ROS – Chapter 6 – [Kamisaki Sakuya side]

Kamisaki Sakuya is the daughter of a major corporation that successfully built a network within one of the country’s leading dungeons.

Born from a father who was hailed as a genius, she was raised from birth to become the next head of the family.

Wait, is this item really that rare!?

“Fufufu~ Hahaha!” (Sakuya)

I burst into laughter inside the car.

Sora is truly hilarious.

No matter how many times I watch this live stream, it’s just too funny. It’s truly a mystery why he wasn’t popular until now.

On the internet, this is known as the “Legendary Live Stream,” and now all the top ten trends are filled with topics about Sora. 

There is no one in Japan who has live-streamed special-grade curse items Normally, people would keep such items hidden or use them for their own benefit.

And to think that it is used as a dryer… *chuckle*.

No, it’s no good. I’m about to burst into laughter again.

“It’s quite rare to see Sakuya ojou-sama1 laughing so much.” (?)

“…Hmph.” (Sakuya)

When the driver called out to me, I put on my serious face.

I let my guard down, even though I shouldn’t have.

Whenever I see Sora’s face or watch his videos, this always happens.

“I’m not laughing.” (Sakuya)


“I’m not laughing.” (Sakuya)

By repeating it firmly multiple times, I convince him and others to accept it.

“Sakuya-sama… Please rely on me. If it’s for your sake, I’m willing to…” (Driver)

“I’m sure my father told you to say that. I don’t trust anyone, as I’ve said before.” (Sakuya)

That’s right.

I won’t forgive the father who caused suffering to my mother.

I selfishly expressed my desire to become a normal high school student and enrolled in the same school as Sora.

Even so, I ended up having massive fights with my father over that one matter, to the point where he wouldn’t even speak to me.

Go to a prestigious school for the wealthy.

Go to a high-ranking school with a high entrance exam score.

You are destined to become someone who will carry the weight of Japan’s future.

Are you planning to work for a third-rate company? Look at the poor. Doesn’t it seem like they’re struggling just to survive?

You are going to take over my company.

I have been raised with those words from my father.

Every time he said that, it made me feel uneasy.

“But, Sakuya-sama… If things continue as they are, the only option left might be to consider an arranged marriage…” (Driver)

“Arranged marriage…? What are you talking about?” (Sakuya)

“The president mentioned it. He said, ‘If things remain as they are, I would rather pass on the company to someone I choose, rather than Sakuya.’… There have been discussions behind the scenes. The potential partner is the heir of the Poover Corporation.”

Poover, the company that boasts a large number of popular dungeon streamers, is well-known in Japan. Almost everyone has heard of it.

If my father’s company, which controls the network within the dungeon, and Poover, which has numerous influential streamers, were to collaborate, it would be an unstoppable force.

What is this talk about…?

Are you saying I’ll be forced to marry a man I don’t know?

To use and discard my mother, and now even discard her own daughter…

Before sadness can take over, I am overwhelmed by a sense of disgust.

“Heh… Hahaha! Truly, what a despicable father…” (Sakuya)

I am not even allowed to choose something for myself.

I want to escape from this place.

The time I spend at school… talking with Sora… that’s when I feel the happiest.

I am not living just to endure these painful feelings.

In this world, there is no one whom I can truly trust.

The next day at school.

During lunch break, Sora was happily humming while munching on his sandwich.

Feeling nervous, Sakuya mustered the courage to approach him.

I have never been the one to initiate a conversation with him before… It feels embarrassing.

“…Sora. How much do you actually know about me?” (Sakuya)

“Huh? You are the person sitting behind me, you are wealthy and good with machines.” (Sora)

“…” (Sakuya)

Seriously, this guy.

I know that his perception is distorted, but I never thought he would be this unaware.

Well, better late than never.

Even though I am a beautiful girl, when I talk with Sora, I feel like a normal person.

Upon entering this high school, it became known that I am the daughter of a major corporation, and people distanced themselves from me. As a result, I became a solitary figure and earned nicknames like “Snow White” due to my white hair.

Well, I don’t have a cheerful personality, and I tend to speak my mind without hesitation.

『Do you really not understand even such a simple thing? Are you truly a modern person? Are you just stupid?』

『Well, I really don’t understand…』

『Seriously, it should be like this…』

Even when I mixed harsh words while explaining, Sora didn’t seem to care at all. Normally, if someone receives harsh words, they wouldn’t approach that person again, right?

And to make matters worse, he said this in the end.

『Thank you! That really helped! If I have any more questions, I’ll ask you again!』

『Don’t ever talk to me again.』

Despite that, Sora who sits in front of me continues to approach me without hesitation.

At first, I thought, “Is this person even listening?” But as I got used to it, I realized he was actually fun to be around.

His common sense is off, and his topics are outdated.

His not very knowledgeable about technology either, but he comes to me with any questions he has every time.

I am starting to find him a bit cute.

“Ah, Sakuya! Actually, I received something yesterday…” (Sora)

What Sora showed me was a proposal from a company.

“──Huh!?” (Sakuya)

A chilling sensation grips my heart.

Affiliation: Poover

A major company that boasts top-tier dungeon streamers, generating billions of yen in annual income.

They hold the record for the highest individual super chat amount and also rank first in total super chat amounts. If one were to debut as a newcomer from here, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that their value could reach hundreds of millions or even billions.

An offer from them is like an unattainable dream, no matter how desperately one wants to seize it.

It’s as difficult as picking up a small meteorite that has fallen in the desert.

“Poover…” (Sakuya)

“Do you know about it, Sakuya? It seems like they are requesting me to join or something~” (Sora)

(Why don’t you know anything?) 

I wanted to say that as a tsukkomi2 but I endure it.

“It’s a major company. If you join them, you would undoubtedly become a celebrity… earning hundreds of millions annually. And of course, the possibilities would expand beyond what you can do as an individual. You would have millions of followers, and the view count would skyrocket beyond comparison.” (Sakuya)

“I see~ So it’s more of a corporate thing, huh?” (Sora)

Sora doesn’t seem surprised and instead remains calm. Normally, people would be more excited or boastful about receiving such an offer.

“I can’t imagine what it will be like after joining, so I just can’t feel it, you know.” (Sora)

Ahh, right… that is just how Sora is. A bit dumb.

But I like that about him.

The heir of Poover is my arranged marriage partner.

…An arranged marriage, huh? In that case, it seems more enjoyable to marry someone like Sora.

I do find my time with Sora enjoyable.

If Sora joins Poover and I get married to that heir, our interaction will change.

This precious time we have now will be gone.

That’s… I don’t like that.

“….Sora, would you be in a relationship with me?” (Sakuya)

“Huh?” (Sora)

Sora tilts his head in confusion.



What am I saying!?

“N-No, don’t misunderstand! I-I didn’t mean it like that…! I meant, since I am making my own company, why don’t you join me instead!” (Sakuya)

Nononono! That’s not what I meant!

In my desperation to cover up the misunderstanding, I ended up inadvertently saying more strange things.

Why am I saying that I would start my own company!?

I don’t have the audacity or confidence for such a thing.

“Something like what Poover does, right?” (Sora)

“Y-Yes…!” (Sakuya)

I-I can’t turn back anymore! I have come this far, and there is no turning back…!! The other party is currently causing a huge buzz online and becoming extremely popular.


I can already see it happening.

I heard that Sora’s goal is to spread the name of the Onmyoji. If that’s the case, joining Poover would instantly change that.

Yesterday, I watched Sora’s livestream. It was undeniably genuine.

Sora is the real deal.

Poover and myself.

There’s no need to compare.

Even a newborn baby would understand the answer.

In this world, there is nobody you can trust────.

“Sure.” (Sora)

“Huh…” (Sakuya)

“It’s fine if it’s you, Kamisaki.” (Sora)

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes in surprise.

“You…” (Sakuya)

“If I am aiming to become famous, it would be better to go with Kamisaki.” (Sora)

After saying that, Sora fiddled with his smartphone.

With a series of quick taps, he showed me his phone.

“Yes! I sent the rejection email!” (Sora)

“Y-You… Can you decide so quickly!?” (Sakuya)

You could have at least taken some more time to think!?

No, it’s strange for you to choose me in the first place!

Between a corporation and me as an individual…

“I know it’s strange for me to say this as the one who made the suggestion, but by joining Poover, you can quickly spread the name of the onmyoji! Even your name, Sora, could reach not just nationwide, but potentially worldwide!” (Sakuya)

As I criticized him, Sora furrowed their brow in response.

“But I believe in Kamisaki more than Poover. If it were not for Kamizaki teaching me various things about streaming, I would not have become this popular in the first place.” (Sora)

Sora laughs lightly.

“That’s why I would rather choose Kamisaki.” (Sora)

His words echoed in my mind.

『I don’t trust anyone. There are no exceptions.』

Sora trusted me.


“I’m going to make a phone call.” (Sakuya)

“To whom?” (Sora)

“Just listen.” (Sakuya)

Using my phone, I called “Shitty Father”.

After a few rings, the person picked up.

Sakuya. What is it? I’m busy right now.” (Sakuya’s Shitty Father)

“I won’t marry Poover’s heir.” (Sakuya)

…You don’t have the right to refuse. If you don’t want to inherit, then become a valuable asset to the company.” (Sakuya’s Shitty Father)

“I refuse that as well.” (Sakuya)

Enough of this… Repay the debt of raising a foolish daughter like you until this point.” (Sakuya’s Shitty Father)

Ah, it’s always like this.

I don’t want to fight, but my father never tries to listen to me.

“…I will build my own company.” (Sakuya)

Wha…?” (Sakuya’s Shitty Father)

“Sora and I will create a company together…! We will surpass you there!” (Sakuya)

You foolish girl…! How much effort I have poured into building the company until now…” (Sakuya’s Shitty Father)


“Um, who was that just now?” (Sora)

“It was my father. Don’t worry, I’ve made up my mind.” (Sakuya)

You feel refreshed and relieved.

This is all thanks to Sora.

“I will be in charge of the streaming camera for a while. From here on, I will make your popularity increase by more than double.” (Sakuya)

Sora, you’re an amazing person!

You’re more incredible than any other streamer or anyone else.

I will prove it.

I will spread Sora’s name to the top of this world.

That’s my goal!

Ah… I guess I truly enjoy spending time with you.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel this genuinely happy.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Yes you are not mistaken, Sora went from calling her Kamisaki to Sakuya out of nowhere and then back to Kamisaki. Ok so I’m not a streamer or anything, but I don’t think they earn hundreds of millions a year? Either I’m wrong or their world’s sense of value for money is whack.

LOL how did this girl accidentally say that she is making her own company when that is not even on her mind. She really doesn’t have a plan now does she? Well, I’m sure Sora has some MakeMyOwnCompany-inator somewhere among his cursed item collection.

Edit: Nvm its suppose to be hundreds of millions of yen. I forgot about the currency in Japan lol


  1. Basically a rich young lady
  2. Tsukkomi is like urhhh, something like pointing out something ridiculous? I have no idea how to explain so if you know then you know.
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They mean hundreds of millions of yen, which is not unreasonable


Pfff, completely forgot to account for currency exchange

Strawberry Milkshake

The ship is strong!
And wow that was sweet.
They are starting from zero together which is cool rather than joining the already famous company.
Knowing how abnormal yet legendary Sora’s earlier streams was, their starting company might speedrun the popularity in a short time.
Heck theres possibility Ookami Rika joins them instead, I got the feeling of it 😀


“…Sora. How much do you actually know about me?” (Sakuya)
“Huh? The person sitting behind me, right? And that you’re wealthy and good with machines.” (Sora)
“…” (Sakuya)
Seriously, this person.
“…Sora. How much do you actually know about me?” (Sakuya)
“Huh? You are the person sitting behind me, you are wealthy and good with machines.” (Sora)
“…” (Sakuya)
Seriously, this guy.
You repeat that part ^^^^


Oops, I left in the unedited version, I’ll fix that ltr


she’s kinda based honestly


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