I Reincarnated as an Incompetent Noble and Somehow Became the [Shadow Hero] ~The Villainous Heroines Who Should Have Had Worries Thank Me for Saving Them and Pledge Their Loyalty, But Why?~


Alias: Shadow Hero (SH)


One day, I was suddenly reincarnated into the world of the game [The Heroines’ Fall to Darkness and The Hero of Salvation]. Moreover, I was reincarnated as a lazy and incompetent noble who would be killed by a slime midway.

Why am I not the protagonist?! This is ridiculous!

Those were my feelings, but there is nothing I can do about being reincarnated. Since it can’t be helped, I tried to avoid the death flag of being killed by the slime…

Through a series of actions, I somehow ended up melting the hearts of the villainous heroines who were destined to fall into darkness. They began to pledge their loyalty to me… and before I knew it, I had become a significant force, eventually being called the [Shadow Hero].

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