SH – Chapter 9 – It Was Going Well, But Ultimately Didn’t Tighten the Knot

With my confinement lifted, I eagerly make my way to the classroom.

Now… I wonder what everyone will say.

I’m actually looking forward to what kind of insults will be thrown my way, just a little bit.

No, it’s not like I’m masochistic or anything.

It’s just that being spoken ill of is somewhat nostalgic, you know~

In my previous life, I was bullied even during elementary school.

Despite this, I never stopped going to school, instead, I merely looked at the bullies with a sidelong glance and thought, “Pfff these kids are wasting their time and voice for something so pointless.”

I have been thinking like that since then.

They were the cause of my twisted nature.

Anyways, for that reason, I have developed a resistance to insults, and it’s been a while since I have had the leisure to enjoy insults that kids come up with after putting in their utmost effort to think of them.

I open the classroom door with a *bang* and step inside.

As expected, a quiet gossip session started among the students.

“I can’t believe that he has the nerve to actually come to the classroom.” (Student)

“Seriously, just looking at his face makes me mad.” (Student)

Their choice of words was lacking in vocabulary and filled with dull backbiting1.

It was oddly anticlimactic. I expected something better.

Can’t you come up with a more clever insult that can actually get under my skin?

I quickly scanned the classroom and spotted Irina.

There were two girls around her seat.

Their names… I don’t know.

They weren’t exactly heroines or anything, or rather, they just seemed to be your typical classmates 1 and 2.

These girls are even more of a mob than I am.

Thinking about it like this, maybe having some backstory and a name is still better than nothing…?

There’s a freckled2 girl with messy tied-up reddish-brown hair and a timid-looking girl with glasses who seems to lack confidence.

They probably became friends with Irina while I was in confinement.

They seemed to be having a lively conversation – was what I thought.

But suddenly, Irina shot a glare around her and was about to slam her desk forcefully – only to be stopped by the two girls.


That was close. If she had instinctively defended me out of her emotions, Irina might have had her reputation reverted back.

Realizing this, the two girls must have intervened to prevent that.

While silently thanking them in my mind, I entered the classroom with a composed expression and headed towards my seat.

“You have some nerve acting so nonchalant.” (Student)

“Just breathing the same air as you is infuriating.” (Student)

Hmm, I’d give that a fifty out of a hundred.

Insulting skills still need some improvement.

Come back after polishing them up a bit more.

Afterwards, the teacher entered the classroom and classes started.

During class, Irina kept glancing in my direction and seemed like she wanted to approach me, but she never did.

Perhaps those two girls said something to her, but I wonder how much has Irina told them?

During lunch break, it seemed like Irina was on the verge of exploding, so I pretended to head to the cafeteria to have lunch and made my way to the back of the school building.

After waiting for a while, Irina showed up.

And she had an incredibly stern expression.

“…I can’t stand hearing Louis being talked about like that.” (Irina)

Those were the first words she said.

No greetings or anything.

“Don’t worry, just let them say what they want to say. They can’t hurt me with something like that.” (Louis)

“But…” (Irina)

As Irina still seemed like she wanted to say something, I quickly interjected.

“Besides, all I want is for you to be happy, and to be able to see you smile, Irina. I don’t need anything more than that.” (Louis)

Upon my words, Irina widened her eyes and shyly averted her gaze.

“Y-Yeah. I appreciate you saying that, but…” (Irina)

“You’ve found your place in the class, and made friends, haven’t you? Isn’t that a good thing?” (Louis)

Saying that, Irina’s gaze began to shift as if she was troubled.

“True, the current situation is the world I wished for. But… that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer for it.” (Irina)

“Ultimately, I’m just a stranger to Irina because we haven’t known each other for long. If you can find happiness by using me as a stepping stone, then that’s enough for me.” (Louis)

Hah… I ended up saying something pretty cool.

As I was reveling in my own words, Irina suddenly looked at me, as if she had realized something.

“Yes, that’s right. Louis is certainly a stranger to me, I don’t know much about you after all.” (Irina)

“That’s right, that’s r——” (Louis)

“But——you said it earlier, didn’t you? That as long as I’m happy and smiling, that’s enough for you.” (Irina)

I froze in the midst of attempting to nod with my arms crossed.


What is she trying to say?

As I tilted my head in confusion, Irina came out with something unexpected.

“In that case, Louis, you should find happiness too. Your happiness is a condition for me to be happy.” (Irina)


What on earth is she saying?

“Nonono, I’m just an insignificant existence to you, right Irina?” (Louis)

“That’s not true. There’s a small possibility that I f-f-fell in love with Louis.” (Irina)

Is that really possible?

It’s like a possibility at the level of subatomic particles.

Irina said it while looking embarrassed and averting her gaze, causing me to shake my head unconsciously.

Indeed, Irina did invade my room during my confinement period, but that was probably just to repay a favor.

It’s not like Irina actually likes me and used repaying the favor as an excuse to see me – that kind of romcom situation couldn’t possibly be real… right?

“Is this real…? Do you actually like me?” (Louis)

“……! W-Well, there is a possibility is what I’m saying.” (Irina)

Ah, possibilities, possibilities.

“But as long as there are insults directed at you, I can’t be truly happy and genuinely smile.” (Irina)

“Why…” (Louis)

“Because if people around me keep saying bad things about the person who saved me, then naturally, it’s going to leave a burden on my heart, don’t you think?” (Irina)

So that’s how it is.

I can’t really understand those kinds of feelings.

But Irina smiled gently, extending her hand towards me.

“Louis. Let’s be happy together. I won’t allow you to be unhappy all by yourself.” (Irina)

Irina – the arrogant, prideful, overflowing with confidence, and incredibly cute heroine, made that proposal to me.

“Oh, by the way, Irina.” (Louis)

“What is it?” (Irina)

“Well, I’m really sorry for saying this after your previous line, but…” (Louis)

As I hesitated to speak, Irina tilted her head curiously and urged me to continue.

“What’s wrong? We need to hurry before the bell rings.” (Irina)

“Yeah, that’s right… Well, you know, back then when you intruded into my room, it looked like one of the decorations on your underwear had come off… I thought maybe it’s a good idea to return it to you.” (Louis)

Saying that, I took out a fabric petal from my pocket.

It was probably one of the decorative petals from her underwear.

When I had invaded Irina’s room last time, I noticed that these were attached to her underwear.

Seeing it, Irina’s face gradually turned red—

Baka! Hentai! Go and die!” (Irina)

With that, she snatched the petal from my hand and stormed off with incredible force.

I couldn’t quite tell if the redness in her face was due to embarrassment or anger.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Based MC, he doesn’t give a shit about what the other students say about him. My man literally turned what is a potential childhood trauma into based energy.

Don’t worry there are still a couple of chapters of romantic developments.


  1. Backbiting means malicious talk about someone who is not present. Basically talking behind someone’s back.
  2. Freckled is someone with freckles. I don’t really know what freckles are, but according to Google-sensei, it’s when you have small, pale brown spots on the skin, usually on the face.
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MrCents 04

The petals he was referring to: the Breast Petals.

It is a small cover for their ripped nipples in order to prevent it to erect. Well, thankfully, our MC is not an idiot to taste it. Or am I thinking positive that he is mature to deal with it? I hope not.

Let’s be honest, every gentleman wants to see it rip.


Oh so she has tsundere genes. Now I am curious to see what she kind of dere she will show next.


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