ROS – Chapter 35 – The Mikage Clan’s Storehouse

Today, we arrived at the Mikage clan’s mansion which is located somewhere in Tokyo, and exchanged greetings with some of the people here before the start of the livestream.

Outside the mansion, there were a few trucks parked, and Sakuya and Val were going in and out of them preparing for the livestream. I wanted to help, but according to Sakuya, “Val is more useful.”

I thought it was a harsh way to put it, but it was the truth, so I couldn’t deny it.

Hah~ For some reason that made me feel a bit depressed.

Right now, I am with Gravito — the tanuki who was perched on my head, Ao — my doppelganger, as well as Mikage Akari — the person who lives in this mansion.

It seems like this mansion has been around for a long time, as there were various signs of renovations and repairs everywhere.

—It’s a nice house! I feel somewhat satisfied.

“Old houses are so comforting, aren’t they?” (Sora)

Even though I asked with a beaming smile, I could hear a sigh from the side.

Akari shrugged her shoulders discontentedly.

“Normally, people would hate such an old mansion.” (Akari)

“That’s not true at all. Look at Ao, his having a fun—” (Sora)

In the garden within the mansion, Ao was poking the surface of the pond with her finger.

…Koi, come (koi)… Don’t come (konai)… Hehe.1” (Ao)

What is he doing…

“Gravito, look after Ao for me.” (Sora)

Gravito, who was lounging on top of my head, turned half an eye toward me.

“I refuse.” (Gravito)

“Gravito, you’ve been refusing everything I ask lately.” (Sora)

“Your requests never lead to anything good. You should have just asked Katsu or someone else. He understands how to handle Ao more than me.” (Gravito)

“Katsu-san has another livestream to attend.” (Sora)

Gravito reluctantly raised his finger as he spoke.

“…Bring me a can of Skipjack Tuna (katsuo).” (Gravito)

“Okay, I’ll ask Sakuya for it.” (Sora)

Gravito really liked making deals, and if you didn’t offer something, he wouldn’t grant your request. In fact, I had made a similar request before and was requested a can of Skipjack Tuna as compensation.

Sakuya told me once that — “I accidentally gave him cat food by mistake. Is he angry? Can a tanuki even eat cat food?”

“Bring me the same one as before. It was really delicious…” (Gravito)

Yeah, let’s not tell him he was eating cat food all along. 

What matters is that he likes it.

“Ao, behave yourself when with Gravito.” (Sora)

“…Behave.” (Ao)

“If you get hungry, tell Gravito.” (Sora)

“…Tell Gravito.” (Ao)

And with that, I picked up Gravito.

“…When hungry, Gravito… Gravito… Tanuki, eat Gravito.” (Ao)

“What!? Wait a second! The context has changed!”  (Gravito)

“Meal, Tanuki stew.” (Ao)

And with that, I entrusted Ao to Gravito.

“Your friends are really a bunch of oddballs, you know?” (Akari)

“You think so? I think they’re all lively and good kids.” (Sora)

Akari was currently guiding us through the mansion. Apparently the warehouse was located in the back of the mansion.

As we walked down the hallway, I couldn’t help but admire the ceiling and the earthen walls.

Suddenly, I noticed a gaze and turned around.

“Hmm?” (Sora)

“What is it, Sora? Is this house so unusual to you?” (Akari)

“No… it’s not like that…” (Sora)

Since this mansion is located in a prime area of Tokyo, the property must be quite expensive. While it may be valuable in terms of money, it’s just a larger traditional Japanese house at its core.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about it.

“Akari, where are your parents?” (Sora)

“They’re in a separate room because having them around would be disruptive to the stream. It’s best that you don’t meet them. If my parents met you, it would be a big problem.” (Akari)

A big problem…?

“No, I can’t do that. I need to greet them properly.” (Sora)

“No, it’s fine! *mumble* Anyways, we’re going to get married… *mumble*.” (Akari)

I wasn’t sure what she was muttering, but I would have to greet her parents later. After all, I was going to stream the storehouse of the prestigious Mikage clan, which had a long and distinguished history.

Anyways, that means that those gazes weren’t from Akari’s parents.

“Akari, you don’t have any siblings, right?” (Sora)

“No, I’m an only child. Why do you ask?” (Akari)

“I see… got it.” (Sora)

So, the gaze I felt didn’t seem to come from Akari’s family at all.

In other words, there was something or someone else in this mansion.

It was something that even Akari hadn’t noticed.

An existence that not even the Mikage clan, who lives in this mansion, could notice…

I focused my gaze, contemplating deeply…

…Well, never mind! It doesn’t seem like a bad presence. If anything, it feels like I’m the one being cautious for no reason.

“The Mikage clan’s storeroom, huh? I’m looking forward to it!” (Sora)

“Don’t get your hopes up too much. Papa hardly ever goes in there. Maybe they threw some stuff away during earlier generations.” (Akari)

“Hahaha… well, if that’s the case, it can’t be helped.” (Sora)

I highly doubt that would be the case for the Mikage clan…

Everything they kept in storage was something they couldn’t simply discard.

Even if they wanted to dispose of them, these were items they wouldn’t know how to dispose of.

In the Heian period, or even in modern times, people referred to them as…

Cursed objects.

Author’s Notes:

It’s been a while.

I will be posting daily for at least a week starting from today.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!


Man it’s been sooo long!! Honestly, I kinda missed translating this series. Looks like we will be getting a week’s worth of chapter yay. Anyways, I just upgraded by websites 2 days ago so that was convenient timing. I will be posting this series once every 2 days. 

I’m planning on revising the earlier chapters since I know full well I sucked at the magic portion. But then there are over 30 chapters to go through ;-;


  1. I am not really sure what is happening here, so it got lost ins translation. But I know that koi is a fish, and koi (来い) can also mean come in japanese. Ao also said something about konai (来ない) which is don’t come.
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