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【Discussion Thread Vol. 503: Dungeon Livestream, Hyenas, and Streaming Accidents】

463. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
What’s happening in Ookami Rika’s live stream?

464. Anonymous@Underage users, go home

Did she encounter an irregularity in the lower levels?

465. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Didn’t Sakaki also encounter an irregular recently?

466. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
No, it was on a different lower level, and it happened quite a long time ago already.

467. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
What happened to Ookami?

468. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Watch the live stream. 

It was the number 1 trending stream, and everybody was making a fuss. Don’t you know about it?

Here it is.

[Attached URL]

469. Anonymous@Underage users, go home

What was that?!

470. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
I don’t understand what happened, lol.

471. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
One punch…? You’re kidding, right??

472. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Too strong, lol.

473. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
So fast.

474. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
This clip is amazing.

475. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
CG? Special effects?

476. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
It’s real, man.

477. Anonymous@Underage users, go home

That’s amazing.

478. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
When this clip was posted, there was a sudden surge in comments, lol.

479. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
This terrifies me. I have explored dungeons before, but I have never seen anything like this.

480. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Rather than talking about irregularities, the focus has shifted to the guy who was in the clip.

481. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
It’s no wonder. Nobody has ever seen anything like this before.

482. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Just got here.

Demon got one-punched!?

483. Anonymous@Underage users, go home

What is this?

484. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
It’s funny how easily it was defeated.

485. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Wasn’t the Shadow Demon classified as a calamity?

There are only a limited number of people in Japan who could defeat it…

486. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
It’s officially classified as a calamity by the government.

I occasionally explore dungeons too, but this guy is dangerous.

487. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
We need to identify him.

488. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Someone should start a new thread.

489. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
You should start it.

490. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Hey, don’t fight. Here you go.

Thread: [About the Man Who Saved Ookami Rika]

[Attached URL]

491. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Well done.

492. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Thank you.

493. Anonymous@Underage users, go home
Hey, the last comment was two hours ago…? Did everyone move to that other thread?

Thread: [About the Man Who Saved Ookami Rika]

1. Anonymous God
So, who is he?

2. Anonymous God
There were some speculations on Twitter. 

Is it this person?

[Attached URL to【Onmyoji’s Dungeon Livestream】]

3. Anonymous God
What the hell is an Onmyoji? 

He sounds like a fraud.

4. Anonymous God
But he did defeat a demon during Rika’s live stream. 

That was real.

5. Anonymous God
Regular reminder that there are some people who can’t tell when a lie is a lie.

6. Anonymous God
Do Onmyojis actually go around calling themselves that?

7. Anonymous God
He is a streamer named Sora, a high school student who does dungeon live streams.

It seems like he streams from the upper, middle, and lower levels. He can even go to the deep levels.

In the stream before helping Rika, he defeated 3 Ogres.

Here is the clip from that time… 

[Attached URL]

8. Anonymous God
3 Ogres!?

That is a situation where you normally need a party of 5 to defeat them, right!?

9. Anonymous God

10. Anonymous God
That clip is insane.

11. Anonymous God
This guy also one-shotted it, lol.

12. Anonymous God
For the first time, I feel sorry for the Ogres.

13. Anonymous God
Even the current top rankers would find this challenging, right?

14. Anonymous God
I watched his other livestream videos too, and they are all like this.

15. Anonymous God
I don’t understand…

16. Anonymous God
Is this person really just a high school student?

17. Anonymous God
He is just too strong, lololol.

18. Anonymous God
I had the same thought during Rika’s live stream. He is so fast that it’s hard to realize what happened through the screen.

19. Anonymous God
This thread seems interesting.

20. Anonymous God
It’s hilarious that people are saying “Nice CGI LOL”.

21. Anonymous God
He seems like a good guy too.

22. Anonymous God
He helped our beloved Rika-san1, after all.

23. Anonymous God
What’s happening in Ookami Rika’s thread?

24. Anonymous God
It’s a bit chaotic.

They started praising the Onmyoji who helped and then the Unicorns2 started going against the flow, saying things like, “I could win against them with that level of skill,” and it’s turning into a mess.

25. Anonymous God

They are probably also going to claim that they can clear the deep levels alone.

26. Anonymous God
They sound like suspicious people.

27. Anonymous God
Let’s go! Onmyoji!

Evil spirits be gone… Evil spirits be gone…

28. Anonymous God
Stop it, lololol.

29. Anonymous God

30. Anonymous God
I have actually talked to this person called Sora who claims to be a high school student, and he mentioned being able to dive into the lower levels, so I think it’s true.

I’m a huge fan of Rika, so I am genuinely grateful for his help.

I didn’t believe him at all and had a mocking attitude. I plan to apologize later.

I will support him normally.

31. Anonymous God
I’m also a bit intrigued by this person. He is being called a fake fortune-teller, but his predictions seemed convincing and accurate.

32. Anonymous God
Isn’t it just a coincidence lol.

Seems like everyone in this thread is inclined to believe in lucky charms and such.3

33. Anonymous God
Considering there are people who can use magic, it’s not surprising to have someone claiming to be an onmyoji.

34. Anonymous God
He may be called a fake, but the fact remains that he helped Rika and defeated the demon. That should be acknowledged.

35. Anonymous God
Nobody here is denying that part.

36. Anonymous God
An onmyoji, huh… Looking forward to his next stream.

37. Anonymous God
Well, that pretty much sums it up.

38. Anonymous God
Are you guys going to watch the next stream?

39. Anonymous God
I watched some of this person’s past streams.

You know… all of his topics are from the Heian period.

What’s going on?

The content is about characters from classical literature and stuff.

40. Anonymous God
Maybe his head is stuck in the Heian period or something.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

This was a headache to translate. I’m sure I lost some japanese slangs in translation but it’s difficult to research about those.

Also weird thing I noticed is that on kakuyomu, this novel jumped from 1000~ish ratings to 2000~isn ratings in like 2 days.


  1. Raw is “マンさん” which translates to man-san, but I have no idea what it means, maybe another japanese otaku culture thing I don’t understand. So I just put Rika-san for now.
  2. In otaku culture a unicorn is a fan who believes their oshi/streamer is a pure and innocent girl who will never marry or date.
  3. I’m sorry but no32 is one big question mark to translate. He replied to no30 but since what he says doesn’t match the reply, so I assume it’s a type and changed it to no31. This sentence makes no sense to me so here is the raw for those who know “幸運の壺とか買いそうな奴ばっかだな、このスレ”.
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Strawberry Milkshake

Finally a new chapter! Thanks!!

And ok seems people who started to believe him, thats good to know.


Surely people who see all that countless footage wouldn’t think he CGI’d all of it right? I think everyone should believe he is the real deal if this novel is logical. My thinking would be, with the amount of footage there is, there would be evidence he is faking it if he was, and if no one has disproved him then he must be real.


More like he was absurdly strong they couldn’t believe to be true.
It’s like watching a FPS game stream but the streamer comes with a Fat Man blasting everyone.


Thanks for the new chapter!


nice new chapter and I really hope it won’t become weird like that other novel … I like the concept of fantasy in a modern world


God i love this “Darkness was comfortable for me” vibes…