TGS – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 4 – Accidental Interaction

After finishing their cheerful greetings at the entrance, they gathered in the living room around an extravagant spread of meals that they definitely wouldn’t be able to finish in one sitting.

“…Y-Yuu, you really invited an incredible person over… You even cooked with her…” (Haruto)

“S-She really does have 700,000 subscribers…” (Yuno)

Haruto, who was informed beforehand, and Yuno, who had quickly looked Rina up on her phone, faced Rina with awe.

Nihihi, I only reached 700,000 subscribers just yesterday. But outside of streaming, I’m just a regular girl, so I’d be happy if you could treat me normally. Especially you, Yuno-chan, you were doing great just a while ago.” (Rina)

“I-I understand!” (Yuno)

Thanks to Rina’s easygoing demeanor and friendly personality, the atmosphere lightened up.

However, one must wonder how her popularity affects her daily life.

Haruto, who knew the extent of Rina’s influence and achievements, could only tremble as he held his chopsticks.

“But I still can’t believe that the person who helped Yuu was Rina-san… It’s unbelievable.” (Haruto)

“I was surprised too. To think that Yuno-chan’s onii-san was the kind cafe staff who helped me a while ago.” (Rina)

“I’m also shocked that onii-chan knew about Rina-oneesan…” (Yuno)

At first, none of them could grasp the situation immediately.

Only now had the conversation begun to unfold.

“Um, it seems you fixed my imouto’s bike chain… Rina-san, are your hands okay? You didn’t get hurt, did you?” (Haruto)

“Not at all. After I washed my hands, they were as clean as they were before.” (Rina)

“That’s a relief…” (Haruto)

Haruto could only feel relieved at her response.

For a game streamer, especially a professional gamer, injuring their hands would be troublesome for their activities.

As a game streamer on a similar level himself, this was something Haruto couldn’t help but worry about.

“Onii-chan, Rina-oneesan came to help me and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty at all.” (Yuno)

“R-Really!? Hearing that… it feels like our thank-you gifts aren’t enough…” (Haruto)

“No, no, no, no! They’re more than enough, seriously.” (Rina)

Haruto had bought two thank-you gifts: a box of assorted chocolates and a box of assorted cookies. Generally, that would be considered a lot, but expressions of gratitude vary from person to person.

“Besides, just cooking together with Yuno-chan felt like a thank-you gift already. I rarely get the chance to cook with someone else.” (Rina)

“I feel the same way… So, um, I’d be happy if I could cook together with Rina-oneesan again…” (Yuno)

“Really!? I’m glad to hear you say that.” (Rina)

Rina clasped her hands together, her cheeks softening into an expression that matched her words.

“Then why don’t we cook at my place next time? I’ll give you my contact information too.” (Rina)

“Really!?” (Yuno)

“I’d actually like to ask that of you.” (Rina)

“Thank you so much, Rina-san. My imouto isn’t the type to cause any trouble, so if you could, please take care of her.” (Haruto)

Haruto was banned from the kitchen because he might cause a fire due to his carelessness, so he couldn’t replace Rina in this regard. He bowed deeply, showing his gratitude.

“Wait, you’re not coming along, Onii-san? I’d be happy if you could try the food we make.” (Rina)

“I’m glad to hear you say that, but wouldn’t it be a huge problem if it got out that a guy visited Rina-san’s home? Not to mention, wouldn’t it be troublesome for you to reveal your home location to me?” (Haruto)

“Well, if I invited you over one-on-one and it got leaked, no explanation would hold up. But if Yuno-chan is with you, it’s no problem at all.” (Rina)

The professional gaming team Rina belonged to, Axcis Crown, didn’t prohibit relationships.

Even if there were misunderstandings, it wouldn’t affect the team, or rather, any impact would primarily be on her channel.

Since she could deal with the consequences of her own actions, she was able to make this decision.

“Besides, even if you know where I live, I don’t think Onii-san would cause any trouble.” (Rina)

“Huh?” (Haruto)

Haruto’s eyes widen at this statement.

Seeing his surprised expression, Rina quickly adds an explanation.

“Ah, I might look flashy, but it’s not like I’m usually this lax with people. I judged that it was okay based on the kind service I received from you at that time, and also because I heard various things from others.” (Rina)

Both Yuno and Haruto are trustworthy individuals. If she didn’t feel that way, she wouldn’t have invited them to her home.

Despite Rina appearing carefree, she’s meticulously aware of the risks involved when working in the industry, having heard about them in detail from her agency.

“Rina-oneesan, keep what we talked about today is a secret, okay?” (Yuno)

“Hehe, got it.” (Rina)

“Um, did Yuu really praise me that much?” (Haruto)

“Onii-chan, I said it’s a secret, so it’s uncool of you to keep pressing.” (Yuno)

“W-Well, can’t you cut me some slack…!? It sounds like something to be happy about, you know.” (Haruto)

“If I cut you some slack, I feel like I’ll lose.” (Yuno)

“Heh.” (Rina)

Considering she’s in her high school years, it’s understandable that she’s not very straightforward with her feelings. 

However, thinking back to how Yuno said she tends to be harsh on her brother, Rina couldn’t help but suppress a laugh seeing the contrast between her behavior now and how openly she was sharing her feelings earlier.

Yuno might have her tsundere moments, but she only adopts this attitude towards her one and only family member, Haruto.

“…Ah, Rina-oneesan, this sesame sauce you made is quite good.” (Yuno)

“Right? The simmered food is also pretty good, so try it! Oh, but onii-san, you should eat more. You’ve just finished work, so you should eat plenty to regain your energy.” (Rina)

“Ahaha. Well then, don’t mind me, itadakimasu.” (Haruto)

Thanks to the gentle encouragement, Haruto finds it easier to pick up his chopsticks.

At this moment, Yuno reaches out her hand.

“Here, Onii-chan, let me serve you.” (Yuno)

“Thank you.” (Haruto)

“It’s nothing…” (Yuno)

“Hehe.” (Rina)

—(I sometimes feel like I’m being too harsh on onii-chan… It’s really shameful.)

That’s the true feeling Yuno expressed earlier.

It seemed that she reflected on her earlier attitude and wanted to show genuine kindness where she could.

“I was curious about this—does onii-san and Yuno-chan ever fight? I can’t really picture it.” (Rina)

“Ah… Now that you mention it, we haven’t had any real fights for a long time. Yuu always hits me with solid logic, so we don’t really argue.” (Haruto)

“Pfft, do you mess up that much, onii-san?” (Rina)

“That’s right, Rina-oneesan. He’s really awful.” (Yuno)

With a strong voice, Yuno entered the conversation smoothly.

“He often forgets to let me know where he is, which worries me, and when left to his own devices, he always overworks himself. Lately, he’s been staying up late and even lying about it.” (Yuno)

“Oh my.” (Rina)

After hearing this, it was clear how peaceful their relationship was, leaving no room for any other response.

“Yuu… couldn’t you cut your brother some slack just this once?” (Haruto)

“You’d get carried away if I did.” (Yuno)

“—And that’s generally how it goes. By the way, Rina-san, your cooking is also really good.” (Haruto)

Hihi, thank you.” (Rina)

On top of how just receiving this kind of feedback made her happy, Rina appreciated Haruto’s way of adding “also” when complimenting her cooking.

As proof, there was another person subtly showing a satisfied expression.

“So the power balance between Yuno-chan and Onii-san is 100 to 0?” (Rina)

“Usually, you could say that, but when I’ve done something wrong, like hiding a cold or an injury, he comes back at me ten times harder.” (Yuno)

“Oh, I see.” (Rina)

“Just between us, it even feels like he wants to hit me for it.” (Yuno)

“I see. After dinner, let’s go to the police, onii-san.” (Rina)

“Oh, come on… You’re saying things that aren’t true…” (Haruto)

Muttering to himself, Haruto wore an exasperated yet amused smile. Of course, Rina understood that Yuno was just joking.

“Since he’s usually gentle when onii-chan gets angry, he’s really scary, so please be careful, Rina-oneesan.” (Yuno)

“I don’t think I’ll find him as scary as Yuno-chan does.” (Rina)

“Huh?” (Yuno)

“I’m sure he’s that way because he cares about you, right, onii-san?” (Rina)

“Hahaha, I can say this here… but I don’t want Yuu to have a hard time. I’ve already been relying on her too much and burdening her with chores and part-time jobs.” (Haruto)

Even though Haruto hasn’t had any alcohol, he feels comfortable expressing himself to Rina, who listens without teasing him.

“Y-You’re such an idiot… Even though you’re the one who’s been through more.” (Yuno)

“I’m a healthy young man, so I’ll be fine. I have way more stamina than Yuno, after all.” (Haruto)

“I really hate that theory that people make.” (Yuno)

“Don’t be like that~” (Haruto)

“Hehe.” (Rina)

Haruto and Rina laughed together as they watched Yuno effortlessly speak her mind.

How many times has this happened already?

Listening to this heartwarming exchange where they support each other, Rina decides to take one step further.

“…Um, sorry for changing the subject completely, but onii-san, you do streaming just like me, right? When I talked with Yuno-chan about games, she mentioned it, so could you tell me more?” (Rina)

“Well, I do stream, but it’s nothing to brag about…” (Haruto)

Haruto remains unfazed by this topic, as Yuno is unaware of the workings of his “Oni-chan” channel.

If he ever needs to tell her, he always provides only the bare minimum information. And when he says it’s “nothing to brag about”, it’s because he adopts a streaming style that has mixed reviews and isn’t something he’s proud of.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not prying or anything.” (Rina)

“Haha, that’s a relief.” (Haruto)

“The reason I asked is because I’m interested in other people’s streaming setups. I thought it would be nice if you could show me yours if it’s okay.” (Rina)

“Oh, sure, that’s no problem at all. It’s not anything special, but you’re welcome to see it.” (Haruto)

“Really, thank you! How about after we finish eating?” (Rina)

“Of course. Could I have a little time then? I want to tidy up the room a bit.” (Haruto)

“Sure, that’s totally fine.” (Rina)

With a pleasant smile, Rina smoothly negotiates her request.

While Rina’s interest in other people’s streaming setups is genuine, this serves as an excuse—one that Yuno seems to have caught on and acted accordingly.

“In that case, I’ll just relax in the living room for a bit. There are a few shows I’d like to watch.” (Yuno)

Since they had been talking about an invitation to an event earlier, she wanted to create an opportunity for them to be alone.

But Haruto was as perceptive as ever.

He immediately noticed the strangeness in prioritizing the TV over the guest she was supposed to be grateful for and recognized that it wasn’t like Yuno to act this way.

“You don’t need to worry so much. Want to join us, Yuu?” (Haruto)

“It’s not like that. Oh, and just because the two of you are alone doesn’t mean you can do anything weird to Rina-oneesan. If I hear any screams, I’ll report it immediately.” (Yuno)

“I obviously wouldn’t do anything like that, right!?” (Haruto)

“Hmm~ Onii-san ecchi.” (Rina)

“St-stop it! Yuu, don’t say weird things!!” (Haruto)

Rina is exceptionally skilled in this kind of banter.

With a smirk on her face and a hand covering her mouth, Haruto involuntarily blushes.

The lively atmosphere of the meal becomes even more lively than before.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Something tells me that this isn’t just going to be about the event. Since Rina already knows, she could totally just pursue the topic freely since Yuno wouldn’t be there.


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It seems like a weird thing to invite someone just meat and you know is a famous streamer into your room which contains things related to your streaming career when you are explicitly trying to hide it, but that is just my two cents.

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