ROS – Chapter 4 – The Mysterious Buzz

It has been one year since I attended high school, but I have never received this much attention before.

I internally joked, “Is this my popularity phase…?” However, the gazes were somewhat different and scary.

*Sigh* Today is the worst, my smartphone broke earlier too.

“What? Your phone broke?” (?)

“Yeah. Look, the notifications won’t stop.” (Sora)

“…Seriously, this guy.” (?)

I handed my phone to Kamisaki, who was sitting behind me.

Since last night, it has been making a constant annoying buzzing sound, and it’s been really bothering me.

I was afraid that some strange virus had infected it, so I covered myself with the blanket and trembled in fear. Only after I did that, I was able to sleep well.

“I’m scared that it might break if I touch it carelessly.” (Sora)

But I can’t live stream with it like this, and I can’t even open Twitter.

That is why I decided to consult Kamisaki-san, who sits behind me. She is a daughter of an IT company, so she should be good at fixing machines.

She has a clear face, with silver hair and eyes that catch your attention when you look at her.

“I thought Kamisaki might know about it. Being from an IT company, you should be able to handle machine repairs, right?” (Sora)

“Don’t assume I can do everything just because I’m the daughter of an IT company… But well, I guess I am a modern kid, Sora.” (Kamisaki)

I may have some modern knowledge, but I am still stuck in the Heian period. I do still experience culture shock.

“Did you really not check the internet for what happened? Not even once?” (Kamisaki)

“Yeah.” (Sora)

I wonder if something happened recently on the internet.

Kamisaki, with skilled hands, operates my phone and shows me the Twitter screen.

“This is the cause of the annoying notifications.” (Kamisaki)

“Oh, thank… *gasp* *cough* *cough*!?” (Sora)

I scream alone in the classroom.

Seeing my reaction, Kamisaki smirks and laughs.

On the phone screen, the words “Followers: 500,000” were clearly written, indicating Tsuputchi1 had reached half a million followers.

The notifications have also stopped at 9999+.

W-What’s going on!?

“And it’s trending at number one too.” (Kamisaki)

“Why!?” (Sora)

“You really didn’t know, Sora… That’s impressive in its own way.” (Kamisaki)

Trending at number one… And second place is Ookami Rika.

“A famous influencer compiled an article about it. That further drew attention to you..” (Kamisaki)

The article said something like this:

Renowned streamer Ookami Rika attempts to venture into the lower-level of a dungeon but encounters an unexpected irregularity.

By chance, an unknown streamer passing by comes to her rescue. The stream unexpectedly goes viral, reaching the top spot on the trending list.

Unknown Streamer:

Ueno Sora, self-proclaimed Onmyoji.

“He even revealed my full name…” (Sora)

“By the way, they also mentioned our high school.” (Kamisaki)

“No way! Isn’t that going too far!?” (Sora)

Finding my reaction amusing, Kamisaki keeps pulling out more and more outrageous information.

Some of the details include various reactions and even mentions from other famous dungeon streamers…

It took me some time to fully understand what was happening and what it all meant.

“But Ookami Rika, the most important person in all this, has been silent. She has neither tweeted anything nor started streaming.” (Kamisaki)

Ah, that’s the girl I helped…

“She went through such an ordeal yesterday. It’s only natural, I think.” (Kamisaki)

Perhaps that incident could be the trigger for her to quit being a dungeon streamer.

When you face death up close, if your spirit breaks even once, you may never be able to delve again.

The same applies to onmyoji. Those whose spirits were broken in battles against yokai and evil spirits gradually left the profession.

I cross my arms, contemplating the situation.

I do think it would be better to stream and provide an update on the current situation.

In that case, it would probably be something like a casual chat stream from home.

If it’s just casual chat, wouldn’t it become boring…? It’s probably going to be dull.

“Although you mentioned changing the direction, I think you’re fine the way you are. You have an entertaining natural charm.” (Kamisaki)

“…Natural charm, huh.” (Sora)

I don’t have much confidence that exposing my true self will be well-received or accepted.

Even among the people at this school, there have been numerous instances where showing my true self has caused them to recoil2.

However, Kamisaki, who sits behind me, always seems to find it amusing for some reason…

Hmm, let’s trust Kamisaki and give it a try.

“Alright. Thank you, Kamisaki.” (Sora)

Even if the number of viewers doesn’t increase, I won’t change the direction.

It’s amazing that it went viral… but it feels somewhat scary. 

It doesn’t seem real.

“Don’t worry about it. Do your best, the last onmyoji of the modern era.” (Kamisaki)

Alright, I’ll give it my all! Go me!

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I am more surprised that no one approached him asking about the stream lol. It even looks like they recognize him as the rumored person. I mean, if they even find out which school he is from, then media press would be approaching him right? Idk maybe I’m just reading too much novel stuff and the press is calmer than interpreted.

In other news, I just started watching Vtubers and I made the mistake of watching Gawr Gura, and now I can’t stop watching her. I am so late to the party lol.


  1. This is probably his twitter account name
  2. No, it’s not the weapon recoil. Recoil = suddenly spring or flinch back in fear, horror, or disgust.
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Welcome to the rabbit hole. Just wait till tl-san finds the unhinged madness of phase connect.

Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

Welcome to the Hololive rabbit hole!
Please keep on exploring it lol XD
Anyway, thanks for the chapter there!


Thanks for the chapter! I don’t think you need to provide definitions of words, especially ones as simple as “recoil,” I think that’s just unnecessary extra work for you.


Tbh, it’s because I don’t know the definition myself, so I assume there are readers who don’t either. After all, I do have some readers from countries where English isn’t the main language.


Oh okay that makes sense

Strawberry Milkshake

Welcome to the rabbit hole of madness~

Also the fact he reached 500k followers in no time is scary


Thanks for the translation~~
“I wonder if something happened on the internet?” (Kamisaki)
That part should be Sora’s monologue right?? There’s no bracket in that part in the raw.


Ahh oops, yeh this is not suppose to be a dialogue. I will fix that and the previous line to make more sense. Thanks!


Thanks for the chapter!

And about you starting to watch vtubers, it’s still not too late, get out of the rabbit hole while you can! Otherwise you will find that not even 24 hours a day are enough to watch the streams of all the vtubers you like