TGS – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 2 – Consultation and Streaming

That night.

“Hey, I’m on a roll right now. I’m doing so well, I feel like I can do something crazy.” (Oni-chan)

Haruto, also known as Oni-chan, was streaming a solo session of ABEX, firing bullets into the sky as he raced through the battlefield.

Comments: [Stop doing that, you’ll give away your position LOL]

Comments: [Did you forget what happened last time smh]

Comments: [That’s why you can’t win idiot]

Comments: [At least heal up all the way first lol]

“Who cares? …Oh, maybe that was a bit much…” (Oni-chan)

As he continued to shoot aimlessly, Oni-chan let out a rather pitiful voice.

As a result of getting too absorbed, the amount of ammo left in his primary weapon had dwindled from 210 rounds to just 30.

With that few bullets left, it would be impossible to take down enemies if he missed even a few shots.

While it was his own actions that led to this situation, honestly, it was quite a nerve-wracking predicament.

In order to regain his composure, he glanced at the steady stream of comments:

Comments: [Nice ammo count lol]

Comments: [How does one even miss that!?]

Comments: [You really are a klutz…]

Comments: [I think I understand imouto-san’s struggles now… especially with moments like these]

They quickly found something to tease him about.

“Hey, who are you calling a klutz? And my imouto has nothing to do with this.” (Oni-chan)

The one topic Oni-chan absolutely didn’t want anyone to mention was anything related to his sister.

“I did this on purpose, you know. Just watch. These bullets are more than enough for what the server can handle.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Press X to doubt]

Comments: [Well, good luck!]

Comments: [If you have time to talk, go loot some supplies genius]

Comments: [What kind of top-tier gameplay am I looking at lol]

While picking up more ammo was an option, Oni-chan valued the entertainment aspect of his streams just as much.

Doing that would kill the excitement.

The best way to entertain the viewers is to take down enemies with what he has and immediately loot their supplies.

Since he’s playing in the highest rank, the opponents are naturally strong. There’s no way to win while messing around.

“Alright then…” (Oni-chan)

As if flipping a switch, Oni-chan changed his playful tone to a serious one while healing up.

Comments: [Ah, it’s Oni-chan’s serious mode!]

Comments: [You should just stay like this all the time lol]

Comments: [My clip button is ready!]

Comments: [Show us what you got!]

Sensing that he was about to get serious, the flow of comments suddenly sped up.

“Yeah, watch closely! This is gonna be highlight-worthy!!” (Oni-chan)

Just as he glanced at the comments and raised his voice to pump himself up, a dull thud of a bullet hitting him was heard. Then, the sharp sound of a shot followed, and the words “GAME OVER” appeared on the screen.

“Huh!?” (Oni-chan)

An inexplicable event.

He quickly checked the death log to understand the cause.

A headshot from a Kraber, the sniper rifle with the highest damage in the game.

It was an unreasonable one-shot kill.

“…………” (Oni-chan)

As he stared at the screen in stunned silence, the comments flowed even faster.

Comments: [LOL]

Comments: [F]

Comments: [Seriously, what was that lol]

Comments: [This is what happens when you give away your position… again]

Comments: [Serves you right lol]

Both fans and critics were in high spirits.

While this turn of events was beneficial from a streamer’s perspective, for Oni-chan, who had just switched to serious mode and was ready to fight earnestly, it was frustrating.

He slammed the desk in frustration and was sent to the start screen. 

“Alright… I think I’m done for now, let’s just talk for the rest of the stream…” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Someone’s in a bad mood]

Comments: [Cute lol]

Comments: [That’s what you get for doing that lmao]

Comments: [Classic Kraber moment lol]

True to the comments, Oni-chan was feeling a bit deflated.

Although it wasn’t part of the plan, he decided to use the rest of his time to keep the conversation going until he regained his momentum.

“Come on, feel free to ask me anything!” (Oni-chan)

He focused on the chat scrolling on the monitor, picking out the comments and tips.

“Let’s see, first one… [I’m rooting for you. Keep up the good work with your streams and your six-days-a-week job.] If you’re willing to pay 5000 yen for that, at least ask me something… I’m waiting. Anyways, I’ve remembered your name, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the regular chat. I’ll respond accordingly.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [He’s embarrassed lol]

Comments: [Someone’s happy]

Comments: [His private life is totally exposed lol]

Comments: [Seriously, this guy’s living such a busy life]

Oni-chan had already exposed quite a lot during the streaming incident.

But what was truly fortunate was that no personal information that could lead to him being doxxed had leaked.

“Next up… [I’ve been here since the beginning.] So what? Come on, ask me something too… Well, anyway, thanks as always. I remember when I won, you were always spamming ‘8888888’ in the chat, I know that.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [He knew lol]

Comments: [I don’t know why, but I’m kinda jealous]

Comments: [Surprisingly, Oni-chan remembers the viewers’ names]

Comments: [That’s definitely not in character lmao]

Oni-chan knew the value of money better than anyone else.

He made an effort to remember the names of viewers who sent him donations in the chat.

“And next… [This is for imouto-san.] Huh. Well… I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ll buy a cream puff with that. I’ll post a photo of it on Twitto, so go ahead and check it out.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [We don’t need a proof of purchase lol]

Comments: [You’re the only one who goes to the trouble of providing evidence.]

Comments: [He says that but he’s gonna then eat it himself.]

Comments: [Doesn’t seem like something he would do lol]

“…” (Oni-chan)

Ignoring the comments from viewers who seem to see through him, Oni-chan continues this for about six minutes.

“――Ah!” (Oni-chan)

Finally, an actual question arrives.

“[Will you be participating in the Ebe Festival next month?] …Ah, well, I didn’t get anything from the organizers. While everyone’s having a good time, I’ll just grab some food or something.” (Oni-chan)

This is something that must be kept confidential. It’s still something I’m not supposed to reveal to anyone. His response was also written in his script in advance to avoid any slip-ups.

Comments: [Well, that’s to be expected lol]

Comments: [You reap what you sow.]

Comments: [Well… I wish he would participate though…]

Comments: [Even with 200,000 subscribers… I guess invitations aren’t that easy to get huh?]

There’s no need to respond to the first two comments. Oni-chan has always known that he wouldn’t get invited.

But it’s oddly heartening to see comments expressing disappointment.

“Let’s say I decided to participate, would you guys cheer me on?” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Nope.]

Comments: [Not happening.]

Comments: [No way.]

Comments: [You’re asking for a bit too much.]

“…” (Oni-chan)

Where did those kind comments from earlier disappear to? Instead, there’s a long line of rejections. It’s truly baffling how the viewers can switch gears like this, and it stings to see such a contrast from before.

“Alright, let’s move on. Next question.” (Oni-chan)

It’s already decided behind the scenes that he’ll participate in the festival.

To avoid slipping up, he changes the topic.

“Hmm, [Have you been hanging out with girls irl lately?]—that’s a bit of a different question from usual…” (Oni-chan)

It’s something he doesn’t usually get asked, so he can’t help but wonder if everyone’s interested.

Comments: [Come to think of it, we haven’t asked about you, Oni-chan!]

Comments: [Finally, something I’m interested in lol]

Comments: [You sound like you’ve got that handsome vibe.]

Comments: [Hurry up and answer!]

“…How much interest do you guys have in my real life stuff?” (Oni-chan)

Being interested is definitely better than not being interested.

While hiding this joy, Oni-chan answers honestly.

“Well, about that last question, I haven’t been on any dates or anything lately. Seriously.” (Oni-chan)

He could have easily lied to save face, but considering it’s a question he received after someone generously sent money, he believes it’s important to answer honestly and stick to his principles…

Comments: [Haha!]

Comments: [Not even once!?]

Comments: [Are you serious lol]

Comments: [Not popular in real life huh?]

――As expected, the comments roll in.

“Hey, hold on a sec. You guys are making fun of me, but honestly, how many of you have been in the same boat as me? Come on, be honest.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [I’ve actually been on a date.]

Comments: [I hung out with someone yesterday.]

Comments: [Went on a double date just the other day.]

Comments: [I hung out with someone a year ago.]

He checks the comments scrolling on the monitor, noticing that many seem to have more experience than he expected.

“Huh? Are you guys serious about this? You’re definitely lying… Hold on, let me do a quick poll.” (Oni-chan)

Using MouTube’s poll feature, he sets up a poll asking viewers if they’ve ever hung out with someone of the opposite sex, with options for “Yes” and “No”.

The result: 80% have hung out with someone, while 20% haven’t. There was an overwhelming difference.

“Wait, I-Is this… real?” (Oni-chan)

He couldn’t help but speak in his natural tone. He rubs his eyes and checks again, but there’s no mistaking it.

Comments: [You’re seriously cute, Oni-chan LOL]

Comments: [Probably just too busy to hang out, right?]

Comments: [So Oni-chan’s on DT?]

Comments: [DT1 lmao]

Comments: [Doutei lol]

And then, the worst possible flow arises. Comments flood in, mocking him relentlessly, a situation he absolutely didn’t want to find himself in.

“…I’m done with today’s stream…” (Oni-chan)

Their words hit home.

He’s convinced that continuing the stream would only invite further mockery.

With his farewell, Oni-chan swiftly ends the stream.

Comments: [LOL]

Comments: [He ran away lmao]

Comments: [Guess we hit a soft spot?]

Comments: [Oni-chan, you’re a funny guy.]

Even after ending the stream, the number of viewers doesn’t decrease, and the comments section continues to overflow with mockery, beyond what he can keep up with.

Haa…” (Haruto)

With his face buried in his hands, Haruto exhales a sigh as if trying to escape embarrassment.

…Just a little bit left until his time with Aya.

At this moment, Haruto finds himself oddly conscious.

And soon after—clips of the incident are uploaded all over the internet, and Oni-chan’s Twitto gets flooded with chaos.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

YES YES YES Date next chapter!! I can’t believe it took 3 whole chapters just to have MC and Aya interact, so I hope at least some progress happens during the date!

On a separate note, I actually just finished translating my other series. I did each chapter in one go, I just haven’t posted them yet. One of the chapters was 42 Google Doc pages long and it crashed WordPress Editor twice cause of how long it was. Although, I’m not sure how much that means cause WordPress also took 45 mins to post a chapter.

Anyways, this means I can get started on the new series soon.


  1. DT stands for Doutei, which means male virgin.
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