ROS – Chapter 36 – Zashiki Warashi (Part 1)

In the mansion of the Mikage family, a certain youkai had taken up residence.

That youkai had black hair in a bobbed hairstyle and a childlike appearance.

With round, sparkling eyes, it peeked at Sora from its hiding place.

“…Enemy… ally… or the storehouse?” (Youkai)

There was a certain pact that had been passed down since the Heian period to protect the storehouse.

The reason that the girl, who had been peeking at Sora from the corner of the hallway, became a Zashiki Warashi1 was due to a great famine that occurred in ancient times.

The cause of youkai coming into existence is not solely a result of nature; humans can also transform into youkai.

Hanako of the Toilet (Toire no Hanako-san)2  is a prime example of this. The story of a dead girl who gradually transformed into a youkai that inhabited the toilets.

This girl was similar in that regard; she transformed from the spirit of a child who had died of famine into a Zashiki Warashi.

“Who’s that?” (Zashiki Warashi)

However, this Zashiki Warashi… could only be seen by children.

(Oh, they took a turn towards the storehouse.)

*Shutatata* The Zashiki Warashi hurried to follow.

Then, she continued to observe Sora intently.

(Akari seems to be having fun.)

A vague sense of jealousy began to sprout in her heart.

(My friend…)

Akari had stopped seeing the Zashiki Warashi and had completely forgotten about her for the past six years.

Throughout all those years, the Zashiki Warashi continued to watch over the Mikage family living in this mansion.

Her duty was to “protect the storehouse”. However, as time passed, there was a change in the Zashiki Warashi’s role. It transformed from “protecting the storehouse” to “protecting the Mikage family”, or to be more specific, protecting Akari.

While she was observing, a voice could be heard from somewhere.

“…What are you doing?” (?)

“I’m observing. To protect the storehouse and Akari.” (Zashiki Warashi)

“Is there any food in the storehouse?” (?)

(…Wait, who am I talking to?)

Instinctively, the Zashiki Warashi turned around.

Supposedly, only children, other youkai, or humans like Abe no Seimei could see her.

“I’m Ao. Want some food?” (Ao)

“Don’t just help yourself to my food.” (Gravito)

On Ao’s head, there was a tanuki named Gravito.


Ao’s appearance was undoubtedly that of a human child.

However, that appearance… was identical to Sora’s.

The person who she had been observing just moments ago was now right behind them.

“Hy…” (Zashiki Warashi)

For the Zashiki Warashi, it had been six years since anyone had spoken to her.

Ao and Gravito’s voices overlapped.

““Hy?”” (Ao & Gravito)

“HYAAAAAHHHHHH!!” (Zashiki Warashi)

In front of them, the bobbed-haired girl let out a scream.

Of course, there was no one who wouldn’t be surprised by such a reaction from just being spoken to.

“UWAAAAAAH!!” (Ao & Gravito)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Short chapter but got a new side character!

Chances are that Akari grew old enough to not be considered a child so she wasn’t able to see her anymore. And I guess shikigami can see her too…?

If you ever want to get to know Japanese folklores, I guess the author’s got you covered. I have never heard of Zashiki Warashi before, although I have heard of Hanako-san.


  1. Zashiki Warashi is said to be yokai that live in parlors or storage rooms, and that perform pranks, and that people who see one would be visited with good fortune. 
  2. This is a Japanese urban legend about the spirit of a young girl named Hanako-san who haunts school toilets. There are many different variants of the story being told, but it usually involves a girl getting killed in a school toilet and ended up turning into this spirit thing.
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