ROS – Chapter 5 – The Legendary Stream

On Twitter, my account called “Tsuputchi”, received a distinctive notification sound of *Kyoe!*.

When I tweeted, “I’m going to start a live stream,” a large number of notifications came pouring in.

“…It’s really noisy.” (Sora)

This is the first time something like this has happened.

Until now, my phone has never vibrated like this before, and the notifications were rare.

When it comes to notifications that I usually received, it’s usually messages from my parents or sales notifications. But now, with just a single tweet, I’m getting thousands of likes.

The modern world is incredible…

“Um, hello…” (Sora)

Has the live stream started?

Where are you?

What are you going to do today?

Thank you for saving Rika.

Comments are flowing in rapidly, and it’s getting chaotic.

The notification for comments doesn’t seem to stop.

*Poro, poro, poro, poro, poro, poro*

“Whoa, Waehh?!” (Sora)

He is so confused HAHAHA

Confused lol

You’re not making sense lol

Is that your native language?

The number of viewers keeps increasing rapidly.

Within a few seconds of starting, there are already 100 people… At that point, I have already surpassed my previous records by a huge margin…

4,000… 8,000… 10,000… The number of viewers continues to increase rapidly.

Within just 10 minutes of starting, the concurrent viewership has already exceeded 30,000.

“Th-Thirty thousand people…?! Th-Thank you so much!” (Sora)

So polite.


Seems like a good person.

Woww~! I tightly grip my phone with both hands.

Even though it’s a casual live stream, I’m not good at creating excitement.


[The number of viewers has exceeded 50,000.]

Congratulations on 50,000 people lol!

Wow, this is incredibleeeee!

Even considering how viral the clip went, this is no joke.

My eyes move rapidly up and down as I try to keep up with the fast-flowing comments.

Hmmm… This could be a good exercise for improving my visual perception. Very nice.

My eyes are delighted.

HAHAHA, your eyes are moving incredibly fast!

Are you actually trying to read all of them…?

“Yes! I’m reading all of them~” (Sora)

No way! You’re reading this massive amount in an instant!?

That’s insane, I can’t believe it!

You must be joking, right? LOL.

A joke they say? In that case, let’s present the evidence..

This person’s name is… ASS2-san.

“It’s not a joke. ASS2-san actually commented earlier, saying ‘What did you eat today?'”



You can read at this speed?

And you even remember their name…

Within a few more seconds, the viewers who confirmed it starts getting excited.

It’s real…

This is incredible…

“Since you all came here, the least I can do is to read the comments, right?” (Sora)

While reading the comments, I start preparing for what I plan to do today. The people who came here were likely just curious or from the buzz regarding Ookami Rika.

Tomorrow’s livestream will likely have fewer viewers, and it won’t be as lively as today.

In order to organize the information, I mentioned doing a casual livestream… But in addition to the dungeon, I need to provide other interesting elements to keep people engaged.

Ookami Rika: Thank you for the other day.

“Hmm?” (Sora)

Ookami Rika has arrived!!!!

The real deal has appeared!!!!

It’s the real deal! I clicked on the profile and it said 5 million subscribers!

This is going to be an epic stream for sure!

Ookami Rika: I’m sorry for not properly expressing my gratitude even though you helped me.

“Oh, no, no! Please don’t worry about it…” (Sora)

Rika-chan, you haven’t streamed since then. Are you okay?

You have already thanked him, so isn’t it fine now? I’m more concerned about Rika’s well-being.

LOL unicorns are suddenly appearing.

Now it’s time for the two of them.

“Well… since Ookami-san’s legs were injuries, let’s wait until she recovers.” (Sora)

Since I haven’t met her in person since then, I can’t confirm the mental damage she received.

This is the extent of support I can provide.

And just like that, comments like these start increasing rapidly.

What’s the relationship between the two of you?

“Um… I haven’t met Ookami-san in person since then. I don’t have her contact information either.” (Sora)

I genuinely don’t even know her contact information, so please give me a break. Sometimes these comments scare me.

Ookami-san seems to have a mature side and has kept a certain distance from me.

The fact that she has not interacted with me through personal DMs or Twitter is actually quite helpful. It avoids unnecessary rumors and speculation.

And just receiving their gratitude publicly like this is more than enough for me.

Rika-chan is from Poover, so she can’t make personal statements.

Oh, I see.

That makes sense.

“Poover…?” (Sora)

I think I heard of that, but I don’t know the details. It’s something like [Ookami Rika: Affiliated with Poover]. I never bothered to research it because I thought it didn’t concern me.

Ookami Rika: I will definitely, definitely repay this debt! In a proper public setting!

“Please don’t worry too much about it…” (Sora)

This person is so humble.

He knows how to not trigger Ookami Rika’s fans.

Thanks (suggestive meaning).

Thinking that the stream might end with this topic, I take something out of my pocket.

It’s already been over 30 minutes, and the concurrent viewership is increasing, but I’m still not confident with casual conversations.

“Um, well… Today, since I am not good at casual chats, I will show you something interesting instead.” (Sora)

Something interesting…?

Is it a personal anecdote2? Maybe a joke about onmyoji?

Could it be about cooking?

Could it be an announcement about an affiliation or showing us an email?

“Hahaha, it’s something simple, you know.” (Sora)

Oh, everyone is guessing. It’s fun to see everyone’s anticipation.

What is it?

“It’s just a dryer.” (Sora)

Introducing a dryer during a live stream with hundreds of thousands of viewers LOL.

What? Just a normal dryer?


Surprisingly ordinary.

A normal topic.

I was actually looking for one, so I’m interested.

“Here it is, the dryer I use at home.” (Sora)

I take out a certain cursed item from my pocket.

“It’s a special-grade cursed item, you see~” (Sora)





The comments suddenly fall silent.

Hmm, did something break?

I shake my phone, but there is no response.

“Huh? Why isn’t it responding…? Could it be a network issue?” (Sora)

I furrow my brows and tilt my head, contemplating the situation.

“Hmm, hmm…?” (Sora)

Then, a single comment comes in.

What’s going on…?

“It’s a special-grade cursed item.”

I show it again, and this time comments start flowing in.


!? !? !?


What’s going on? Eh?

I don’t understand… I really don’t understand.

I don’t think I have done anything particularly special… In general, items obtained from the dungeon can be taken out.

Of course, you need a permit to enter the dungeon in the first place to be able to bring items out. Well, the dungeon I frequently explore does not have such strict restrictions, so inspections are not conducted when bringing items out.

Ookami Rika: Aren’t there only dozens of special-grade cursed items in the world!? That is amazing!

“Eh? What does that mean?” (Sora)

Is it really that rare?

When I looked it up, it only said “特級呪物” (Special Grade Curse Item), so I did not pay much attention to it.

I had heard it was rare, but…

Is that the curse item from the Shakuji Garden?

Is it the one that’s said to emit scorching winds? I heard that with the right usage, it can wipe out an entire mid-level with just that.

It’s super rare, lol.

“I have been using this cursed item as a drying machine… Look, when you press here, it emits hot air *whoosh*. It’s convenient, so I was planning to introduce it, but…” (Sora)

A drying machine…? A drying machine, you say…

What the…!?

This guy is insane!

He is crazy!

Drying machine!? A special-grade cursed item?!

You could make hundreds of millions just with that alone…

“Wait, is this item really that rare!?” (Sora)

No way! I had no idea!

Back in the Heian period, we had plenty of items like this lying around…

The thought of holding an item worth billions in the palm of your hand makes me shiver.

Whoaaa… Seriously… But it feels like just a dryer.

HAHA he is so naturally clueless, this onmyoji.

Is he really from the modern era? Maybe he is from the Heian period instead?

He has a head full of Heian period.

Cute, I like it lol.

My mind is short-circuiting, so I’m trying to calm down… but I can’t quite manage it.

“Just a moment, I will have to deal with this later… The shock is just too massive. Also, the stream has been going on for almost an hour, so I will wrap it up here for today, okay?” (Sora)


This is too funny!

That’s to be expected.

Crazy lol.

That day, just as I was about to end the stream, I witnessed it.

[Current number of viewers: 1 million]

“Hiyaaa” (Sora)

And with that pitiful sound, the stream came to an end.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

As expected of Sora, he can use an item worth millions of dollar as a drying machine. Truly a king.

I know the title of this novel says special class curse item, but now that I think about it, special-grade curse item probably sounds better. Also, I know that I change from dryer to drying machine halfway through, but drying machine just sounds funnier than dryer for the latter half.

There was suppose to be a LSP chapter today, but this chapter was a bit long (definitely not because I was distracted watching Gawr Gura).


  1. I am doubting whether Tsuputchi is the account name or the app name right now. The raw never actually said Twitter, it just said blue bird app, but I translated it as Twitter cause that is obviously what it is referring to. Raw is ” 青鳥アプリ……つぷっちーと呼ばれるそれは、通知音が『キョエー!』と特徴的なものだった。”
  2. Anecdote = a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.
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