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Last updated: 16th July 2023

Main characters

Ueno Sora (M) – MC, a streamer and reincarnated onmyoji
Ookami Rika (F) – Popular high school streamer with 5 million subs
Kamisaki Sakuya (F) – Classmate who sits behind MC. Daughter of a large IT company, her family is wealthy.
Mikage Akari (F) – Nicknamed “Shogun”. Her clan was saved by Sora in the past. She has a distinctive red hair.

Side characters

Watanabe-san (F) – Policeman introduced in ch 1.
Sakakibara Katsu (M) – 30+ year old deep-level adventurer.
Ingenmame (F) – A bean-focused streamer.
Seimei (M) – Sora’s disciple from his previous life.

Idk if main or side characters

Anzai Miho (F) – Super popular singer/diva in Japan

Sora’s shikigami

King of Knights, Valsark – Covered in magical armor and possesses a magical sword. Introduced in ch 8.
Gravito – Former bearded statue. Current tanuki plushie.
Sumeragi (previous life) – ??? He first inspired Sora’s 7th technique.
Ao – Sora’s doppelganger.

Onmyoji techniques

  • 1st technique = Water Fate Thread (水命糸)
  • 2nd technique = Creation of defensive barriers using divination/curse and the earth’s veins
  • 3rd technique = Materialize stored objects and shikigami from paper
  • 4th technique = True Life Manipulation; Manipulation of souls
  • 5th technique = ?
  • 6th technique = Lightning based technique
  • 7th technique = Fire based technique (inspired by Sumeragi)
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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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