TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 1 – After the streaming incident

“Uh-oh. This is really bad…” (Haruto)

It was 8 AM in the morning after the streaming incident.

Nakayama Haruto, also known as “Oni-chan”, had his eyes glued to the PC while running his fingers through his brown hair. With furrowed brows and a pale face, he was sweating nervously.

Upon cautiously opening Twitto, he found an overwhelming number of messages, too many to go through at once.

The main content of these messages was about the streaming incident.

Twitto Post: [Onii-chuaan~! Make sure to eat the meal your imouto made, okay~?]

Twitto Post: [You were such a kind brother~!!]

Twitto Post: [Would you mind if I took your imouto as my wife?]

Twitto Post: [Please bring back imouto-chan next time!]

As if it was payback for all the taunting done, these messages were all teasing in nature.

There was also some positive feedback on the stream such as “Yesterday’s stream was interesting”.

However, messages teasing Haruto were piling up so much that they blurred out all those positive messages.

“Ugh…” (Haruto)

He clutched his head while being speechless, realizing once again the frightening nature of the internet. He understood that he had committed a serious mistake.

In Haruto’s case, he was taunting as a form of entertainment. As a result, it was only natural that the repercussions were more widespread than those for an ordinary streamer. In other words, he reaped what he sowed.

Haa. This is really bad. How should I conduct my streams from now on… Seriously. Giving up on streaming is not an option…” (Haruto)

If he were to choose to go on a hiatus after the incident, his income would be significantly decreased. If that happened, he wouldn’t be able to save up for his sister’s university expenses, and she might not be able to attend the university she wanted.

He couldn’t let that happen. It was something he absolutely couldn’t compromise on.

He wanted to step in as a substitute for their deceased parents and firmly support his sister’s life and future. That was the extent of Haruto’s strong determination.

“Okay, calm down me. I already deleted yesterday’s stream, so the damage might be limited to just Twitto. As long as the story doesn’t spread to my main channel, there might still be hope…” (Haruto)

Trying to soothe himself by taking deep breaths, he opened MouTube1, the source of his income, and checked the latest videos he had posted so far.

Not noticing that his channel had gained 40,000 new subscribers and an increase in likes due to this incident was a sign of how overwhelmed he was.

As his heart raced, he moved the mouse down to the comments section—.

“N-no way…” (Haruto)

There, he was confronted with the worst sight for a toxic streamer like himself.

“Seriously, this guy is disgusting. Stop taunting people, you piece of crap.”

Hate com—no, expected comments like these were met with viewers defending him with comments like, “This guy is doing his best for his little sister. Shut up.”

But that wasn’t all.

If you scrolled through the latest comments, there were even those who warned others, “This person is provoking others for his business. Let’s not misunderstand.”

While the comments defending him were the truth, for Oni-chan, who had made a name for himself by acting toxic, this felt like an interference to his channel.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was like his neck was being strangled.

“……” (Haruto)

His only wish was simple: to keep the status quo2, maintaining a certain number of views and income.

Changing his streaming style after the incident was out of the question. The viewers who had been watching him would most likely be confused and drift away.

Since his income was closely tied to the number of views, there was no room to be adventurous and reveal his true self.

“W-Well, I definitely need to do a stream explaining things before going for my part-time work… If I keep procrastinating, it’ll only get harder to continue streaming. Not to mention, with the situation as it is, I won’t be able to focus on my part-time job…” (Haruto)

This was the seed he had sown. He had to reap it himself.

If he were to run away from this, his career as a streamer would be over.

“Let’s prepare breakfast for now… and think about how I should explain things…” (Haruto)

With a heavy heart, Haruto checked the clock for the first time as he attempted to move from the gaming room to the living room.

It was 8:10 AM. Yuno, his younger sister, should already be on her way to school.

“Eh, it’s already this late!? Ugh… I couldn’t even see her off…” (Haruto)

Due to the anxiety from the streaming incident, he struggled to fall asleep yesterday night. As a result, he ended up oversleeping by an hour and a half compared to his usual wake-up time.

Not even noticing his alarm go off was a testament to how mentally strained he was.

“Not only did I cause a streaming incident, but I also put Yuno’s voice on the internet… I really screwed up, haven’t I?” (Haruto)

Letting out yet another sigh, he walked into the living room with his shoulders slouched.

“Ah…” (Haruto)

The moment he opened the living room door, he spotted a dish covered with plastic wrap and a neatly folded letter on the table.

Approaching the table cautiously, Haruto quickly opened the letter.

“(Good morning, sleepyhead. I’ve prepared breakfast for you, so heat it up and eat it, okay? If you don’t, you’ll get a knuckle sandwich3 next time. Well then, I’m off to school. Good luck for today!)” (Yuno)

Perhaps to convey her feelings, she even took the trouble of handwriting the letter.

Reading the handwritten letter with its round and girlish handwriting to the end—

“Ah, ahaha… Yuno, seriously.” (Haruto)

He let out a wry smile, then returned to a serious expression.

“Yeah… I’ll do my best today.” (Haruto)

It seemed like the perfect words for the current situation.

With a clenched fist, Haruto responded with a newfound determination.

After finishing breakfast and hanging up the laundry, Haruto scheduled a stream at 10 AM with the title “Regarding Yesterday’s Incident”. He prepared himself mentally in the gaming room, contemplating in silence.

Haa. It’s, it’s finally time…” (Haruto)

Whether it was because he felt cornered or just because of the tension, he realized that there were less than 3 minutes left until the start of the stream.

“But still, having 1,200 people waiting for my stream to start is way too much…” (Haruto)

Having such a large number of viewers waiting for the stream to start was highly unusual for his channel, especially on a weekday at 10 AM. It was a first.

It goes without saying that this is a direct result of the streaming incident.

“Everything will be fine. Come on me, do your best.” (Haruto)


His heartbeat echoed in his body like a drum.

When it reached 10 AM, tensions were so high that he felt like his heart would leap out of his mouth.

Haruto, or rather, Oni-chan, started his stream.

“O-Okay. The stream has started. First… good morning, everyone.” (Oni-chan)

As he greeted the viewers, the comment section was filled with “lol”. But that wasn’t all.

Comment: [Good morning, Onii-chan!]

Comment: [We’ve been waiting for your stream, Onii-chan!]

Comment: [Don’t tease him too much LOL]

Comment: [Oni-chan, don’t cry! Oh, sorry, I meant Onii-chan.]

Comment: [Your voice is shaking lol]

There were more comments teasing and provoking him compared to the usual.

While the viewers seemed to find it amusing, this flow of banter was a relief.

Rather than someone immediately writing something like “Talk about the streaming incident already,” it was much better to have jokes and light banter.

Thanks to this kind of cushion, he could loosen up the tension a bit.

“Uh, hey, you guys. Just call me Oni-chan, seriously. …Huh? What’s the origin of the name ‘Oni-chan’? W-Well, that’s not really important… Wha?! It’s not because I’m called ‘Onii-chan’ by my sister!” (Oni-chan)

He knew he would be bombarded with questions. However, this particular question wasn’t something he had anticipated.

He found himself stumbling over his words.

Comment: [Hit the nail on the head LOL]

Comment: [This guy is so bad at covering up lmao]

Comment: [I bet there was a script for this]

Comment: [Just show your true self already! It’d be easier for you]

If he had a calm mind, he might not have picked up every comment he saw. He would have chosen selectively.

But right now, if he didn’t pick up on the comments that caught his eye, he’d fall into silence, creating a funeral-like atmosphere.

In such a stream where he was going to explain himself, that was a no-go.

It was crucial to maintain the stance of “It’s not a big deal, right? It doesn’t bother me at all, haha”, and carry it onto the next stream.

“…Oh, just to let you know, I won’t be doing a gaming stream today. It’ll just be a short stream, and as the title suggests, I’ll only talk about yesterday’s incident.” (Oni-chan)

The longer he went on, the more viewers would join. There was also the possibility of digging himself into a deeper hole. He decided to get to the main point early.

“And seriously, let me complain first. Why the hell did you guys spread the word about yesterday’s incident? Seriously. We made a promise not to spread it. It’s getting featured on summary sites and even trending on Twitto.” (Oni-chan)

Comment: [We didn’t promise anything!]

Comment: [What are you talking about?]

Comment: [You’re always provoking people, so it’s inevitable]

Comment: [Isn’t this the good kind of controversy that boosts your reputation?]

Despite the scolding, none of the viewers were affected in the least.

“Well, after this stream, I won’t touch on yesterday’s incident anymore. And seriously, viewers who keep spamming ‘Onii-chan’ cut it out. I’m not your big brother.” (Oni-chan)

Comment: [His getting mad lol]

Comment: [He probably only wants to be called that by his imouto…]

Comment: [Looks like explaining the streaming incident is impossible LOL]

Comment: [Sorry no can do. You just have to accept it, Onii-chan.]

The usual bickering with the regular viewers. Thanks to this, he was gradually getting back into his usual groove.

“Look, there are people saying all sorts of things about me being kind or reconsidering things because of this incident, but I’m not some great person. If I were, I wouldn’t be acting toxic… Huh? Aren’t I considered good because I’m supporting my sister? Are you an idiot? She’s an important family member, so it’s natural to support her.” (Oni-chan)

Such words came out smoothly, not for the purpose of livening up the stream or as a joke, but from his genuine feelings.

Of course, these words resonated with the viewers.

Comment: [Oi oi, he’s giving off that big bro vibe]

Comment: [What is this guy really lol]

Comment: [I don’t even know if he’s trying to make excuses anymore…]

Comment: [I wish I had an onii-chan like this.]

The comment section flowed at a rapid pace.

Unable to keep up with the speed, Oni-chan stopped the comments momentarily to answer a question that caught his eye.

“Huh? Why is the donation for today’s stream turned off? …Well, this is an explanatory stream, so I’m not here to entertain you guys, and also because I’ll end the stream soon. I’m not expecting any money for something like this.” (Oni-chan)

Comment: [Did he just reveal his true self?]

Comment: [At the very least, that last part felt real. It’s that voice he used during the streaming incident.]

Comment: [Maybe he’s mistaken us and think we’re his sister LOL]

Comment: [Seriously, he was very committed to being toxic with this kind of personality… Oh, did he have a script for this?]

That’s correct. Without a script, he wouldn’t have been able to deceive the viewers.

“Hm? Congratulations on 150,000 subscribers on your channel? No, I haven’t gained that many. I’m still at 100,000. I’m still ways off.” (Oni-chan)

Comment: [No, it’s increasing]

Comment: [It increased by 50,000 because of the incident]

Comment: [Did you not check…?]

Comment: [Maybe he went to bed without checking?]

“…Huh? Seriously? Is it really increasing that much? You guys aren’t lying, are you?” (Oni-chan)

Similar comments filled the screen, and while thinking it might be a lie, he checked.

“…Huh!? It’s real? Wait… I’m muting for a moment.” (Oni-chan)

Comment: [Pfff, what’s up with that lol]

Comment: [Muting?!]

Comment: [Just show your true self already!]

Comment: [Let us hear your happy voice!]

“S-Shut up. Just be quiet.” (Oni-chan)

The toxic Oni-chan, due to the streaming incident, found himself in the position of being constantly teased. His true human nature and natural kindness were further exposed.

What was supposed to be a stream ending in about 10 minutes continued for 30 minutes due to unnecessary exchanges.

“…Well, a lot happened yesterday, but I’ll keep the streaming style as it is. After all, this is my true self.” (Oni-chan)

Comment: [I think it’s okay to go all out, but I guess there’s no other way for you to earn money for your sister’s tuition huh?]

Comment: [If you change your style, there’s a possibility that the views won’t increase, as Oni-chan mentioned]

Comment: [Just keep doing what you’re doing. Every time you do, I’ll rewatch the streaming incident video]

Comment: [Do it in moderation~ I’m cheering for you!]

“…No, don’t suddenly be nice to someone like me… Yeah. Well, with this, I’ll end the stream. For my next stream, it’ll be a regular gaming stream, so those who have time, please join me.” (Oni-chan)

Comment: [Okay~]

Comment: [I’ll be back to tease you again, onii-chan!]

Comment: [Me too!]

Comment: [Take care of yourself~]

It ended with warm comments.

Haruto cut off the mic first, confirming three times that he didn’t make the same mistake as yesterday, and ended the stream. Then, he let out a deep sigh.

“Whew. That was close…! Really close! I feel like I showed a super dumb side of myself, but I somehow got through it!!” (Haruto)

Repeating fist pumps while sitting in the chair, the joy of having protected his source of income was extraordinary.

“Now, well… I’ll shift my focus on increasing the number of subscribers I have…” (Haruto)

Today’s part-time job starts at 3:00 PM.

Until then, Haruto’s work consists of something other than streaming. He needs to stock up on gameplay videos for MouTube uploads.

He immediately launched ABEX and started recording.

By doing it privately instead of streaming, he could focus more.

Even if he couldn’t win, if he made a good play in that match, he could use it as a highlight clip.

The more he played, the more clips he accumulated for uploads.

After playing ABEX and recording for about an hour.

“…Huh!?” (Haruto)

Suddenly, Haruto exclaimed in surprise and leaned in closer to his PC.

On the screen displaying his allies before the match, there was a username he recognized.


“This… this person… is it for real!? Man, it’s been a while…” (Haruto)

The ally he matched with this time wasn’t just an ordinary player.

Not only was she a member of the professional gaming team Axcis Crown, but she is also a female VTuber who surpassed 300,000 subscribers.

“I-I need to do my best… This is a chance to get some great footage…” (Haruto)

Clasping his fists together to pump himself up, Haruto was unaware that Ayaya was currently streaming.

Not only that, but on Ayaya’s screen, the username ‘Oni_chan’ was displayed, and the comment section was buzzing with excitement.

This wasn’t the first time Haruto and Ayaya had crossed paths. They had been matched up as allies before by chance and had a few casual exchanges.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow~ MC sure got by that quite smoothly. Something tells me his channel ain’t stopping at 150,000 subs. Btw I’m assuming that his streaming using MouTube since there was no mention of Twitch anywhere. 

This chapter was longer than the last one and I somehow finished it xd


  1. This is author’s version of YouTube duh
  2. Status quo means to keep things the way they are. In this context, it means to keep things the same as before the incident.
  3. Knuckle Sandwich is, as the name suggests, a punch in the mouth.
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We need Imouto scene asap! She looks like someone who would say something in a grumpy tone but ended it with a heart emoji


In this chapter, you did it in TN. “Btw I’m assuming that his streaming using MouTube…” it should use ‘he is’ rather than ‘his’. Happens on subtle parts like that, so it is not noticable.

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