Will You Support Me Because I Like You?


Alias: Will You Support Me (WYSM)


“A Romantic Comedy Where I, the ‘Fan,’ Get Supported by My ‘Oshi’!

“Kei’s Game Commentary! I really like that channel!”

Nozomi Yukina, also known as Yuki, is a member of a popular idol group and is also my oshi. But unexpectedly, she is also a fan of mine!?

Thanks to Yuki’s declaration of being my fan during a live stream, I, a game streamer who had single-digit subscribers, became an overnight sensation!

Furthermore, when Yuki found out that we’re classmates, her usual cool demeanor completely changed, and she became obsessed with me!?

“To have the real Kei-kun right in front of me is the best…!”

But it doesn’t stop there. A super popular VTuber (who is actually my childhood friend) and a legendary cosplayer (who is actually my sister) on hiatus both start publicly declaring their love for me… It’s a romantic comedy where I, the fan, get supported by my Oshi!

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