possible.” (Sakuya)

“R-Right…” (Akari)

With that, Rika also started drinking with excitement.

If we release this product, it could easily surpass the other soybean juices that are currently being sold.

Fufufu, perhaps I am a genius when it comes to Sora.

“So, have you gotten Sora’s approval for this?” (Akari)

“No, not yet. I don’t know how he’ll react.” (Sakuya)

I have a feeling Sora might just say ‘Okay!’ though.

“Well then, why don’t you try testing Ao’s reaction first? If it doesn’t seem good, you can improve it and show it to Sora later.” (Akari)

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Let’s do that.” (Sakuya)

With that plan in mind, I brought Ao, who had just finished a food review on Katsu-san’s stream, to try the Sora Juice.

Ao was enthusiastically sucking on the straw of the Sora Juice.

“So, how is it…?” (Sakuya)

“Delicious!” (Ao)

“No, not that. I mean…” (Sakuya)

“….? Delicious~!” (Ao)

Ao probably thought I didn’t hear him so he said it a bit louder.

“…Hey, did we make a mistake in choosing this person to try it?” (Rika)

“Maybe I should have asked Katsu-san about it.” (Sakuya)

“Stop blaming me!” (Ao)

After discussing and showing it to Katsu-san, he commented, “It’s quite the mysterious drink, huh…”.

Well, I suppose that’s the kind of feedback we can expect.

In any case, after confirming with Sora and getting his approval, we decided to release it officially.

It will be available for a short period as an experiment, but I’m sure people will enjoy it.

[Reaction from the Internet to the Official Release of “Sora Juice”]

『Too mysterious.』

『Unbelievable, an official way to bully Sora!』

『I can’t believe this is the official product…』

『This trend is getting crazier.』

『Seems like the silver-haired girl came up with this… Is she also obsessed with the Heian period?』

『The ‘Uwaa~’ sound when drinking Sora Juice is nuts!』

『A product that brings the ‘I love it so much, I wish I could eat it’ feeling to reality.』

『This product is here to put an end to the mediocre soybean juice trend.』

『The official product is way too insane LOLLLL』

『I am blown away by this idea.』

『This could generate a massive amount of TikToks2.』

『This is crazy.』

『Thank goodness for the official product.』

『It’s funny how they advertised it as ‘Let’s all drink Sora Juice together’ LOL』

『Under what circumstances would you drink this?』

『If people start drinking this on the train, and I hear the ‘Uwaa~’ sound, I’ll burst out laughing LOL』

『The man who brought smiles to Japan with just a juice.』

『I will be sucking on Sora today too.』

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

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LMAO this chapter is just bruhh. Sakuya is showing off her big brain this chapter. She knows exactly what the fans want lol. I wonder how much of this is her own desire, did she just subconsciously make this product?

With this, we have actually caught up with the author. Seems like he is just going to randomly drop chapters so yeh.


  1. Bubble tea with pearls
  2. Raw didn’t actually say this, it just said videos. But you know, I just had to bring it up.
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