WYSM – Character List

Last updated: 3rd January 2024

Spoilers up to ch 2 part 3

Main characters

Amamiya Keitaro – the MC. Has a small channel and aims to become a top content creator on YouTube.
Nozomi Yukina – A popular idol and MC’s classmate. She has long black hair and is exceptional at singing and dancing. Member of the idol group, “Angel”, and the leader of the ‘Five Archangels’.
(Amamiya?) Sana – Mc’s little step-sister. A cosplayer.
Saionji Serika – She’s the popular VTuber [Daitenin Mariel] with millions of subscribers. Affiliated with the VTuber agency ‘Twinkle Live’. She has twin-tailed golden hair and is the childhood friend of MC. They have not met each other in a few years.

Side characters

Karin – In the same idol group as Yukina.

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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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