TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 2 – After the streaming incident

[Ayaya’s PoV]

“Pfft, ahaha! Look, everyone! Can you believe it, Oni-chan is here! This has to be the real deal, right!? If it is, then we’re in good hands!” (Ayaya)

Looking at the ally screen, Ayaya, a pro gamer and VTuber, reacted faster than any of her 3,200 viewers.

She spoke in the dialect of her hometown, and her smile was filled with genuine joy as she continued to stream.

Comments: [He might be a fake, right?]

Comments: [But this is a high-ranked match, so there’s a possibility that it’s the real deal.]

Comments: [Looks pretty authentic. The username matches up.]

Comments: [Did he start playing immediately after ending his stream LOL]

The comments section is buzzing with excitement about the unexpected appearance of Oni-chan, the person who caused the streaming incident yesterday 

In the past, Oni-chan would never have been welcomed in this way; the comments would have been overflowing with negativity. However, due to the recent incident which brought many things to light, more people have learned about Oni-chan’s family situation and the reasons behind his persona.

Now, he has turned into somewhat of a comedic figure, and even the streamer, Ayaya, is jumping on the bandwagon with this topic.

“By the way, I saw clips of Oni-chan’s streaming incident. His good-brother aura was definitely showing.” (Ayaya)

Comments: [Don’t bring that up; you might get scolded LOL]

Comments: [Well, he did give off that kind of aura, didn’t he?]

Comments: [Damn, this match is gonna be something!]

Comments: [I hope you can talk with Oni-chan!]

While enjoying the comments, Ayaya throws in an unexpected remark.

“Huh? Oni-chan’s main character is the attacker, Octane, right? This time, he’s using the support, Gibraltar.” (Ayaya)

In this game, each character has its own abilities, and it’s not possible to use the same character within a team.

In other words, the system is such that characters are either selected on a first-come, first-served basis, or through negotiation.

The viewers started forming theories about the unusual pick.

Comments: [Maybe he’s letting you have it? After all, Ayaya’s main character is also Octane.]

Comments: [Is he trying to support you with Gibraltar? He’s Oni-chan after all.]

Comments: [He should at least know about Ayaya’s main character]

Ayaya, who quickly picked up on these comments, nodded in agreement.

“Ah, that’s true! Maybe he was just being considerate of me. Don’t you all think so too?” (Ayaya)

Comments: [That’s probably the case.]

Comments: [Considering how he’s a caring onii-chan, maybe it’s the natural move for him.]

Comments: [That’s how they usually are]

Comments: [That’s true.]

In response to Ayaya’s prompt, many comments expressed agreement. While there were a few differing opinions suggesting that he might be causing inconvenience by playing an unfamiliar character, they were a minority. Ayaya, unaffected by the minority opinion, continued with a reminiscent smile.

“You sure are a kind brother eh, oni-chan? Well then, I’ll graciously accept your favor… here we go.” (Ayaya)

And, right at that moment, the character selection time came to an end. As the in-game music changed, Ayaya, like a true professional gamer, switched to her serious tone.

“Now then, let’s avoid the highly contested areas for now.” (Ayaya)

If the entire team is wiped out, the game ends immediately. Going with this strategy ensures that our early-game survival isn’t dependent on luck, and it serves the dual purpose of extending the playtime with Oni-chan to entertain the viewers.

And with the countdown of [3, 2, 1, 0,] the match began.

As the airship carrying all the players glides across the vast map, Ayaya marks the landing spot, communicates her plan with her ally, and they jump out together.

During the descent, Ayaya quickly confirms that there are no enemies nearby and flashes a smile, saying, “Alright!”

Ayaya had been hoping for this situation. 

“Hey, everyone, pay attention from here! If this is the real Oni-chan, he’s definitely going to pull off that move.” (Ayaya)

With no enemies in the vicinity, it means they can safely gather resources. Ayaya, who has watched Oni-chan’s streams, knows that he has reconnaissance skills comparable to a pro.

If this was him, he would surely showcase his pro skills at the game. With such thoughts, the moment they landed on the ground…

[Oni_chan] acted exactly as expected.

Without taking a step forward, [Oni_chan] turned toward Ayaya, and performed an incredibly quick maneuver as if saying, ‘Hello’.

“Haha, yup, that confirms it’s the real deal!” (Ayaya)

It was a stunt made possible because of his experience.

But that’s not all—

“Ouch!?… Hey!” (Ayaya)


A dull sound echoed from the game.

As if to say, ‘Of course I’m real,’ Oni-chan punched Ayaya’s Octane and quickly ran away as if he were in a game of ping-pong.

And then, he headed straight for looting supplies.

The only streamer who would do something like this was him, and Ayaya, who was left behind, dramatically tilts her character’s head downward, seemingly to emphasize the shock of being punched.

This is something that can only be done when the surroundings are safe.

“D-Did everyone see that!? That idiot Oni-chan punched me!” (Ayaya)

Although taking damage when hit by a teammate is not a mechanic in the game, this behavior is representative of trolling.

Comments: [That idiot is hilarious. Cut him some slack!]

Comments: [Seriously, doing such a low thing, smh1]

Comments: [Oni-chan sure is committed to his character.]

Comments: [Looks like Ayaya is having fun too lol.]

Comments hitting the mark start flooding in.

“Pff! Haha, I can’t concentrate anymore!” (Ayaya)

It’s because Ayaya knows the background and intention of Oni-chan that the earlier act turns into something amusing.

Ayaya, who was laughing, soon received a chat message from Oni-chan.

“(Oi, hurry up and loot, Ayaya-san)” (Oni-chan)

“Hee~ Haha, I can’t take it anymore. My stomach hurts!” (Ayaya)

Despite the strong tone, the message ends with a polite ‘-san.’

Her comment section was soon flooded with “LOL” and “LMAO”.

“But yeah, you’re right. We should loot quickly before enemies come. Pfufu.” (Ayaya)

While suppressing her laughter, Ayaya finally moves her character and enters a building to gather supplies.

To keep the viewers engaged, she reads comments that catch her eye.

“Ayaya and Oni-chan seem like they’ve known each other for a while, are you close off-stream? Ah, Oni-chan and I got randomly matched in a game once, and we became friends since then.” (Ayaya)

Comments: [Eh!? Really?!]

Comments: [How unexpected!]

Comments: [If you were streaming at that time, I would’ve definitely watched it! I wish I could have seen it!]

Comments: [I would have skipped work if I could have watched it!]

Jokes and serious comments were blended together in the chat.

“Ah, but Oni-chan played normally during that time. He even sent a private message afterwards saying that he was recording so he was sorry if he caused any inconveniences.” (Ayaya)

Comments: [Well, he seems like a reasonable person, huh?]

Comments: [Don’t expose him!]

Comments: [Is this your revenge for getting punched by Oni-chan!?]

Comments: [His behind-the-scenes side is being exposed LOL]

“Ah, forget what I just said! That was a private matter, wasn’t it?! Cancel that!! Forget you heard anything!!” (Ayaya)

Comments: [It’s too late!]

Comments: [You’re slowly becoming like Oni-chan lmao]

Comments: [My impression of Oni-chan’s is changing more and more…]

Comments: [If Ayaya says so, then it must be true, right?]

Feeling overwhelmed by the comments, Ayaya quickly tried to shift the topic to something else.

Comments: [Ayaya! If possible, can you voice call with him?]

“Hmm. That’s a bit tricky… When streamers run into each other by coincidence, there’s an unspoken rule to not directly interfere with each other, especially through voice chat, so as not to disrupt each other’s streams!” (Ayaya)

Ayaya, expressing her view from a streamer’s perspective, caused a stir in the comments.

Comments: [Onii-chan isn’t streaming!]

Comments: [But he’s not streaming right now!]

Comments: [Wait, he’s not streaming!? Could it be…]

Comments: [A sudden collaboration!?]

This is how a streamer gets their chat to do the research for them.

“So, Oni-chan isn’t streaming!? Well then… if a lot of you guys are okay with it, I’ll try to get permission. I’ll put up a poll, so please vote.” (Ayaya)

Ayaya quickly set up a poll with options ‘Yes!’ or ‘No!’ and let viewers cast their votes for several seconds.

The result—was an unexpected 90% voted in favor of ‘Yes!’

Comments: [Everybody loves Oni-chan, huh? LOL]

Comments: [Why is he so popular lmao]

Comments: [These numbers are dangerous…]

Comments: [It wasn’t even close LOL]

“Alright! Let me go ask him. I won’t force anything, so if he declines, no complaints, okay?” (Ayaya)

With a polite risk disclaimer, Ayaya then used the in-game chat to make her proposal to Oni-chan.

“(Hey, Oni-chan, is it possible to VC2 now?)” she asked while closing the distance as usual.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Can’t wait for this collaboration! Although, I’m surprised she can just suddenly VC with him without talking to her manager. Maybe she’s an independent VTuber or something?

I have no idea if I got these Apex terms correct… I’m pretty sure I at least got the character names correct. And I think this is a duo team? Idk if those exist in Apex.

Somehow the prologue chapter got flagged as 18+ content by Google Ads lol.


  1. smh means shaking my head. It is often used to express disapproval at something. In this context, it was done in a joking way.
  2. VC stands for voice call.
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