TGS – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 3 – Accidental Interaction

“Wow, what a nice house!” (Rina)

Upon arriving at Yuno’s home, Rina immediately raised her voice in admiration.

“Thank you. This house was left by my parents.” (Yuno)

“I’m sure your parents are proud of you. You’re only a second-year high school student, yet you can manage yourself and guests coming over.” (Rina)

“Ah, I’d be happy if that’s the case.” (Yuno)

“As a working adult, I definitely think so!” (Rina)

Rina’s personality shone through as she chose uplifting words to prevent any dark atmosphere.

Feeling genuinely warmed by these words, Yuno inserted the key into the lock. Opening the door, she began showing Rina around the house.

“Rina-oneesan, the restroom is this way.” (Yuno)

“Thank you~! Sorry for the trouble, Yuno-chan.” (Rina)

“Not at all. It’s my fault for getting your hands dirty. Feel free to use the towel that’s hanging there. Once you’re done, I’ll be waiting in the living room.” (Yuno)

“Okay!” (Rina)

After this exchange, they temporarily went their separate ways.

Rina, with a cheerful reply, used the sink to wash off the stubborn chain grease with hand soap. Afterwards, she made her way to the neatly organized living room.

There, she found Yuno already preparing food in the kitchen with the TV turned on in the background.

“Yuno-chan, sorry. I might have used a bit too much hand soap.” (Rina)

“Please don’t worry about it! Chain grease is hard to get off, so it’s normal to use that much.” (Yuno)

“Thank you.” (Rina)

Even though she had just met Yuno and understood the challenging circumstances of her household, Rina felt a growing sense of guilt the more soap she used. 

Because of this, she felt relieved by Yuno’s reassuring words.

“Um, Rina-oneesan, do you have any allergies or foods you dislike? I’ll make sure to avoid them.” (Yuno)

“Honestly, I can eat anything~” (Rina)

“Got it! Then I’ll start cooking. Please make yourself comfortable and watch TV if you’d like.” (Yuno)

Yuno smiled warmly as she opened the refrigerator, carefully selecting ingredients. The abundance of food already laid out on the kitchen counter made it clear she intended to offer her utmost hospitality.

Rina, who also enjoyed cooking, understood the effort involved in preparing a meal with so many ingredients.

“Hey, Yuno-chan, why don’t we cook together? I actually love cooking.” (Rina)

“Eh!? But, wouldn’t that be…” (Yuno)

“Letting someone do what they love isn’t a burden at all! You could even say it’s another way to show gratitude.” (Rina)

When Rina added “Let’s enjoy this together”, Yuno found herself unable to refuse.

“If you put it that way, then I hope that you don’t mind…?” (Yuno)

Nihihi, it’s not often I get the chance to cook with someone else, so I’d actually like to help.” (Rina)

“Understood. In that case, let’s do it together!” (Yuno)

“Sure!” (Rina)

Using her communication skills honed from streaming, Rina convinced Yuno, and she stepped into the kitchen.

“Well then, Rina-oneesan, could I ask you to handle the side dish first? Feel free to use any ingredients or utensils. You’re also welcome to use whatever’s on the shelves and fridge.” (Yuno)

“Got it! I’ll start by seeing what you have.” (Rina)

“Go ahead.” (Yuno)

One of the important things in cooking is organization.

To proceed smoothly, Rina begins to familiarize herself with the location of seasonings and small cooking utensils.

In the midst of this, Rina changes the subject.

“You know, Yuno-chan, you’re really amazing. When I was a second-year in high school, I mostly just played around and only did chores when I felt like it.” (Rina)

“In my case, I think my family environment has a big influence… It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’m filled with a desire to make things easier for my brother (ani) as much as possible.” (Yuno)

“—Oh!?” (Rina)

This was new information to Rina. It’s the first time she’s learned about Yuno’s brother.

It was the moment when Rina realized that she misunderstood that Yuno was living alone, but she skillfully hid her surprise by reacting appropriately to the situation.

“By the way, what about your onii-chan? Is he kind?” (Rina)

“Well… yes. Honestly, I’m proud of him. Onii-chan’s really amazing, you know?” (Yuno)

“Heh~ What’s he like?” (Rina)

“Well, this might be a bit heavy, but…” (Yuno)

With that preamble, Yuno begins her explanation.

“Onii-chan originally planned to go to university, but after our family situation came to be, he changed his plans to help me attend university in the future instead. Despite being in high school, he adjusted his schedule to meet the minimum attendance and credit requirements for graduation and spent the rest of his time working multiple jobs to earn money.” (Yuno)

“I see.” (Rina)

At that moment, Rina stopped cooking and focused intently on listening to Yuno’s story, nodding along as she spoke.

“Because of that… well, I shouldn’t phrase things that way, but onii-chan, despite being one of the top students in his grade, ended up at the bottom…” (Yuno)

“…” (Rina)

“I’m sure he must have gone through a lot… Even when he was exhausted, even when he was sick, he never showed any signs of weakness to me… But, um, that only makes me more worried!” (Yuno)

As she voiced thoughts she rarely shared, she immediately felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her. To cool her heated cheeks, she fanned her face with her hand.

“Well, um, onii-chan has some quirks, like mistaking sugar for salt, but he’s someone I deeply respect… Yeah, that’s about it.” (Yuno)

“…” (Rina)

“Rina-oneesan, are you okay?” (Yuno)

“Ah, sorry! I got a bit emotional there.” (Rina)

“After hearing all this, I think if you actually met onii-chan, you’d be like, ‘Huh?’ It’s quite different from what I heard… He’s really unique in his own way.” (Yuno)

“Well, being too perfect isn’t always ideal. Having a few quirks makes someone more special, right?” (Rina)

Humans are said to be more charming when they have flaws.

It seems like this description fits Yuno’s brother perfectly.

“Listening to your story makes me want to meet your brother sometime…” (Rina)

“Just hearing you say that makes me happy. My brother loves gaming, so if you’re into games, you might get along.” (Yuno)

“He’s got a good hobby. So, what kind of games does he play?” (Rina)

“Um… Sorry, it’s not the kind of game women usually play, but he’s into shooter games… In particular, he’s hooked on this game called ABEX.” (Yuno)

“Oh, I see. That’s interesting.” (Rina)

The name of the game, ever so familiar to Rina, strikes a chord, causing her to unconsciously raise an eyebrow.

“ABEX is pretty famous, even among my classmates. Do you know about it, Rina-oneesan?” (Yuno)

“Hmm, well… I don’t usually say this, but I’m actually part of a pro team for ABEX.” (Rina)

“—Huh?” (Yuno)

Upon hearing this response, Yuno’s eyes widen in astonishment. 

Not only was she taken aback by the shocking revelation, but also by her own insensitive comment stating that “I think it’s not the type of game most women play”.

“I-I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to say something rude!” (Yuno)

“It’s totally fine~ There are a ton of male players in the game, after all.” (Rina)

It’s clear that Yuno did not mean anything malicious, and in such a situation, it’s better to just brush it off.

“…U-Um, changing the subject, Rina-oneesan, you’re really amazing to be part of such a team… Onii-chan mentioned to me before how difficult it is to join one…” (Yuno)

“Well, there’s definitely an element of luck involved in these things.” (Rina)

Some might say it’s not good to downplay one’s achievements, especially when representing a professional team. However, there are aspects that Rina just can’t easily accept.

“But if Yuno-chan’s onii-chan is into ABEX, there’s a chance he might know about me, right?” (Rina)

“I-I’m sure he does! This is just between us, but… my onii-chan also does streaming.” (Yuno)

“Whoa, seriously!?” (Rina)

“Yes! I don’t know his channel name or anything, but he has a silver play button, which you get when you have a lot of subscribers.” (Yuno)

“No way! That’s actually pretty impressive!” (Rina)

“It really is! He’s amazing.” (Yuno)

Haruto’s streaming activities were something Yuno had never mentioned to anyone before. 

This time, she broke that barrier with someone she felt could understand and appreciate it, especially considering her involvement in the ABEX pro scene.

Because of that, Yuno felt like boasting about Haruto, but in a “low-key” kind of way such that it wouldn’t reveal his identity. That’s how proud she was of him.

“You know, Yuno-chan, your onii-san is seriously amazing… Viewers are human too, right? So, it’s pretty hard to attract the same gender when streaming, but despite that, in an environment where the target audience is male for a game like ABEX, he’s pulling in numbers big enough to get a play button. It’s just… indescribably impressive.” (Rina)

Being someone who also streamed, Rina couldn’t help but comment. 

With her own research in the streaming market, she found that it was easier to attract attention when streaming games played by the opposite sex which is why she was surprised by the fact that Yuno’s brother was able to get a play button which required at least 100,000 subscribers.

“If Rina-oneesan is saying that, then maybe… he’s even more… than I thought.” (Yuno)

“There aren’t that many male streamers who can grow their audience that much with ABEX, you know. He’s undoubtedly an irreplaceable figure in this industry.” (Rina)

“E-Ehhh…” (Yuno)

The person saying this is someone from the same industry. There’s no room to doubt their words.

However, the feeling of surprise is overshadowed by a sense of unexpectedness… Especially considering she had never heard him brag about his streaming career before.

“I have a question… Is Yuno-chan’s onii-san streaming right now?” (Rina)

“No! He’s currently out for work. He’s so busy that he only has one day off a week.” (Yuno)

“Wait a second. With that many subscribers, he’s not focusing on his streams?!” (Rina)

“Well, yeah…” (Yuno)

Even without knowing the details of the channel, having over 100,000 subscribers guarantees enough income to make ends meet. Riding the wave, it would be more advantageous to focus on channel management. Describing it as a ‘wasted opportunity’ wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate.

“I’ve actually told onii-chan that I want him to pursue what he loves, even if it means reducing his work hours or becoming a full-time streamer…” (Yuno)

“I see. So, it’s about ensuring stable income, right?” (Rina)

“Exactly. He believes that having a stable income will allow me to focus more on my studies without worrying about him…” (Yuno)

“I see. He’s a really good onii-san, isn’t he?” (Rina)

—He could become even more famous.

—He could earn even more income.

Despite knowing that such high probabilities exist, prioritizing family comes first. It’s the safest and most stable option, without risks or uncertainties.

“I sometimes feel like I’m being too harsh on onii-chan… It’s really shameful.” (Yuno)

“When the time comes, make sure to express your gratitude sincerely.” (Rina)

“Yes. If I can’t convey my gratitude to him, I don’t think I’ll ever make it to heaven.” (Yuno)

“Haha, that might be true.” (Rina)

Although it’s a harsh response that should be denied, but in order to encourage, Rina chooses to agree to some extent.

“Um… What should we do then? Would you like to meet onii-chan? He’ll be back by 7 PM since he’s on shift until the evening.” (Yuno)

“Well then, I guess it’s better to meet. If we can get to know each other once, it’ll be easier to invite him to future gaming events1.” (Rina)

“Really!?” (Yuno)

“Of course. I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to have someone as nice as him to join in. Plus, it’d be nice to have dinner together with the three of us later.” (Rina)

“Thank you so much for everything!” (Yuno)

The prospect of Haruto having more opportunities to shine is more than anything to be happy about.

With both hands clenched into fists, Yuno expresses her emotions openly, but then immediately catches herself with an “Ah”, as if snapping back to reality.

“R-Rina-oneesan, I’m sorry… Maybe it might be difficult for onii-chan to attend events after all.” (Yuno)

“Huh? Why’s that?” (Rina)

“I can’t really explain it in detail, but… onii-chan, well, he’s sort of… not really well-liked…” (Yuno)

“Huh?! Is that so?! But he sounds like a great person!?” (Rina)

“Even so… that’s how it is…” (Yuno)

Yuno felt even more apologetic, having received such an opportunity from Rina.

This is because she knows what kind of stream Haruto does.

It’s precisely because his style doesn’t cater to everyone that she felt the need to inform Rina beforehand.

As the evening sky darkens and stars and the moon begin to appear, they finish cooking and were happily spending the rest of the time chatting.


A rhythmic tune begins to play from Yuno’s phone.

“Oh! It’s a call from onii-chan.” (Yuno)

“Based on the timing, It seems like he’s finished his work. Feel free to answer!” (Rina)

“Should I put it on speakerphone? Hearing his voice might give you an idea of what he’s like.” (Yuno)

“I’ll leave it to you, Yuno-chan.” (Rina)

“In that case, I’ll put it on speaker. There shouldn’t be any conversation that we wouldn’t want you to hear.” (Yuno)

It might seem like a dishonest move towards Haruto, but prioritizing the indebted Rina in this situation is crucial.2

After initiating the call, Yuno pressed the ‘answer’ button and then the speaker button to start the conversation.

“(Hello? Yuu?)” (Haruto)

“Hello. Onii-chan, did you just finish work?” (Yuno)

“(Yeah, just finished. Did something happen? I got a message saying to contact you as soon as I finished my shift.)” (Haruto)

“It’s about that. My bike chain came off while I was coming back from school today.” (Yuno)

“(What!? Are you okay? Did you get hurt!?)” (Haruto)

“Hey, your voice is too loud… I wasn’t on a dangerous path so I’m not injured or anything…” (Yuno)

Glancing at Rina, she notices her chuckling softly.

There’s nothing to worry about in the conversation, but Yuno still feels embarrassed about it.

“(Well, that’s a relief… Oh, so I should pick up your bike on the way home, right? Where did you leave it?)” (Haruto)

“No, actually, I was stuck because my bike wouldn’t move, but an onee-san helped me out. She fixed the chain for me, so it’s at home now.” (Yuno)

“(She fixed the chain… Her hands must have gotten dirty, right? Did you ask where she lives? We should go thank her!)” (Haruto)

Being taught by their parents to always show gratitude when someone does something for them, Haruto’s response mirrors Yuno’s response.

“Yeah, that’s why I wanted to let you know in advance that I thought it’d be nice to invite her over for a meal as a thank-you.” (Yuno)

“(Yuu! That’s really thoughtful! I’ll buy a thank-you gift, so please keep her there until I get home!)” (Haruto)

Naturally, Rina can hear this conversation as well.

Upon hearing the mention of a “thank-you gift”, Yuno looks back at Rina, who was waving her hands left and right.

Despite understanding that she didn’t need the gift, Yuno continued the call at her own pace.

“Thank you, onii-chan. I’m sorry to bother you after work.” (Yuno)

“(No problem! It’s not a burden at all. Oh, could you ask her what she likes? I get her something she likes!)” (Haruto)

“She mentioned she likes sweets. Since she seems to be into gaming, something easy to snack on would probably be appreciated.” (Yuno)

“(Got it! Well, I’m heading into the store now, so I’ll talk to you later! Let onee-san know that your brother will be back soon.)” (Haruto)

“Understood. Take care and come back safely.” (Yuno)

“(Haha, thanks. Yuu, good job on finishing school today.)” (Haruto)

“Yeah, see you later.” (Yuno)

“(Alright.)” (Haruto)

After responding to Haruto’s final words and ending the call, Yuno turns to Rina.

“So, that was onii-chan.” (Yuno)

“He seems really easygoing, but…  You didn’t have to worry about me so much, you know.” (Rina)

“Well, that’s just how our parents raised us.”  (Yuno)

Mou.” (Rina)

Upon hearing that, anyone would find it hard to argue back.

Despite showing a slight resistance, Rina raises her hands in surrender.

“Well, even so, it’s really surprising to hear that the onii-chan I heard over the phone isn’t well-liked. It just doesn’t seem like you were talking about the same person.” (Rina)

“He’s really the same person as you heard over the phone, and I agree that it doesn’t suit him. When he does his streams, he always needs a kind of script…” (Yuno)

“A script?” (Rina)

“It’s not as formal as one used in theater, but it’s like lines he can use, like aggressive remarks, depending on the situation.” (Yuno)

“Wow… I see… That makes sense.” (Rina)

At that moment, Rina unconsciously places a hand over her mouth, as if to chew on the surprise and agitation she felt.

“But… I understand now why onii-chan chose something that doesn’t match his personality. After hearing about the tough environment from Rina-oneesan, I realized that he must have thought long and hard about how to survive as a streamer in his own way… It just makes me respect him even more.” (Yuno)

“Heh, with that kind of personality, I bet your onii-chan is thinking of using the money he earns from streaming for your education.” (Rina)

“Ahaha, I’ll make sure to remind him not to push himself too hard.” (Yuno)

“Yeah… You two are a wonderful siblings.” (Rina)

Words escaped from Rina before she could process them. 

Just listening to their stories and observing their interactions made her smile.

And now, knowing the person whom Yuno respects so much—Rina, who was about 80% sure of Yuno’s brother’s identity—could hardly wait to meet him.

She had been checking the clock repeatedly, anxiously waiting for what felt like dozens of minutes.

And then, after what felt like an eternity of waiting…

As soon as the front door opened…

“Oh! Thank you so much for taking care of Yu…no…?” (Haruto)

“Wha–!! You’re the guy from the cafe!?” (Rina)

They met face-to-face, revealing that this wasn’t their first encounter after all.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Very subtle Yuno. Also, I find it crazy that she hasn’t told Suzuha about MC streaming. Maybe she has and I am an amnesiac but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t. 

And WTF? I didn’t recognize Yuno in the illustration at all?? Did she just get prettier or am I just imagining things?? Honestly, I thought she was Chiyo cause I don’t recognize her. And yes, I couldn’t tell that she was wearing a school uniform.

Is it actually easier to get into the game streaming industry as the opposite sex? I mean, I guess if you’re just starting out it might be easier, but the majority of the big streamer names I heard are male.


  1. I think she plans to invite him to the streamer event thing if he wasn’t already inside.
  2. Yeh, this is the actual translation. Doesn’t make sense I know.
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