The Reincarnated Onmyoji Who Became a Huge Hit by Saving a Dungeon Streamer, Accidentally Streams a Special Class Curse Item and Becomes a Legend

Source: ダンジョン配信者を救って大バズりした転生陰陽師、うっかり特級呪物を配信したら伝説になった
Alias: Reincarnated Onmyoji Streamer (ROS)


Ueno Sora is a reincarnated onmyoji from the Heian period. In modern times, onmyojis are regarded as frauds, so Sora starts streaming dungeon explorations to change that image.

“I have no talent at all…”

No matter how hard Sora tries, his viewership remains stagnant and his onmyoji skills are ridiculed as CG and special effects. One day, by chance, Sora rescues the popular dungeon streamer, Ookami Rika, from an irregularity inside the dungeon.

The swiftness of Sora’s movements and actions goes viral on the internet, and gradually his existence becomes recognized by the world. In order to change the image of onmyoji, the now-popular Sora continues to showcase various onmyoji techniques during their streams: divination, shikigami, curses, and more. Using these techniques, he becomes a streamer capable of changing the world.

The strongest adventurer accidentally streams a special class curse item and recruits dungeon bosses as allies, but at this time, nobody knows about it yet.

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