TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 2 – Stream After the Punishment

“Huh?” (Oni-chan)

Seeing this reaction, Oni-chan quickly raised his voice.

“Shut up, all of you. I admit that it was my fault. I’m damn well reflecting on it, you idiots.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [This guy’s losing it lmao]

Comments: [Did we offend you lol]

Comments: [He’s taken more damage from this than I thought.]

Comments: [It’s hilarious just picturing Oni-chan getting spanked by his sister]

While venting his frustration, Oni-chan continues shooting bots, and true to his status as a top-tier (Predator) player, his accuracy remains impressive.

As he keeps the viewers entertained with the gameplay, he glances at the next set of comments.

“Do you really love imouto-chan?”, from a 5000 yen superchat.

“… Uh, hey, how about asking something else…? Answering that isn’t worth 5000 yen.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [They’re just waiting to clip this lol]

Comments: [Come on, answer already!]

Comments: [Well, you said you’d answer as long as it doesn’t reveal personal info, so it can’t be helped]

Comments: [You’re gonna answer, right!?]

“*Sigh*…” (Oni-chan)

The comments section buzzes with excitement. Oni-chan stops shooting bots, scratches his head, and reluctantly answers.

“… Well, I love her more than chocolate. Seriously, though, my room isn’t soundproof, so please stop with these kinds of questions. I’m begging you, seriously.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [What’s your standard for chocolate lol]

Comments: [Saying that will just make your sister tease you…]

Comments: [I wonder if imouto-san is watching this stream]

Comments: [It’s Oni-chan’s fault for not putting more restrictions on the questions lol]

The viewers are right.

It’s Oni-chan’s fault for not being restrictive. As a result, the teasing about his sister naturally continues.

“Well then, what do you like about your sister?”, from a 7000 yen superchat.

“No, seriously, another one of these?” (Oni-chan)

He doesn’t want to pick up comments like these, but since he’s receiving money, it’s unavoidable. To overcome the embarrassment, he has no choice but to answer.

“Well, um, the things I like about her…? She’s kind, good at cooking, gives her all in everything she does, and she treasures anything I give her… And, well… Okay, that’s enough!” (Oni-chan)

By taking on the role of the head of the household in place of their parents. It’s inevitable that he takes a more parental perspective in such a situation.

“By the way, isn’t everyone like this? Those with siblings?” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Nononono]

Comments: [Just from this, you can tell imouto-chan is a good person]

Comments: [Is this guy really trying to provoke us lol]

Comments: [Truly lives up to his name of ‘Oimo_daisuki’ lol]

“Let’s change the topic already. Next is… Oh, again with the sister talk! It’s my stream, so can’t you show a bit more interest in me?” (Oni-chan)

Worrying about whether the audience would get tired of the same topic was unfounded. For some reason, the number of viewers kept increasing, and the number of likes was also increasing just as much.

After a while, the continuous talk about his sister came to an end. The next question was a bigger one, with a five-figure superchat: a 12,000 yen question about Ayaya, with whom he collaborated earlier. 

Superchat (12 000 yen): [You were collaborating with Ayaya the other day, but what’s she like off-stream?]

“It’s not about me again! Seriously, I want to ask you guys: Do other streamers answer questions like this about other streamers?” (Oni-chan)

Not being the type to collaborate with others, he couldn’t quite grasp the situation. Truth be told, he didn’t want to answer.

Oni-chan is a character who was universally disliked. As such, he tries to not drag down other streamers and doesn’t usually talk about them.

Comments: [Some people answer, and some don’t]

Comments: [Oh, since Oni-chan hasn’t collaborated with anyone before, he might not know about that]

Comments: [I’m curious about this as much as about imouto-chan.]

Indeed, some streamers include a disclaimer during their broadcasts, advising against mentioning other streamers’ names to avoid trouble. However, Oni-chan is not one of them.

He had never been involved with anyone before, so there was no reason for him to include such a disclaimer.

(If I stay silent, it might lead to some bad speculations… I can’t cause trouble for Ayaya-san either…)

If viewers start to think that staying silent means something is wrong and that off-stream Ayaya has a bad attitude, it would lead to a difficult situation.

While he wants to avoid praising others during his own stream, this is his mistake for not putting up a notice.

The best thing to do is to honestly express what he thinks.

“Well, um… since I received money for it, I’ll say a little, but… honestly, there’s nothing to criticize her about. Even from a streamer’s perspective, I can only think that she’s amazing.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Eh, is this really oni-chan?]

Comments: [His tone suddenly changed lol]

Comments: [The gentle onii-chan voice came out]

Comments: [This Q&A time is more entertaining than any other streamer’s lol]

At that moment, Oni-chan wasn’t looking at the comments. He was recalling the details while gazing at the ceiling.

“Her channel has, what, 300,000 subscribers…? Oh, it’s around 350,000 now. In this industry, power dynamics are often determined by subscriber count, and even with a huge difference between us, she never looked down on me. She treated me politely, even when dealing with someone like me. She’s seriously amazing. That’s why she has so many fans, and I hope she continues to grow. It would be strange if she didn’t.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [You’re praising her like crazy! Do you, like, have feelings for her or something!?]

Comments: [Ayaya’s favorability is skyrocketing, lol]

Comments: [I’m gonna subscribe to her channel too!]

Comments: [Oi oi. Your character is falling apart, you know]

“…Ah, I didn’t answer that question yet. Ayaya is the same on and off stream. Just as she is.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [That was worth the 12,000 yen!]

Comments: [As expected of my Ayaya!]

Comments: [It would be nice if Oni-chan got this much appreciation too!]

Comments: [Seriously, your character is falling apart lol]

After expressing his thoughts and returning his gaze to the PC, Oni-chan finally realizes the current situation.

Consciously clearing his throat, he resumes shooting the bots.

“Well, well, I’m going to be using her as a stepping stone and reap the benefits, so you better be prepared, folks.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [LOL]

Comments: [There’s no point in covering it up now LMAO]

Comments: [This part is definitely going to be clipped too…]

Comments: [You need to prepare more scripts!]

On that day, with just this Q&A session, Oni-chan received his highest number of superchats ever, and he continued to showcase excellent gameplay in the ranked matches.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Did Ayaya’s sub count increase by 50k during this short time period? Both of their channels sure are growing fast.

Speaking of Ayaya, next part is Ayaya’s PoV which should be fun.


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Thanks for the chapter!

Ayaya turn, I wonder will her superchat be flooded about Oni-chan LOL. I remember that Vtubers always give a rule that prohibit mentioning other streamers except if the Vtuber themself brought it up.

Wutupss Gaming

Thanks for the chaps dude honestly i would not found this novel if not for tapping the comedy tag in Nu , enjoying it so far