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Last updated: 3th September 2023

Spoilers up to chapter 14

I know that the spoiler tags look stupid, but you know… limitations of WordPress without paying.

Main characters

Louis von Armstrong

  • The MC.
  • Has red hair.
  • Used to be a workaholic and a big fan of [YamiKyuu] in his previous life

Irina von Luccaria

  • One of the heroines
  • A hard worker and daughter of a duke
  • Has silver hair
  • First victim of the Evil God
  • Click for spoiler on her arc People around her are jealous of her; They think that she only excels because of her natural talent and high status instead of putting in effort.

Leila von Armstrong

  • One of the heroines
  • MC’s twin sister
  • Public Relations Officer of the Student Council
  • Has shoulder-length red hair

Filine von Lyukarion

  • One of the heroines
  • Highly capable Student Council President
  • Extremely popular within the school
  • Loli girl with peach-colored twin-tailed hair
  • Usually has lifeless eyes

Seleniel Lilliana

  • One of the heroines
  • A High Elf
  • Principal of the school
  • Has connections to Louis’s father

Saint Maria Santaaria

  • One of the heroines.
  • Has silky golden hair and azure eyes.
  • A sister (nun) who is too kind to others and have a tendancy of helping others as much as she can.
  • The second victim of the Evil God.
  • Click for spoiler on her arc People around her see her as a convenient person; This resulted in excessive self-sacrifice for others which causes her to suffer, but she is unaware of it.

Side characters

MC’s Mother – First appeared in ch 1.
Ren von Armstrong – MC’s Father
Allen Albert – The game protagonist.

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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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MrCents 04

Good grief. Is the author following the Habsburg dynasty? Adding his twin sister into harem is a little bit concerning.
I will pray deeply. That the Mc is adopted, so he can date his little sister.
But I prefer a monogamy life because Mc seems mature and responsible human being. The author is balancing it promptly.