ROS – Chapter 1 – Onmyoji

“I have zero viewers… Strange… This is definitely strange!” (Sora)

Inside the dungeon, Ueno Sora was clutching his head.

He was streaming using a highly popular streaming app which was said to have a lot of users.

Thinking it might be some kind of mistake, Sora checked the live streaming screen, but there were the words saying “Currently Live”.

This means that no one is watching the stream. Just a few minutes ago, the viewer count was increasing with “1, 2…” but nobody greeted or left any comments. Once a battle starts and end, the viewers disappeared.

“Why… Why is no one interested in an onmyoji like me?” (Sora)

I have read that it is frequently used as a theme in manga and movies on the internet, and that it boasts explosive popularity overseas.

Perhaps it’s because I am a guy, I wonder if that plays a role.

I have seen the live streams of other dungeon streamers, but I can’t quite discern any notable differences.

Defeating many monsters swiftly.

Not struggling even against bosses.

Engaging and entertaining chat.

While the first two can be managed, I struggle with casual conversation streams.


One viewer has joined.

“Wow…! I wished for someone to come, and here they are!” (Sora)

I speak towards the smartphone I am streaming with.

“Um, good evening!” (Sora)

As I was celebrating, a voice echoed.

“Gigi…!” (Goblin)

This is the lower floor of the dungeon. The deeper you go, the stronger the powerful monsters become.

“P-Please look! It’s a monster! I’m going to fight, so please watch!” (Sora)

You came all this way alone! I just hope you can at least see me fight…!

A goblin with a club in hand leaped towards me.

With a sharp exhale, I kicked the ground.

“Gigaa!?” (Goblin)

I infused magical energy into my fingertips and unleashed a basic magical attack. The defeated goblin was absorbed into the depths of the dungeon.

Alright! I made sure to capture the moment I defeated it on the screen! I hold my smartphone with both hands.

“H-How was it!?” (Sora)


There is no response.

Oh, wait…? Maybe they weren’t watching.

*Poron* I receive a notification.


“Whaaaaaa!?” (Sora)

I recently remembered that my past life was that of an onmyoji.

It was during the late Heian1 period. During that time, numerous onmyoji were being produced, and the era was at its peak.

In a corner of the burning city of Kyoto, I was on the verge of death in a battle against a powerful yokai2.

I still had many things left undone. There were things I wanted to do.

With that determination in mind, I performed a reincarnation ritual that no one had ever succeeded in before.

And thus, I was supposed to embark on my second life as the onmyoji named Ueno Sora.

But inside the dungeon, seeing the comment “Nice try! LOL” written, I was overwhelmed by shock and just when I was about to leave the dungeon…

“What are you doing?” (Police)

I am stopped by a police officer at the entrance of the dungeon.

“Well, I came out of the dungeon.” (Sora)

“Oh, really… What’s your occupation?” (Police)

“I’m a student and an onmyoji.” (Sora)

Back in those days, being an onmyoji was equivalent to being a government official in modern terms.

It was something remarkable! I had worked hard for it!

Of course, such a concept wouldn’t hold any significance in the present era.

“Are you joking?” (Police)

“No…” (Sora)

The police officer, thinking that I was joking, taps her hand against the panel she was holding.

“I have heard that there have been irregular occurrences from the dungeons in this area lately, so there have been discussions about whether to seal them off.” (Police)

“I went in today too, but I didn’t feel particularly unsafe.” (Sora)

“Probably because you were in the upper levels. We’re talking about the lower levels.” (Police)

“I was in the lower levels.” (Sora)

As I made it clear, the police officer frowned.

“Hey… You’re a high school student, right? There’s no way you can go to the lower levels. You’re not some big-time streamer or anything.” (Police)

Even if I tell the truth, nobody would believe me.

I feel like sighing, but I hold it back. Maybe I just don’t have any talent.

“What’s your name?” (Police)

“I’m Sora.” (Sora)

“Sora-kun, I’m Watanabe, in charge of security around this area. Let me know if anything happens.” (Watanabe)

I could only murmur a small “Yes…” in response.

The reason why I decided to aim to become a dungeon streamer after being reincarnated is quite simple.

  • To become popular with the opposite sex.
  • To reclaim the name of an onmyoji.

These are the two main reasons.

First, let’s talk about becoming popular with the opposite sex.

During the Heian period, I focused solely on training. I honed my skills as an onmyoji and engaged in constant battles.

To be honest, onmyojis during the Heian period were incredibly popular with the opposite sex.

If they walked through the streets, women would approach them, and my fellow onmyoji colleagues would even playfully say, “You’re so cute!”.

I had the skills as well, but for some reason, I was not popular with the opposite sex.

I channeled that frustration into training and exorcising yokai, and before I knew it, I had achieved a considerably high position.

However, despite all my efforts and even being reincarnated, I am still not popular.

Returning home, I bury my face in the pillow, feeling disheartened.

“Arghhh! It’s so frustrating! I can’t stand those colleagues from the Heian period!” (Sora)

I start pounding on the bed, venting my frustration to the people who are not even here anymore.

Especially, that guy who kept teasing me, saying, ‘Are you still a virgin LOL?’ every time we met!

I don’t remember much about him since I was reincarnated, but I can’t forgive him!

Indignantly, I take out my smartphone and launch the streaming app.

“Oh, Ookami Rika is streaming…” (Sora)

She is a dungeon streamer just like me but with over 5 million subscribers. Despite being Japanese, her appearance resembles that of a foreigner with her blonde hair and beauty.

With her natural cheerfulness and entertaining conversations, she quickly gathered a large fanbase.

Being a high school student also seems to have been a significant factor in boosting her popularity. She boasts one of the highest view counts and concurrent viewers among the existing streamers.

“100,000 concurrent viewers… That’s insane.” (Sora)

The reason I became a dungeon streamer was because of her popularity.

Dungeon streaming is an easy way to gain popularity.

That’s why I thought it would be perfect for solving my second objective.

  • Reclaiming the name of an onmyoji.

The current onmyojis are thought to be fraudsters.

I initially thought that I reincarnated in another world, but after looking up the history, it’s definitely the same world.3

At some point in history, the techniques of the onmyojis were lost, and their credibility diminished.

──── Onmyoji are frauds.

I came across that article on the internet that made me feel sad.

I wanted to dispel that image, but…

“I wonder what’s wrong…” (Sora)

I don’t understand why my dungeon streaming isn’t gaining popularity.

Maybe I just don’t have the talent…

  • To be popular.
  • To reclaim the name of an onmyoji.

Are both of them impossible?


Ueno Sora lets out a sigh and prepares to delve into the dungeon again for tomorrow’s stream.

A voice escaped from Sora’s smartphone that was within reach.

“Ookami Rika! Tomorrow, we will be challenging the lower levels! See you, everyone~!” (Rika)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Here you go, something to replace CFD. The setting is kinda similar, except with onmyoji stuff. There are forum chapters and actual harem candidates this time. This series uses a lot of japanese terminology so its difficult to translate and also there are only 7 chapters out (writer posting daily). I am crazy for attempting this LOL. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up as bad as CFD’s 2nd arc.

Man, Sora is more awkward then Yotsuka. Well, streaming does require a lot of talent, especially when trying to keep a fanbase so I don’t blame him. Well things about to turn around for him next chapter.


  1. Heian period in Japanese history, is the period between 794 and 1185.
  2. Yokai is something like spirits
  3. Probably butchered this. Raw is “異世界へ転生したのかな、と思ったが、歴史を辿ると間違いなく同じだ。”
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