ROS – Chapter 41 – [side Ookami Rika]

In Poover’s office, Ookami Rika was having a conversation with her manager.

“Rika-san, don’t you think it’s weird that Sora-kun’s livestream always has something new happening each time?” (Manager)

“Well, it’s Sora-san we’re talking about… this is nothing new for him.” (Rika)

I felt that Sora’s livestreams had reached a point where anything could happen. 

After all, they often deviated from the norm, and even when collaborating with others, being around Sora always made her question her common sense.

This time’s stream was no exception.

When Akari-chan started the stream, a youkai suddenly appeared.

“Zashiki Warashi-chan… so cute.” (Rika)

And to top it off, a loli-type youkai… too cute!

Even my little brother was incredibly cute when he was young… Maybe I really like children, huh.

If she’s living at Akari-chan’s place, I’d like to visit.

We’ve exchanged contact information before, so I’ll contact her later.

While I was fiddling with my smartphone, the manager leaned in as if remembering something.

“According to Poover’s top management, there’s talk of inviting Akari-chan to join us.” (Manager)

“Huh, Akari-chan?” (Rika)

“Oh, you know her?” (Manager)

“Just a bit through Sora-san.” (Rika)

Currently, Poover is able to hold everything together, but the popularity of the new dungeon streaming agency “Onmyou” is so strong that it wouldn’t be surprising if they were overtaken at any moment.

The reason Poover is somehow able to stay competitive is that there are only two people in Sora-san’s agency who actually streams, Sora-san and Katsu-san.

Among the five youngest and strongest adventurers currently, Mikage Akari was one of them.

Her strength is formidable enough that she can delve into the deep layers of a dungeon by herself, and because she works alone, she’s earned the nickname “Shogun”.

“Oh, with Sora-san joining, there are now six candidates for the title of the strongest young adventurer.” (Rika)

Honestly, I’ve witnessed Sora-san’s achievements up close. So I can say with confidence that Sora-san is overwhelmingly strong.

What he can do is no longer within the realm of young talent.

Thanks to him, there’s a trend going on where young streamers like me, who have only recently managed to delve into the lower levels, are considered not that great. Well, it’s only natural to feel that way when compared to Sora-san… but the fact remains that Sora-san is amazing.

I need to learn from Sora-san’s greatness and work hard to catch up!

“Rika-san, you’ve seemed different lately.” (Manager)

“Well, I have to be brighter and more charming so that my viewers will continue to support me!” (Rika)

Throughout my time spent with him, I figured out some things.

It wasn’t just about special abilities or combat; that wasn’t all there was to Sora-san.

Sora-san’s greatness comes from him being genuine.

“Oh, by any chance, have you thought of changing your nickname to some sort of bean?” (Manager)

“Huh~ What are you talking about? Sora-san is Sora-san. There are many streamers who try to follow in his footsteps, but there’s no way we can replicate Sora-san’s style.” (Rika)

In reality, I watch other streamers every day, but many have started following Sora-san’s lead. It might be because of Ingenmame-san’s influence, but streamers like Nasutaro (Eggplant man) and Toumorokoshiman (Corn man) have emerged.

As for content, Nasutaro (Eggplant man) does streams where he splashes liquids like eggplant juice, and Toumorokoshiman (Corn man) does crazy things like conquering dungeons with popcorn.

Overall, it seems like Sora-san’s influence has caused some people to go insane in the dungeon streaming community… and they are the prime examples of it.

The manager sighed, saying, “I thought it was a good idea~” 

What’s good about that idea? Please go wash your face and come back with a better one.

“Well, Rika-san, do you have any ideas on what to do going forward?” (Manager)

“I am planning on learning magic. That’s right, magic!” (Rika)

“Magic? Isn’t that something you can’t use unless you have a talent for it?” (Manager)

“Actually, I have a bit of talent for it. It’s just that I’m not very good at learning it…” (Rika)

“Well, how about getting advice from streamers who use magic as their main content?” (Manager)

Upon hearing that suggestion, Rika’s face brightened.

“That’s a great idea!” (Rika)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

She’s totally gonna use this as a chance to collaborate with Sora again.

Also bruh? Eggplant man and corn man? I am interested to know what it even means to conquer dungeons with popcorn.


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Strawberry Milkshake

If she ask Sora, he will likely help her without asking anything in return.


i think everyone who ask Sora, as long as it’s sincere he going to help all them.


Thanks for the chapter.

These copycats. I hope their personalities were actually originally like that and they were just too shy to come out, and not that they are trying to ride the trend that Sora set for the sake of popularity. Eggplant and Corn, I hope they are brethren of Sora and Bean Lady instead of pure clout chasers.