WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 1 – My Classmate Is an Idol, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

I have a channel called ‘Kei’s Game Commentary’ and it’s about time for my usual upload.

“All right, done.” (Keitaro)

I muttered while looking at my smartphone, nodding in satisfaction.

I had scheduled the video I created last night to be released this morning, and it seems to have been uploaded successfully.

With that settled, I was planning to spend the remaining time before class on looking up the latest gaming news.

But then—

“Oh, it’s Yuki!” (Student)

“Good morning, Yuki!” (Student)

“Ah, Yuki is in school today. Is today a lucky day?” (Student)

“As expected, Yuki is cute…” (Student)

The classroom suddenly became noisy. I lifted my head at the mention of the word ‘Yuki’ and looked towards the entrance.

“……!” (Keitaro)

In an instant, I was fixated on the figure of the girl who just entered.

Glossy long black hair. A well-proportioned body with prominent features, and slender limbs extending from it. Flawlessly structured facial features, accompanied by a slightly cool smile. Above all, a special aura emanated from her entire being, creating an atmosphere completely different from an ordinary person’s.

She’s Nozomi Yukina, also commonly known as Yuki.

A member of the top idol group ‘Angel’, which is also known as ‘@ngeL25,’ and the leader of the popular ‘Five Archangels’, which consists of the top five members of the group.

She possessed outstanding talent in singing, and her dancing was equally incredible. Her live performance at Nippon Budokan the other day had become somewhat legendary, and her performance was truly breathtaking.

Even though she’s a genius with a more artistic side in the form of being an idol, she occasionally shows a slightly airheaded personality on talk shows, creating a cute contrast. Lately, she’s been appearing in solo commercials all over the place, truly embodying the image of a dazzling idol.

…And, she’s also my—Amamiya Keitaro’s—number one oshi.

Now, why did such an amazing person appear in this classroom? Well, the answer is simple: she’s my classmate.

…Well, it’s a bit late to realize this, but isn’t it seriously amazing that Yuki is in the same class as me?

Apparently, our school accepts celebrities, and that seems to be the case here. However, I only found out about it after enrolling.

I chose this school simply because it was close to home and had a good academic reputation. However, I only got to know Yuki after hearing rumors that there was an idol in the same year.

At first, it was just a passing thought. One day, I just casually remembered, “Come to think of it, is there an idol in the same grade?” And when I looked more into it, that marked the beginning of everything.

I’ve always been an otaku, but until then, I had no interest in the so-called 3D world of idols. My thought process used to be more like, “Idols? I don’t really care about 3D stuff, but well, why not?” But the moment I watched a video of Yuki singing, I vividly remember being struck by a shock as if lightning had hit me.

Her voice, clear yet deeply resonating, pierced through me.

On stage, Yuki shines like an angel.

Everything from start to finish was shocking, and from that point on, I found myself eagerly listening to [Angel]’s songs. Shortly thereafter, I had an experience that literally changed my world when I heard the song “BELIEVE”, which marked Yuki’s debut as the main vocalist.

Around that time, I had just started my game commentary journey and was facing various challenges, on the verge of giving up. However, hearing “BELIEVE” helped me regain my composure, and to this day, I’ve been able to continue my activities, steadily doing my best to become a top content creator. In other words, Yuki is not only my oshi but also a great benefactor. …Phew, is there anyone who wouldn’t get hooked after encountering such an angel?

Of course, I got hooked. I got hooked big time.

I purchased all of [Angel]’s songs, utilized resale apps for bonuses and merchandise, and attended every live performance within the limits of a high school student. Thus, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my entire first year of high school was dedicated to gaming commentary and supporting Yuki.

And this spring, when I moved up to the second year, I found myself in the same class as Yuki, and naturally, I hit my limit. You know how people feel so happy that they hug their pillows and start to moan and roll on their beds? I can confirm that this kind of thing exists from personal experience. By the way, my sister witnessed that scene perfectly, and I still vividly remember the icy glare she gave me. If anyone knows a way to selectively erase memories, please let me know.

“Good morning.” (Yuki)

In response to the classmate’s greeting, Yuki, with few words but a faint smile, returned the greeting. I gazed at her almost in a dreamlike state.

…Haa, she’s so cool and cute again today. Truly an angel. Just seeing that smile is healing…

As someone said earlier, today is indeed a lucky day.

Yuki, being the highly popular idol that she is, is usually busy with work, and her school attendance is irregular. That’s why the days when I get to see Yuki at school are considered exceptionally lucky.

To not miss out on those days, I’ve become more mindful of my health. Not only does her singing voice heal my heart, but it also improves my quality of life… Yeah, Yuki is definitely a goddess. QED1. Proof complete.

“Good morning, Yukina-san.” (Student)

“Y-Yuki, good morning…” (Student)

“Ah, um, good morning!” (Student)

Lost in such thoughts, Yuki passed by my desk on her way to her seat.

While the classmates around me eagerly greeted Yuki, I didn’t utter a single word.

In fact, the moment Yuki approached, I quickly averted my gaze.

Hey, wasn’t she your oshi? Don’t you want to interact with her? Some might wonder. Well, that’s exactly right.

Because Yuki is my oshi, that’s precisely why I don’t want to get involved with her.

You often hear people say things like, “I want my oshi to notice me” or “I want to get closer to my oshi”, but I don’t share those sentiments. In fact, I think those who say such things aren’t true fans.

…You get it, right? Your oshi is like an existence from another dimension.

You watch from afar, appreciate their existence, and gain the strength to live from their preciousness… that’s right, it’s like the sun!

If you try to approach the sun—something you shouldn’t naturally get close to—it will only result in burning up like Icarus2. It’s troublesome for both sides if you get too close. It’s unthinkable to cause any inconvenience to your oshi.

This is my belief. It’s okay to cheer for her behind the screen, but directly approaching or striking up a conversation is a big no-no. Making acquaintanceships or anything like that is absolutely out of the question.

Thanks to this conviction, I don’t even greet Yuki, and since we became classmates, we’ve never exchanged words. I don’t think our eyes have ever met.

To support your oshi without them being aware of your existence. That, in essence, is the way a true fan should be.

…Ah, by the way, please spare me from the rational arguments like, “In the first place, someone like you can’t become acquainted with Yuki”, or anything along those lines. Just because it’s a fact doesn’t mean you should blurt everything out. That’s something they should teach as compulsory education.

Sure, I might just be Yuki’s classmate, and my grades, athletic abilities, and looks are nothing special… Plus, I tend to be a bit of a loner in the class, and it’s not entirely wrong to say I’m at the very bottom of the school caste hierarchy…

Nevertheless, I do have a bit of confidence in my gaming skills, and I’m a determined individual striving to climb the ranks in the world of game commentary. I’m diligently doing game commentary on YouTube3 every day, aiming for the top.

…So, now you might be wondering about my view counts and number of subscribers.

They are mostly single-digit, and even during live streams, the concurrent viewership rarely goes beyond the count of fingers on one hand. But hey, it’s fine for now! There’s still room to grow in the future!

Besides, doing gaming commentary is fun in itself, and even on the channel of such a bottom-tier YouTuber, there are people who always leave comments.

I take out my phone again and try to check my past archives. But at that moment, when I casually checked the latest video I just uploaded,

“…Eh, comments already? That was fast!” (Keitaro)

Surprisingly, there were already comments, and I couldn’t help but be amazed.

The commenter’s name was ‘Wankoromochi.’

This viewer would always leave comments on my videos and tune in to my live streams. In other words, they are a regular supporter.

Still, I never expected to receive comments this quickly…! I’m seriously thrilled. It warms my heart…!

Feeling a warm sensation in my chest, I express gratitude to Wankoromochi.  It’s because of people like them that I can stay motivated on my channel… I’m truly thankful.

Even though it’s just one person, having a dedicated viewer like this who consistently watches is great. Plus, being in the same class as my oshi, all things considered, I’m quite fortunate.

With these thoughts in mind, I lift my gaze from my smartphone and glance at Yuki, who is sitting at her desk and chatting with her female friends.

Yuki doesn’t give off the typical impression of being ‘friendly’ or ‘sociable’. If anything, the expression “unapproachable beauty” suits her well. Her always cool and composed demeanor only adds to that impression.

It’s not that she actively rejects others; it’s more accurate to say that her beauty and the unique aura around her make people hesitate to approach her. When you’re in her presence, you can clearly feel that she’s on a different level.

These traits are present in her role as an idol as well. In a sense, she leans more towards being an artist than an idol. Her particularly serious attitude towards singing is a distinctive aspect that separates her from other idols.

Given her exceptional status, those who can be around her are limited to a select group of high-ranking female friends, much like the ones she’s currently chatting with.

Even if boys try to approach Yuki with inappropriate intentions, these girls are there to protect her. From my perspective, I can only be grateful for their work.

At that moment, I happened to glance over and noticed a few boys, who could be classified as ‘inappropriate,’ gathered around, discussing something about wanting to take pictures of Yuki on their smartphones.

…Hey, hey, do you guys not know our school rules? Just because we accept celebrities doesn’t mean we take those things lightly. Unauthorized photography is an immediate expulsion. If you try to upload it online, you’ll face double lawsuits from the school and her talent agency—your life will be over. 

There are even rumors lately about magazine photographers or perverts showing up in the neighborhood, targeting Yuki. I don’t care if your lives get ruined, but if Yuki hears about this, she’ll be sad. So, cut it out. Seriously, stop it.

I send my thoughts to the excited guys. Since I’m a loner, I can’t say it directly, but in my mind, I repeat, “Stop it, stop it” at a level where it hopefully reaches them.

…Can you hear me? I’m addressing you directly in your hearts right now…!

Perhaps thanks to my efforts (though it’s probably just a coincidence), the guys ended up not taking any pictures. Instead, they began discussing how they could get closer to Yuki.

…Phew, somehow my oshi’s peace has been preserved—or so I thought.

“Hey, why not just ask her if it’s okay to take a normal picture?” (Student)

Immediately after hearing that, I was left dumbfounded.

…This is the first time I’ve been horrified by the thought process of an extrovert guy. I can’t fathom how someone can be so thoughtless. Maybe these guys aren’t the same species as me, perhaps an entirely different species…?

While I was pondering such thoughts, those guys, driven by their typical extrovert personalities, approached Yuki’s desk. Unfazed by the cold glares from the other high-ranking girls, they foolishly begged Yuki to take pictures with them.

“Sorry, but that kind of thing would be inconvenient for me.” (Yuki)

However, such a reckless attempt was promptly crushed by Yuki’s single sentence.

As expected of Yuki. She cut them down with a single stroke without even raising an eyebrow. Her expressionless face showed no sign of contempt; rather, it was refreshing to watch in its mercilessness.

Watching the guys retreat to their seats, I heaved a sigh of relief and, for some reason, felt like I had completed a task. Once again, I gazed at Yuki, who was chatting with her friends. Finding solace in her presence, I felt ready to tackle the rest of the day.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, this is the first time I heard comparing oshi to the sun; I never thought of it that way before.

I’m amazed at how those guys still decided to ask her despite the response being very obvious. This is just a guess, but she probably isn’t even allowed to be in class photos.


  1. Idk what this stands for but I remember something along the lines that math teachers put this when marking a question to indicate that math workings are there. This isn’t common in my country and teachers either write down ‘working?’ or mark that you got.
  2. Icarus, in Greek mythology, son of the inventor Daedalus who perished by flying too near the Sun with waxen wings.
  3. Yes, the author straight-up used the word YouTube instead of changing it.
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Thanks for the chapter!
Alright, so… The MC is kind of… pathetic, for now. He only thought all of the scenarios in his mind, yet he think he did something?
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