SH – Chapter 8 – The Explosion of Romantic Comedy, Dealing Great Damage to the Incompetent Mob

While I was enjoying my NEET (confinement) lifestyle, a beautiful girl showed up uninvited.

And to top it off, she was dressed in a seductive outfit similar to a negligee.

What kind of romantic comedy is this?

Or is this more like an R18 doujinshi or something?

The beautiful girl—Irina—had broken in through the window, so she currently stood with her back to the open window, facing me.

Because of that, her hair and negligee flutter in the warm breeze of the late summer, and the moonlight shines on top of her, making it difficult to clearly see her expression.

I was dangerously close to mistaking myself as the protagonist when presented with such an ideal scenario.

That was close; I’m just an incompetent mob character.

If I forget that and get carried away, I’ll undoubtedly be killed by a slime.

If I die before seeing the smiles of the heroines, I’ll probably become a vengeful spirit and curse the protagonist for being born lucky.

“Hey, um, so what do you think of this?” (Irina)

I can hear a nervous, strained voice.

Huh? Think about what? 

Could it be that she is asking for my impressions as a virgin?

Seriously? It’s like we’re a couple in love or something!

I’m happy, I’m so happy!

But I can’t come up with clever words like the protagonist.

When I look closely, her slender white arms and legs are shining in the moonlight, and because of her light clothing, her slightly puffy chest is eye-catching.

“Surprisingly, you’ve got quite the chest, huh~” (Louis)


Damn it!

My inner thoughts slipped out unintentionally!

Feeling a chilling gaze, I shudder involuntarily.

Thank goodness that her expression isn’t visible in the moonlight.

If Irina’s face were visible, I would have awakened to some strange interests.

“…I knew that Louis had a dirty mind, but I never thought you would say something like that out of the blue.” (Irina)

You knew, huh?

…Well, I guess it’s a bit obvious.

More than a bit, actually.

—Trying to steal underwear and making various comments about it.

Yeah, there’s no denying it.

“S-Sorry. My inner thoughts slipped out…” (Louis)

“Well, it’s fine. I came here for that today.” (Irina)

…Huh? For what?

What could that be?

As I tilt my head in response to Irina’s words, she approaches me with quick, determined steps.

I find myself cornered against the wall, almost as if she’s about to “kabedon1” me.

So even boys can feel excited about “kabedon” huh…

As I was lost in thought, Irina inexplicably placed her hand on my clothing while talking.

“I received something very important from Louis. Something that can’t be repaid with half-hearted feelings. It’s not fair that I was the only one receiving something, while you have been sacrificing yourself. You must have lost various things because of me, right? I don’t believe in inequality. That’s why I will have to repay you, little by little, for all of the things you have done for me, even if it will never be enough.” (Irina)

While saying such things, Irina proceeded to unbutton my pajama shirt.

Ah! Irina is about to see my upper body!

How embarrassing!

Once she finished unbuttoning all the buttons, she looked at my upper body and took a sharp breath.

“…You’re surprisingly well-built.” (Irina)

After saying that, Irina cautiously touched my muscles.

Her fingers were slightly colder than my body temperature, so a chilly sensation was transmitted.

Moreover, those fingers seemed to be trembling slightly.

Of course, my brain was currently in a state of utter confusion.

What’s going on? Is this the start of a romantic comedy?

Or rather, it’s still an R18 doujinshi, isn’t it?

Then, Irina started reaching for her own negligee, and finally, my brain rebooted.

“Wait, wait, wait! Hold on a second, you lost maiden!” (Louis)

“…What is it?” (Irina)

“I understand that Irina is a loyal person. And whether you’re doing this to repay me or not, I honestly couldn’t care less about this kind of thing.” (Louis)

When I said that, Irina removed her hand from the negligee she was about to undo and lowered her head, falling silent.

She must have been pushing herself after all.

Someone as innocent and pure as Irina probably doesn’t have the same assertiveness as an older sister kind of character.

Seeing her slightly trembling, I continued with my words.

“For me, I want Irina to be happy, or more accurately, I just wanted to see your unclouded smile.” (Louis)

My words seemed to have confused Irina.

“Why would you want to see me smile…? Would you really sacrifice so much of yourself just for that?” (Irina)

“Isn’t that obvious? Because if it’s for the sake of someone I like (favorite heroine), I would do anything.” (Louis)

In response, I heard a perplexed voice for some reason.

“…Really? You like me?” (Irina)

“Yeah, of course. Irina is the person I like (my favorite heroine), without a doubt.” (Louis)

I said that with a triumphant look on my face.

Hearing my words, Irina took a step back unsteadily. Then, she glared at me in a cute way while twirling her bangs embarrassingly.

“Idiot (baka), don’t just say things like that so casually.” (Irina)


Wait, did I mess up again somehow?

While I was still confused by her words, Irina averted her gaze shyly and mumbled softly.

“But… if that feeling is true… could you let me hear it again later?” (Irina)

After saying that, Irina jumped out of the window and disappeared.


Why did it feel like a confession just now…?

I reflected on our conversation again.



Well, that was definitely a confession, wasn’t it?

AHHHH, I’ve really gone and done it this time!

Of course, I like Irina!

In fact, I really really like her!

But I didn’t intend to confess, and honestly, I had planned to remain a mob character!

Damn it all!

At this rate, the main storyline where Irina and the protagonist team up to fight against the evil god will completely fall apart!

Besides, I still have plenty of heroines I need to save!

If I start dating Irina and then try to rescue them, it’s definitely going to be considered cheating!

But despite everything I just said, I still want to be with Irina!

I want to date her!

I want to share lunches with her at school, and go on uniformed dates on weekends!

Yeah, if it’s possible, I really want her to be my girlfriend!

Arghh but, I still somehow need to save the other heroines…

Maybe I’m getting a bit too ahead of myself, it’s not like it’s been decided that we’re officially dating.

As I continued to struggle with my conflicting thoughts, I spent that night tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Mission failed successfully…! MC ended up accidentally pulling an Uno reverse card and confessed to Irina. It’s nice to see MC being honest to himself about wanting to date her too.


  1. Kabedon is the wall slamming flirting thing. I don’t really know how to explain it lol.
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Thanks for the chapter!

Louis, you failed your mission but that doesn’t mean you can’t complete it! You just created a new route!


Louis, it’s not the end. The harem end is the only way! XD