ROS – Chapter 42 – Fish

Important stuff, read the TL Notes. This is probably deja vu for some people.

In the workshop inside Sakuya’s truck, I was attempting to repair the Ninth technique. 

In fact, I had Sakuya prepare the materials needed to fix the Ninth technique, which were emeralds.

Just as I was thinking about quickly fixing it and showing it off during stream, Ookami Rika suddenly arrived.

“Huh, me?” (Sora)

“Yes, if I’m going to learn magic, I think Sora-san is the only option.” (Rika)

Although I was initially surprised, as her kouhai content creator, I’m happy that Ookami Rika relied on me to teach her magic.

“If possible, could you teach me how to handle magic…” (Rika)

“Well, you see, I don’t have any magic…” (Sora)

“Huh…?” (Rika)

Wait, why is Rika-san making that kind of face?

“But you used such amazing magic when you helped me before and you even used it during your streams!” (Sora)

“That wasn’t magic.” (Rika)

“Whaaat!?” (Sora)

There’s no need to react like that…

“Those are techniques.” (Sora)

“…Wait a minute. I’m having trouble grasping this.” (Rika)

It seems like Rika thought that the techniques I’ve been using were magic. She simply thought that I equated “magic” with “technique”.

Well, I’m an onmyoji, so it’s natural to think of it as just a term I use in my character setting.

“Ah, the one I used with Gravito at Tokyo Bia Dome was magic. So, I can use it.” (Sora)

“Huh? Uh, yeah? Wait, which is it!?” (Rika)

It might be a bit confusing, but with Val and Gravito as intermediaries, I can use magic. Of course, it’s not something that’s easy for a regular onmyoji, and it won’t work without a bond of trust with the shikigami.

Even Gravito, who always seems to be rude to me, actually trusts me to some extent. Thinking about it that way, he looks even cuter.

“Well, that means you can’t teach me magic, right…” (Rika)

Rika looked a bit disappointed.

She came all the way here to rely on me. Moreover, She has the necessary experience as a dungeon streamer.

I can’t back down now.

“Don’t worry, I think I can teach you.” (Sora)

Rika’s face brightened up instantly.

“Really!?” (Rika)

“Yeah! You can look forward to it!” (Sora)

After all, I was able to raise an Onmyoji who has his name written down in Japanese history. Not only that, but I’m proud of my talent for nurturing people.

Sakuya, who conducting maintenance on a drone, watched us with a sidelong glance.

Afterward, we moved to a riverbank, and I started teaching Rika magic.

However, after a while, Rika started giving me sidelong glances, just like Sakuya earlier.

“Um…” (Rika)

Rika, please stop. Please stop… Why are you making that face?

Isn’t that too cruel?

“Li-Like this! You have to tense up your whole body and go ‘bam!'” (Sora)

“…We’ve done that like thirty times already.” (Rika)

“Huh?” (Sora)

I mean, I could use magic like this when I was with Gravito.

Before I knew it, elementary school kids had gathered around, pointing fingers and saying, “Look, there’s a guy playing hero!”

“Sigh… Well, Sora-san, how about I try using a technique?” (Rika)

“Umm… Imagine your blood circulating throughout your entire body and go ‘bam’…” (Sora)

“Sora-san?” (Rika)

“But…! I swear I am good when it comes to nurturing people!” (Sora)

The child I raised was such a prodigy that he even made his mark in history!

…If someone were to ask me if Abe no Seimei grew up on his own, it would be pretty hard to convince them that I raised him, wouldn’t it?

Regardless of what others say, it’s true that I raised Abe no Seimei. I raised him, I tell you!

Rika, please don’t look at me with that “Is that true?” expression.

It’s bringing back memories of when I was all alone!

Memories I’ve never really been reminded of before start flooding back.

“(Wow, you speak like a crazy person!)”

“(Your brain must be the size of a bean!)”

And just as I’m feeling down, Rika cheers me up.

“I-I might have gone a bit too far! I was really happy that you taught me!” (Rika)

“Rika…” (Sora)

Hmmm, I thought I was good at teaching people about curse power and regular magic but maybe it’s because Seimei was exceptionally talented so he understood almost everything with a simple explanation.

When it comes to curses and magic, it’s much easier to teach if you can visualize it.

Seimei, in particular, had a keen eye for sensing magic, so maybe he understood by observing the magic emanating from my body.

Well, I’ll have to try a different approach.

“Come here, come here.” (Sora)

I beckoned her over by waving my hand.

“Yes?” (Rika)

I gently place my hand on hers and direct it towards the unobstructed river.

For a brief moment, Rika’s body flinches.

“First, focus your gaze ahead. Don’t worry about the details; I’ll handle the adjustments.” (Sora)

“Y-Yes…!” (Rika)

Even Ookami Rika, who has seen many adventurers and dungeon streamers, can’t distinguish between techniques and magic.

I can feel Rika’s heart beating very quickly.

Is this nervousness? No, she’s probably scared. It’s her first time using a technique after all. 

To reassure her, I squeeze her hand a little tighter.

“It’s okay. I’ll lend you some of my curse power. It’s not the same as magic, but I think the sensation is similar. Use that to grasp the feeling.” (Sora)

“I-I understand…!” (Rika)

Hmm, maybe a flashy technique would be better.

I borrowed Rika’s hand and we formed the seals together.

Then, I chant the technique.

“Sixth Technique… [Divine Thunder]!” (Sora)

A bolt of lightning shoots out, cutting through the riverbank.


The collided water soared high into the sky, making a loud noise.

“Nice, it worked!” (Sora)

“W…” (Rika)

I look at Rika’s reaction.

“Wow!?! Lightning just came out!?” (Rika)

Whoa, she seems a bit too surprised…

“It’s, it’s amazing, Sora-san! Why are you so calm? I’ve never done anything this amazing!” (Rika)

“U-Urh…” (Sora)

“You’ve been fighting with such incredible magic this whole time!?” (Rika)

“W-Well…” (Sora)

Ca-calm down…

“That was seriously amazing! Thank you, Sora-san!” (Rika)

“Well, if it’s something like this, it’s no big deal.” (Sora)


Something fell on my head.

“Huh? Oh, it’s a fish.” (Rika)

It seems that the Divine Thunder from earlier had caused some fish to fall from the sky.

“Wow! It’s fish! Today’s dinner!” (Sora)

Wait, didn’t Ao do something similar to this… Oh well!

Grilled fish is incredibly delicious…! That aroma when it’s cooking is irresistible!

I wonder if Sakuya will be happy too. Katsu-san is coming for the stream today, so let’s have him make something!

Rika mutters to herself from a slightly distant place.

“Sora-san, you were so cool, but you can suddenly become so cute… you’re amazing, after all.” (Rika)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I’m dropping this series. I think I reached my breaking point. I just can’t physically translate this anymore. I have absolutely no idea what the texts are saying and honestly, this is quite hard to edit to make sense.

You would also notice that Sora said he has no magic or something but it was brought up multiple times that Sora leaked some magic to his surroundings since he had too much and also the Zashiki Warashi mentioned that he had a ridiculous magic capacity. So I have no idea what’s up with that.

Now… It could have been that I translated it wrongly or it’s just inconsistencies in the story. Well, it’s probably the former. What I can tell you for sure is that I have no idea what is happening anymore. I’m just mad at myself for not understanding anything.

Anyways, sorry for ending this abruptly. FYI current raw stops at the next chapter.


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Strawberry Milkshake

Thank you for your services 😭7


that’s fine since while it a slight shame not too upset since there better novels being tl’d here and inconsistencies in story and issues with way it written are annoying for both you to TL and whatnot seems reasonable especially if raw’s stop here


Thanks for the work so far~~~
Since there’s only one more chapter in raw, can I take over??
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Oh no. I only just found out this sad news. Well, thanks for everything up till now, your other series are on the list of things I will get around to reading eventually. Need to catch up on them, I suppose.