ROS – Chapter 2 – Popular Streamer

Inside the dungeon, I think while doing a live stream.

The number of viewers is still sparse, fluctuating between 1 and 2 viewers. They commented to say hello but ignored my questions.

Hmm… I definitely need to make some improvements soon.

I am currently focusing on fighting monsters solo in a straightforward manner. Since I am not good at small talk, I try to cover it up with some quick-paced action.

I wonder what is wrong with a smooth-sailing and exhilarating walkthrough stream…

In order to gain popularity, it is common for streamers to make changes from time to time.

Recently, there have been cases where solo streamers formed parties and streamed together with others. As a result, their view counts have more than doubled, so the impact has been significant.

*finger snapping*

“That’s right! If I formed a party too…!” (Sora)

However, I don’t have any friends.

“…Yeah that’s impossible” (Sora)

Sigh… I am a high school student, but I am mostly a loner.

I don’t have a problem talking to people casually, but it’s difficult for me to become close friends with someone.

Our common interests or gaming discussions just don’t seem to align properly.

Since I could not make any friends, there was even a time when I talked to my teacher about it.

Sensei1, I can’t make any friends…” (Sora)

You see Sora… It’s because you’re old-fashioned. Nobody knows about trends from the Heian period and stuff like that. It does not help that saying you want to play ‘kemari’2 or ‘Catch’ is something elementary school kids do.” (Teacher)

…You’re kidding, right?” (Sora)

I experienced a culture shock. Back then, it was surprisingly fun to see adults wholeheartedly playing tag.

No matter how much knowledge I have about the present world, my sensibilities remain old-fashioned.

Even though I don’t know how to use it, I was also amazed by the invention of the smartphone when I first saw it.

It took me a whole month to sort out the memories of Sora and my memories from the Heian period, as they mixed together.

“Well, when it comes to making changes…” (Sora)

Should I go for a lively and energetic style?

Or perhaps a cool and composed style?

There are also dungeon streamers who specialize in creating nuisance or high-pressure situations, as well as those who capture footage of people caught in irregular circumstances as if they were hyena-style streamers.

Come to think of it, I saw something like that on today’s trending page.

【Streaming Accident】Famous Streamer Dies in Dungeon Accident LOL

…Impossible. All of them seem likely to attract hate.

“Well, I guess the only thing I have is Onmyoji stories. Alright, let’s give it a shot!” (Sora)

I swiftly defeat the mid-level monsters.

*Poron~~* A notification sound rings out.

I didn’t like feeling down when there were no comments after checking the comment section every time, so I set up a notification sound whenever there were comments.

Good evening. Are you an Onmyoji?

“Oh! G-Good evening…! Yes, that’s right! I’m an Onmyoji!” (Sora)

If I say I am from the Heian period, nobody will believe me, so I stayed silent about that part.

Another comment popped up.

Could you show me some evidence, please?

Evidence… Hmm, evidence.

Considering what happened yesterday, I know that even if I were to demonstrate my fighting skills, it’s unlikely that they would believe me.

I would prefer not to get accused of using CGI like last time.

I understand that you’re commenting out of amusement, but I saw it as an opportunity to dispel the accusation of lying from yesterday.

“In that case, shall I do something like fortune-telling?” (Sora)

I utilize a skill called divination.

I concentrate the magical energy within me into my fingertips and draw a diagram on the floor of the dungeon.

“What would you like me to tell you?” (Sora)

Sure, please tell me my fortune.

“Well, to do that, I would need to know your face and date of birth…” (Sora)

Oh, the comments have stopped.

Hmm, revealing personal information wouldn’t be appropriate, and I don’t want you to leave because of that.

“I-I understand…! Then, I’ll predict the next monster I encounter. Please watch closely.” (Sora)


I can sense characters floating into my mind.

“Ten minutes from now, in the deeper levels, there will be a group of three Ogres… I believe.” (Sora)

This skill does not allow me to see the future. It’s just a divination.

By narrowing down the conditions considerably, I can derive an accurate outcome.

Ten minutes later, I actually encountered a group of three ogres, just as predicted.

“I’ll defeat them!” (Sora)

I concentrate power into my fingertips and swiftly decapitate them with threads of water. Reflecting on the seamless execution, I take a moment to catch my breath.

Comments start flowing in one after another.

I wonder if they’re praising me…! I checked the screen with excitement.

CGI, perhaps?

He just got lucky.


Defeating three ogres in one hit seems too good to be true.


Why?! I did the divination properly and even provided proof right in front of you! Why doesn’t anyone believe me?!

“It’s true, I swear! It’s not CGI, and I clearly showed it on the screen, didn’t I?” (Sora)

Desperate LOL

With that comment, the number of participants gradually decreases.

“Ah, wait!” (Sora)

4, 3… 1.


“…It’s over.” (Sora)

It seems that I lack the talent after all.

I mean, I don’t have the ability to engage in casual conversation.

My topics are limited to the Heian period. Is there even anything else I know? 

Kemari is a great game, and running can be fun too.

“Forget it…” (Sora)

Reclaiming the title of an Onmyoji seems impossible after all.

I can’t be popular, and I’ll be a virgin for life. And that’s fine with me.


I disconnect the live stream.

Today’s stream is over.

As I ponder about what to do tomorrow, I continue to descend into the lower levels. To vent this frustration, the only option is to defeat monsters.

“I have some spare mana today…” (Sora)

Come to think of it, Officer Watanabe-san mentioned yesterday that there might be irregularities in the lower levels. Well, it’s not that common for irregularities to occur. I have not even encountered one so far.

As I step into the lower levels, I distinctly heard something.

“Kyyahhhh!” (?)

“Hmm?” (Sora)

Whose scream was that?

Stream title:【Ookami Rika is here! First lower level dungeon stream!】

Isn’t this quite bad?

Rika-chan! Run away!!

That’s an irregularity!

Ah, this is the first time I’ve seen such an irregularity.

Ookami Rika was screaming.

“Kyyahhhh!” (Rika)

In the depths of the dungeon, an irregularity had occurred.

Why are the deep-level monsters here in the lower levels!?


Ima Kita Sangyo~3. Woah, things look exciting.

By the way, that scream was cute. It was kind of erotic.

This is no time for joking around! Someone, go help!!

As if we can handle the Shadow Demons from the deep-levels, they’re the strongest ones around!

The chat window is flowing at a high speed.

Shadow Demons.

The monsters from the deep levels were in front of Rika.

Conquering the deep levels was impossible for Ookami Rika, a high school student. Even in the lower levels, she had intended to casually livestream the first encounter and call it a day.

Run away!!

The comment section fills up all at once.

“Ugaaaahh!!” (Shadow Demon)

As the Shadow Demon swings its hand, Rika tightly closes her eyes.

Swift footsteps echoed.

“Take this!” (Sora)

Sprays of blood fill the air.

It was a basic spell attack.

The mana stored in his fingertips was formed into a shape and severs the target. Sora used the technique he often uses in his battle with goblins and ogres.

“Huh…?” (Sora)

Rika timidly opens her eyes and finds that the arm and neck of the Shadow Demon that had been approaching her had been severed.

“Are you alright?” (Sora)

“What on earth…?” (Rika)

The Shadow Demon crumbles, leaving Rika surprised.

I check to make sure she was not injured and extend my hand.

“I rushed out to help you but… Was it unnecessary?” (Sora)

“N-No…! Thank you very much! I’m grateful for your help…!” (Rika)

I breathe a sigh of relief. It is strictly forbidden to steal someone else’s prey within the dungeon.

If I had hesitated any longer to intervene, then this girl… this girl… isn’t this Ookami Rika?!

“Could it be… Ookami Rika!?” (Sora)

“Oh, are you a fan? Yeah, I’m Ookami Rika.” (Rika)

HIYAAAA! I feel like screaming in excitement.

Isn’t she a super popular dungeon streamer?!

“Ouch…” (Rika)

As Rika tries to stand up, she stumbles and falls on her butt. It seems like she twisted her ankle, making it difficult for her to walk on her own.

“Let me lend you my shoulder.” (Sora)

“T-Thank you…” (Rika)

Without much conversation, I safely escort Rika to the exit.

I was too nervous and couldn’t talk much… It seems like being a timid person doesn’t change even after reincarnation.

Well, it’s not like helping a popular streamer will change anything. In the end, the number of viewers at zero won’t change either.

However, at that time, Sora didn’t know.

Due to the encounter with the irregularities and the uproar on forums and the internet… Ookami Rika’s stream had surpassed 1 million concurrent viewers at that time.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

1 MILLION concurrent viewers?!! Isn’t that like top 10 on Twitch? It’s probably a global audience too. Ohhh Sora, you will never be more wrong than this in your life. Good luck, new King.

I made a HUGE translation error in the previous chapter. The “Nice try LOL” was actually supposed to be “Nice CGI LOL” and the police officer name is supposed to be Watanabe and she is a female I think. I only realized it after translating this chapter.

I also want to say that the writer reallyy likes to type things one sentence at a time, so it might be a bit hard to read. I will try to combine sentences where relevant.

Btw I could have substituted the actual meaning of “Ima kita Sangyo” instead of the raw but I thought you guys might enjoy learning funny japanese terms lol.

LSP chapter tmr, and if I have time, maybe there will be ROS one too. It depends on how fast I finish my final assignment submission for the week xd


  1. Teacher
  2. Kemari is a traditional Japanese ball game which was popular during the Heian period. The objective of the game is to keep the ball in the air and prevent it from touching the ground using various parts of the body, except for the hands. The players form a circle and pass the ball to each other using precise, elegant movements.
  3. Japanese slang which means something like “I just got here, please tell me what is happening in a few lines.”
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Strawberry Milkshake

This is daily right?
I’m hooked! Cant wait for the next chapter.

And i cant wait to see those who still think his power was CGI.
Like wtf how was that even works during dungeon livestream ?!


I plan to make this daily or at least try to. Maybe there is a better word to use other than CGI, but the concept is that they think he is using some computer generated shenanigans.

Strawberry Milkshake

they sure have unusual logic lmao


Well I mean, if I saw some sort of magic fight during a live stream, I’m not gonna believe it either. Maybe they thought he was using a green screen or something. Or at least that is what I would think.

Strawberry Milkshake

Oh wait so magic still a rarity on their story yet? ok now thats interesting and make sense


Ah actually I never read ahead so I’m not sure if magic is commonplace. Now that I think about it, there was mention of the special grade curse in the title. So maybe it does exist. Hmm guess we will find out soon.