TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 1 – Stream After the Punishment

“Now then…” (Haruto)

After Yuno’s sermon and finishing the meal she had prepared, Haruto let out a voice as if switching his own mental state.

“Onii-chan, are you going to be streaming today?” (Yuno)

“Yeah. I absolutely have to livestream today because…” (Haruto)

He messed up again. The meaning behind the username of his smurf account was exposed, and the account was getting harassed by the people who found out.

While it might be an option to wait until the incident settles down before streaming, delaying the explanation will only make things more difficult in the future. Furthermore, not streaming will only negatively impact his finances. Similar to the first streaming incident, there’s no choice but to tackle the problem head-on.

“Could it be… you’re running out of money?” (Yuno)

“No, no, it’s not that! It’s for personal reasons… Oh, well. There are just times when I feel an uncontrollable urge to stream, you know?” (Haruto)

He couldn’t honestly admit it.

With a nervous sweat, he managed to gloss over the situation.

“Hmm. Is it not okay to stream after taking a bath? It’s better to go to bed right after the stream, right? You just finished your part-time job, after all.” (Yuno)

“Thanks for worrying. But I’ve already scheduled the livestream, and tomorrow’s work starts later than usual, so it’s fine.” (Haruto)

“I see. That makes me a bit relieved.” (Yuno)

“Oh, but I’m sorry if you can hear me make some weird noises.” (Haruto)

“Weird noises… like the script stuff?” (Yuno)

“Uh, well… something like that.” (Haruto)

As he rested his chin on his hand, Haruto felt Yuno’s sharp gaze on him. It seemed like she saw through everything.

“Onii-chan, if it’s okay with you, how about turning your gaming room into a soundproof room…? I’m not exactly bothered by it, but it would make it easier for you to work without worrying, right?” (Yuno)

“I won’t deny that, but if it’s about that, it usually costs around 500,000 yen or more.” (Haruto)

“Eh, it’s that expensive!? That’s so much… If I look hard enough, maybe I can find a decent one for around 300,000 yen…” (Yuno)

When Haruto heard Yuno mentioned the exquisite price with a difficult expression, it triggered his Onii-chan senses.

“Stop. Are you thinking about buying me a soundproof room, Yuu?” (Haruto)

“Yeah. Right now, I have around that much in savings.” (Yuno)

“No, no, that’s absolutely not okay. I’ll be angry if you spend such a large sum of money for my sake. Since you’re still in high school, you should rely on me more. I have a certain image to uphold as your big brother.” (Yuno)

Just this time, Haruto changed his gentle expression to a serious one.

“When the time comes, I’ll be the one to buy it. I’ll make sure it’s set up before your entrance exams.” (Haruto)

“…I understand. Then, for now, I’ll rely on onii-chan. I don’t want to get scolded.” (Yuno)

“A wise decision. But you hardly rely on me at all.” (Haruto)

“That’s not true.” (Yuno)

“Really?” (Haruto)

“Onii-chan, you just haven’t noticed.” (Yuno)

“I-if you say it like that… I’ll believe you.” (Haruto)

Respecting each other and supporting one another in their daily lives, the two of them naturally matured in their way of thinking.

The tense atmosphere around them quickly softened.

“Oh, well then, it’s about time, so I’ll go prepare for the livestream. You have school again tomorrow, so make sure to go to bed early, Yuu.” (Haruto)

“I know. And you don’t have to wake up early to see me off.” (Yuno)

“Even if you say that, I just naturally wake up.” (Haruto)

“Could it be that I was too loud in the morning…?” (Yuno)

“W-Wait, that’s not true! It’s the alarm clock—” (Haruto)

In a rush to dispel the misunderstanding, he quickly realized he had fallen into a trap.

Yuno was there, smirking with a satisfied expression, having successfully teased him.

“U-Ugh, using those words is unfair…” (Haruto)

“It’s because onii-chan isn’t honest. I know you set an alarm, and I know you sleep with the curtains open to let the morning sun in.” (Yuno)

“…You could have just said that earlier.” (Haruto)

The outcome was clear.

“Well then, I’m going to bed soon. I don’t want to disturb onii-chan.” (Yuno)

“I don’t really consider you a disturbance.” (Haruto)

“Hmm.” (Yuno)

“Well then, good night, Yuu. Let’s do our best tomorrow too.” (Haruto)

“Yeah. Good night, onii-chan. Sorry for going to bed before you again.” (Yuno)

“I’ll be making a bit of noise later, so don’t mind me~” (Haruto)

“Hehe, honestly…” (Yuno)

Due to her strong sense of responsibility, it’s probably difficult for her to go to bed early every time.

Responding with a joke to Yuno in this manner is the right approach.

Having witnessed his sister’s smiling face, Haruto turned off the lights in the living room and moved to the gaming room with a drink in hand.

“Phew…”  (Haruto)

The livestream was scheduled for 11:30 PM. There were less than 15 minutes left. While sitting in his gaming chair, he quickly started up the PC.

“I’ll definitely get teased today… And there are already 2000 viewers waiting…” (Haruto)

Ever since the streaming accident, the accidental collaboration with Ayaya, who has over 300,000 subscribers, the recent numerous trending topics, and the (generally positive) controversies, the topics surrounding him seem endless.

Even though it’s late at night, it’s not surprising to see unprecedented numbers.

“Ugh, I’m getting nervous…” (Haruto)

As Haruto tries to pass the time, he starts reading the comments from the viewers in the waiting room.

Comments: [Is Oimo_daisuki-chan not here yet LOL]

Comments: [Hurry up and start the streammm!]

Comments: [Bring out imouto-chan!]

Comments: [This guy’s mental strength to stream even after being exposed today is like a diamond.]

“If only I was as strong as a diamond…” (Haruto)

From here on, he changed his tone to his “oni-chan” persona, and spent the rest of the remaining time meaningfully by going through his script.

And then, 11:30 PM arrives.

“Phew… *cough*” (Haruto)

Taking a deep breath and clearing his throat, Haruto started the livestream.

“Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone.” 

As he delivered his opening line and switched to the ABEX screen, comments started flooding in.

Comments: [It’s hereeeee!]

Comments: [Been waiting!]

Comments: [Good evening!]

Comments: [Was looking forward to this!]

Ever since the streaming incident, hate comments rarely appeared. The majority of the comments were genuinely positive.

“There are already 2500 people watching? Seriously… You guys have way too much free time; it’s a bit off-putting. Go to bed already.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Shut up, siscon]

Comments: [I’m done with work just like oni-chan!]

Comments: [Did you enjoy your imouto-chan’s cooking?]

Comments: [Actually, if we go to sleep, won’t you be in trouble lol]

Banter between the streamer and viewers ensued. Since there were a higher number of viewers, there were more comments, but this was a regular occurrence at this point.

A slight change in the routine wasn’t a big problem. In fact, it was even welcomed because it meant endless topics for discussion.

“Well, well, let me announce today’s schedule. It’s late at night, so… it’s going to be about a 2-hour stream. The first 20 minutes will be shooting bots while doing a Q&A. After that, we’ll have about 1 hour and 40 minutes of ranked matches.” (Oni-chan)

Bot shooting refers to the target practice game mode.

Since it’s just a light warm-up before the actual games, he can answer questions while preparing.

Comments: [Make sure not to wake up your little sister!]

Comments: [You don’t have to get too rowdy!]

Comments: [Take care of your family!]

Comments: [Do it at your own pace]

“…” (Oni-chan)

Those were the comments that came in response to today’s schedule.

The sentiment of “Since you have a little sister, I’ll allow this much!” comes through in the comments.

“…Um, *cough*. As always, I’ll prioritize answering superchats, but feel free to drop your comments in chat anyways as I’ll be reading that too.” (Oni-chan)

If he showed his nervousness, he would be teased even more. He couldn’t afford to let his emotions be shaken.

After the usual introduction, Oni-chan, now in the bot-shooting room, picked up his favorite weapon, the R-301, and began answering questions while shooting targets.

With this, a lot of comments started pouring in.

The first one Oni-chan read was a 1000-yen superchat.

“Um, I’m a first-time viewer. Oh, a newcomer, welcome! So… To what extent will you answer the question…? Well, it’s along the same lines as other streamers. Naturally, questions that could lead to revealing personal information are a big no-no. So, please refrain from asking those questions as it’s just throwing money down the drain.” (Oni-chan)

He understands the challenges and importance of earning money. He doesn’t want to engage in actions where he receives money without answering questions.

It seems this sentiment resonated with the viewers.

Comments: [Now that I think about it, there’s kindness showing here and there…]

Comments: [I envy imouto-san for having such a big brother!]

Comments: [I wonder if imouto-chan is a brocon…?]

Comments: [If she knew about the username of the smurf account, he’d definitely be called creepy lol]

The tone is rough, but his words show consideration for the viewers.

Unintentionally, Oni-chan has taken on a tsundere attribute.

While continuing the bot shooting, Oni-chan proceeds with the Q&A session with a 2500 yen superchat. “Tell us about some of the recent interactions you’ve had with imouto-chan!”

“Well… I don’t know who is this sister you’re talking about, but let’s just say that I got scolded and spanked with a slipper.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [With a slipper lol]

Comments: [What stupid thing did you do to deserve that]

Comments: [You sound kinda down.]

Comments: [Well, if you get scolded by your beloved imouto, of course you would feel down lmao]

Ever since the streaming incident where his sister’s voice was heard, her fanbase has been steadily growing for some reason1.

The comments asking “Why were you scolded?” flooded in, and he quickly shared the details.

“The reason I got scolded… well, it’s totally my fault. I didn’t let her know that I’d be reaching home late. She got worried, so she spanked me.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [You jerk!]

Comments: [You’re the worst!]

Comments: [Apologize by cutting your belly open!]

Comments: [Don’t make your imouto worry!]

As soon as he explained, a barrage of harsh comments came out. There were no viewers siding with Oni-chan; instead, the merciless comments continued.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I wonder if Yuno can be considered a brocon? Well, there’s still that whole Suzuha thing so maybe we’ll find out soon.


  1. Honestly, this could be referring to either MC’s fanbase or his sister’s fanbase idk.
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