TGS – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 1 – Date 1

Three days later, it was the promised day.

It was Saturday, the only day off for Haruto. The time was just before 1 PM.

“Onii-chan, good for you. You got invited to hang out.” (Yuno)

“Haha, yeah! I’m really happy.” (Haruto)

Haruto, who was excitedly preparing to go out, and Yuno, who was working on her high school assignments in the living room, exchanged their usual friendly banter.

“Onii-chan, isn’t this the first time in years that you’re hanging out with someone other than Suzuha-chan and me? You’ve been focusing on your work all this time.” (Yuno)

“Ah, now that you mention it, that might be true.” (Haruto)

“…Just to remind you, don’t get too carried away and cause any trouble for others, okay?” (Yuno)

“Of course not!” (Haruto)

During this time, Haruto kept moving his hands without losing his smile.

It wouldn’t be strange for one to think that his “getting too excited”, but for Haruto, this was natural.

Since high school, he had always declined invitations to hang out, prioritizing his part-time jobs instead.

Naturally, as more people caught on, this behavior led to fewer invitations.

Eventually, it reached the point where he stopped being invited because “he’d refuse anyways”.

Haruto continued such days and graduated from high school. Even after graduation, he worked hard at the café and started streaming games as a hobby, hoping to somehow turn it into a source of income.

If he dedicated himself to streaming, even on his only day off, it couldn’t be truly called a day off.

Just like in high school, dedicating himself to work wouldn’t be able to let him make friends to hang out with.

“Your enthusiastic response actually makes me worry.” (Yuno)

“T-There is nothing to worry about…” (Haruto)

Despite his struggles, now that Haruto’s streaming has gained traction, he has more leeway to hang out with others.

In other words, even casual outings were precious to him. It made him feel like he was reclaiming the youth he had missed.

“Onii-chan, you don’t need dinner tonight, right?” (Yuno)

“I’ll be eating out, so it’s fine. Oh, and Suzuha-chan is staying over tonight, right?” (Haruto)

“Yeah, but is there a problem? Did you accidentally schedule a stream for tonight?” (Yuno)

“No, it’s not that. I just wanted to say that tonight, feel free to order delivery or something. It’ll be more fun that way.” (Haruto)

“Alright, I’ll do that if needed.” (Yuno)

“Yuno, enjoy your day off too.” (Haruto)

“You don’t have to tell me that. So, what time are you leaving the house?” (Yuno)

“We’re meeting at 2 PM, so I plan to leave at 1:30 PM. I want to arrive at least 15 minutes early.” (Haruto)

“Then make sure to double-check your stuff before 1:30 PM. When you’re excited like this, you’ll definitely forget something.” (Yuno)

“Ahaha, I’ll make sure to check three times.” (Haruto)

“Yes, do that.” (Yuno)

Yuno’s words may dampen Haruto’s cheerful mood, but she has no intention of putting him down.

It’s simply her goodwill, wishing for him to fully enjoy this precious time.

Of course, that sentiment comes across loud and clear.

“Oh, and onii-chan, on a separate note, let’s go clothes shopping together next time.” (Yuno)

“…Huh? Does that mean these clothes look weird?” (Haruto)

“Why would you think that…? Those clothes look good on you. They’re simple.” (Yuno)

“I’m relieved to hear that.” (Haruto)

He wears a T-shirt with a three-quarter sleeve jacket, paired with a shoulder bag, and long pants.

Being tall, he looked quite presentable.

“It’s just that you might have more chances to go out from now on, right? Since you can wear them to work too, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more sets of clothes.” (Yuno)

“Got it. While we’re at it, let’s pick up some clothes for you as well. If it’s okay, Suzuha-chan can join us too.” (Haruto)

“Then let me know the date in advance. I’ll contact Suzuha-chan.” (Yuno)

“Okay!” (Haruto)

Haruto made a circle with his hands to respond. Seeing this, Yuno regretted making him even more excited.

“Oops, sorry for talking so much while you’re in the middle of your assignments.” (Haruto)

“It’s fine, I can still work while talking. Besides, I was the one who started the conversation in the first place.” (Yuno)

“Then, can I talk more?” (Haruto)

“What kind of question is that…? I’d like to say ‘do as you please’, but first, finish your preparations and check if you forgot anything.” (Yuno)

“Yeah, I’ll finish right away!” (Haruto)

Haruto must have needed something from his room, as he quickly left the living room.

Haa… Looks like he’s really did forget something.” (Yuno)

In the now quiet living room, Yuno sighed with a slightly exasperated look.

However, she was glad that he wanted to keep the conversation going as much as possible.

Hiding her indescribable feelings, she propped her chin on her hand and continued her homework, using the sounds Haruto made as background noise for a few minutes.

When Haruto returned to the living room, they spent some family time together.

And so, just after leaving the house,

“I never thought I’d really get the chance to hang out with a fellow streamer…” (Haruto)

Haruto, having finished his item check, muttered as he headed towards the meeting place at the station.

Due to his unique streaming style, which he himself couldn’t fully defend, he had naturally been shunned in the streaming community.

“I’m really happy.” (Haruto)

Even if he relaxed even a little, he felt like his face would slacken into a sloppy expression.

――And there is something he hadn’t told Yuno.

Haa…” (Haruto)

The moment he thought about what Aya had said before, he felt a tightness in his chest from the nervousness.

(Ahhh mouuu~!, it’s over… My life is over… Why is it that the one person I consulted about my love troubles turned out to be Haruto-san…! S-So, um, everything is exposed, right!?)1

Her voice was shaking, and she knew that her own face was bright red.

—(U-Um… it’s not like I like Haruto-san or anything, okay!? Just as I mentioned before, I’m just interested in you!! Understand!?)

In a panic, she rushed to explain.

“…” (Haruto)

In high school, due to his family situation, he prioritized earning money. As a result, Haruto thought very little about studying and didn’t have any time to think about romance.

Embarrassingly, he was inexperienced and simply being told that a girl was “interested in him” made him conscious.

When he was invited out by such a person, the word “date” inevitably came to mind.

“A-Anyways, I shouldn’t dwell on this too much…” (Haruto)

It would be a disaster if he got ahead of himself.

He took a deep breath to keep calm.

“I need to stay calm…” (Haruto)

With that mindset, as he approached the meeting place at the station’s north exit—he found her.

Aya was dressed in a beautiful outfit consisting of a white short-sleeved top, a light cardigan2, and a short brown skirt.

She stood with perfect posture, occasionally adjusting her bangs with her hand.

Despite her cute appearance drawing a lot of attention, it seemed that she was being thought of as “waiting for a date” by those around her. Even the pickup artist avoided Aya and caught sight of another woman to approach.

“Hehe… So even Shirayuki-san…” (Haruto)

Though it might be a cruel analogy, seeing Aya more nervous than him somehow eased the tension in his heart and made him feel relieved.

As the tension eased, he found himself naturally smiling.

“Alright…” (Haruto)

He whispered softly to himself as he mentally prepared himself to greet her.

Once he reached the appropriate distance, he called out to her with “Shirayuki-san”. Aya, who was startled, lifted her eyes to meet his.

Instantly, an audible “ah” could be heard and she approached him with small steps.

“H-Haruto-san! G-G-G-Good afternoon! Um, today’s weather is really nice…!!” (Aya)

“Ahaha, the weather is indeed nice.” (Haruto)

It was a stiff greeting, almost like they were meeting for the first time, but it was clear how tense she was. It couldn’t be helped.

If the situation were reversed and he had arrived first, he might have been just as nervous.

With such thoughts in mind, he continued speaking.

“Sorry for making you wait.” (Haruto)

“N-No, not at all! I just got here too!” (Aya)

She shook her head from side to side in denial, but it was evident from her demeanor that she hadn’t just arrived.

While understanding that these were words meant to be received with gratitude, Haruto couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward about it.

“Well, that’s good to hear… and thank you.” (Haruto)

“Uh, yeah…” (Aya)

As he expressed his gratitude, Aya nodded in acknowledgment, as if she understood his intention.

Perhaps feeling embarrassed about being found out, she covered her red cheeks with both hands and started fidgeting nervously.

Seeing her like this only emphasized her lack of composure.

Despite his unfamiliarity with the situation, Haruto tried to take the lead with her.

“Hey, Shirayuki-san. How about we quickly check out some shops inside the station? It might be easier to talk that way. I’m quite nervous too. Haha.” (Haruto)

“Y-You’d do that for me…? Wait, Haruto-san being nervous is definitely a lie…! I can feel your composure radiating from you.” (Aya)

“You think so? But it’s true.” (Haruto)

Finding someone who was more nervous than himself undoubtedly put Haruto at ease.

However, there were still aspects he couldn’t conceal.

As embarrassing as it was for him as a man, it was something he didn’t want to reveal too much. Yet, he had realized from previous experiences that conveying his own nervousness could help ease Aya’s tension.

“—Look.” (Haruto)

“ah…!” (Aya)

When he turned his face slightly to show one ear, Aya’s eyes widened in surprise.

“W-Why are you so red!?” (Aya)

“Because I’m really nervous…” (Haruto)

“Even so… Mmm, the contrast between your calm demeanor and your blushing face is incredible, Haruto-san. I bet you must have pinched your ears to make them red before meeting me…” (Aya)

“H-Hey!” (Haruto)

With a puzzled expression, Aya searched for clues, and then unexpectedly took action.

She pinched her own ear with one hand and reached out to pinch Haruto’s ear with the other.

If his ears were red, they should feel warmer. Perhaps she was just confirming, but being touched so suddenly made his heart skip a beat.

“S-Shirayuki-san, if you’re doing that on purpose to make me nervous, I’ll get you back for it, you know?” (Haruto)

“Eh!?” (Aya)

Glancing sideways, their eyes met as she looked up at him.

When Haruto’s gaze shifted to Aya’s ears, she seemed to finally realize the meaning behind his words.

“A-Ah, th-this, um, I-I mean…! It’s your fault, Haruto-san!? It’s natural to want to check, right!? Y-You’re the kind of person to do something like this! Y-Yeah…!” (Aya)

She quickly let go of his ear, stammering as she tried to explain herself.

While her argument did hold some merit, it was also quite audacious.

“By the way… what’s Shirayuki-san verdict?” (Haruto)

“W-Well, I found out what you’re saying was true, so I got even more nervous.” (Aya)

“W-Wasn’t that supposed to put you at ease!?” (Haruto)

“That’s just how it is…” (Aya)

Aya had correctly deduced the answer, but she hadn’t expected Haruto to suggest getting back at her.

“W-Well then… let’s head into the station right away…! At this rate, I can see myself constantly losing to Haruto-san!” (Aya)

“Ahaha… I agree.” (Haruto)

“Umm… Haruto-san. Are we sticking to the plan I sent in the message? If there’s somewhere you’d like to go, feel free to mention it. I don’t mind.” (Aya)

“No, it’s totally fine. In fact, I was really looking forward to today’s plan.” (Haruto)

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the station’s shopping area, the two of them engaged in a casual conversation while looking at the local confectionery store in one corner.

“R-Really? I mean, I did my best to come up with the plan, so it’s not like I’m not confident about it, but still… I-I’m just a bit… worried… Because, you know, it’s my first time hanging out with a guy like this…” (Aya)

Maybe she didn’t want him to see her current expression too much, but Aya nervously expressed her thoughts while glancing at the displayed sweets.

Honestly, he could understand that feeling.

If he were the one inviting her, Haruto was sure he would feel the same way.

With that thought in mind, Haruto came to one conclusion: to try to ease Aya’s anxiety as much as possible.

“You really don’t need to worry about anything, Shirayuki-san. You might not believe me, but if I hadn’t been looking forward to today, my imouto wouldn’t have warned me before leaving home.” (Haruto)

“Huh? W-Wait, Haruto-san, your imouto-san warned you!?” (Aya)

“Yeah… It’s pretty embarrassing at my age, but she said something along the lines of, ‘Have fun, but don’t cause any trouble’.” (Haruto)

It wasn’t the kind of warning you’d expect to receive at 20 years old.

Although he said it in a joking manner to cover his embarrassment, it had a remarkable effect.

“Hehehe, hearing that made me feel a bit lighter.” (Haruto)

Seeing her soft smile as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders…

When someone opens up like this, it feels genuinely rewarding to have spoken up.

“Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know. I really think that wonderful part of you, Haruto-san.” (Aya)

“R-Really?” (Haruto)

“Yeah! I mean it!” (Aya)

Although Aya had been visibly nervous just moments ago, she seemed to have become quite skilled at giving compliments.

In other words, her ability to praise indicated that her nervousness had subsided.

“Haruto-san, how’s work been lately? Are you managing? Nothing bothering you?” (Aya)

“Hm? Are you… maybe asking because you saw the stream the other day?” (Haruto)

“W-Well, I wonder… I mean, you look like you’re going through some tough times lately3…” (Aya)

“Hey, that’s totally something someone who watched would say! Ah! So you were checking to see if what I said during the stream was true!” (Haruto)

“W-Well, I mean… maybe…?” (Aya)

Despite trying to play it off, Aya turned away with a guilty expression.

It was a reaction that didn’t quite conceal her true feelings.

“Ahh, I’m embarrassed, seriously…” (Haruto)

In other words, it meant that his lack of experience had been exposed…

“W-Well, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about… right?” (Aya)

“Really?” (Haruto)

“Yeah… B-But, you see, it’s also my first time hanging out with a guy alone… I’ve never experienced it before… So, in my eyes, it feels like everyone’s just moving way too fast.” (Aya)

She clenched her fist firmly while leaning her beautiful face closer.

It was a somewhat awkward topic, but her words were comforting.

“That’s reassuring to hear.” (Haruto)

“I think the survey results also had a lot of ‘yes’ votes just to tease you, Haruto-san! 80% is way too high!!” (Aya)

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it!? When I saw the result, I was shocked!” (Haruto)

Their conversations matched so well because they had similar experiences.

“But, um… hehe. Today, we’ll also be joining that 80%, right?” (Aya)

“Thanks to you, Shirayuki-san.” (Aya)

“And thanks to you too, Haruto-san!” (Aya)

Their conversation didn’t seem very adult-like, but it stemmed from Haruto prioritizing part-time jobs since his student days and Aya attending an all-girls school.

“Oh, by the way, there’s something I haven’t told you yet, Shirayuki-san.” (Haruto)

“Hmm?” (Aya)

“Congratulations on placing third overall in the scrim. I was so happy for you, it felt like I was celebrating my own achievement because I was rooting for you till the end.” (Haruto)

“Thank you! But wait, you watched until the end!? The scrim lasted for about three hours, right?” (Aya)

“Well, I wanted to cheer for my favorite team” (Haruto)

“Hehe, thank you.” (Aya)

Of course, the favorite team he mentioned was none other than the pro gaming team [Axcis Crown] which Aya was affiliated with.

“This just occurred to me, but Shirayuki-san’s 1v1 skill is really amazing, isn’t it? You probably had about an 80% win rate in such fights.” (Haruto)

“That’s cause I feel stronger when Haruto-san is rooting for me!” (Aya)

“Ahaha, thank you.” (Haruto)

While it’s exaggerated, it’s undeniable that the support means a lot to Aya. Nevertheless, this banter lightens the mood considerably.

“Hey, I know asking you this might be a bit of a bother, but… what did you think about our decision at the end of the last match, when we backed out from the fight to recover?” (Aya)

“Oh, that part…” (Haruto)

Haruto had been watching the scrims, trying to see if there were any insights he could learn from.

He could recall the exact moment she was referencing. 

“In hindsight, and as someone who was just watching, I’d say maybe trading shots might have been the better call in that situation…? With Shirayuki-san’s skills, there was a good chance you could have taken down the opponent, and if you did, your team could have adjusted to cover a different angle.” (Haruto)

“Y-Yeah… You’re probably right… I’ve been reflecting on that too.” (Aya)

“But, on the other hand, as the main DPS, if Shirayuki-san had gone down, the team would have collapsed, so that decision wasn’t necessarily wrong. Definitely.” (Haruto)

It’s truly a case of hindsight. If they hadn’t been shot from another angle while recovering, it would have significantly reduced the risk taken and helped to steadily improve their position.

“Well, it might sound a bit presumptuous for an amateur like me to say this to a pro player like Shirayuki-san…” (Haruto)

“What are you talking about, Haruto-san? You’re on par with the pros! If we went and fought in a 1v1, I’m sure we’d be neck and neck in the scores.” (Aya)

“Wasn’t Shirayuki-san nicknamed the ‘Firepower Monster’ or something…? That’s quite—” (Haruto)

“But you’re called the ‘Firepower Gorilla’, Haruto-san…” (Aya)

“Eh!? ‘Firepower Gorilla’?” (Haruto)

Haruto struggled to grasp the nickname he heard for the first time.

“Hehe, it means that you’re that strong. One of my fellow colleagues who faced off against you in a ranked match before was really surprised. They were like, ‘Why can’t I outshoot him from there!'” (Aya)

“Really!? That’s incredibly flattering…” (Haruto)

It’s hard to tell who exactly said it, but being praised by someone who is also a pro like Aya is incredibly uplifting.

And, given his own streaming style… he’s not someone who gets mentioned often, which adds to the embarrassment.

Trying to brush off those feelings, it happened at the moment they both reached for the same item.

Their fingertips accidentally touched as they both reached for the same item.

They quickly pulled their hands back, but the fact that they touched couldn’t be changed.

“Ah, s-sorry, Shirayuki-san. I, uh…” (Haruto)

“N-No, it’s, it’s okay! I’m the one who should apologize!” (Aya)

Just moments ago, they were chatting about their hobbies, but now, that casual atmosphere has vanished.

Both of them stumble over their words, caught in an awkward situation.

“I-I’m really not used to this sort of thing, so sorry…? If I could take the lead, I might make it easier for you, Haruto-san.” (Aya)

“Nono, it’s mutual, really.” (Haruto)

Aya shrinks her shoulders, her face flushed red. Seeing her even more embarrassed than himself, Haruto feels a sense of relief.

“Sh-Should we, um, continue looking around the station?” (Haruto)

“Y-Yes, please, let’s do that.” (Aya)

Their thoughts aligned once more. Both tried to recover from the awkward moment, but the accidental touch lingered in their minds.

The spot where their hands had briefly met… It continued to radiate a warmth akin to a burning sensation.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

The author must be pretty proud not to use the “female getting picked up by strangers before the date starts” trope. I was half-expecting it to happen.

I wonder if the thing that MC forgot would be revealed in the chapter.

Oh yeah, I also started on the new series here:
When I Appeared on My Childhood Friend’s VTuber Stream, My Life Changed Dramatically After It Went Viral


  1. Happened all the way back in v1 ch3 part2.
  2. A cardigan is a sweater that opens in front.
  3. Refers to him being teased by his viewers about never going on a date before.
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