WYSM – Vol 1 Prologue

[??? PoV]

On the day of my long-awaited live performance at the famous Nippon Budokan1, I found myself huddled alone in a corner of the dressing room.

The nervousness before the live performance still washed over me, unchanged even now.

No, when compared to when I first debuted, I feel much more nervous now.

I love singing, I love dancing, and because of that, my desire to deliver the best performance keeps getting stronger.

But still, how should I put it… it’s just that I’ve been feeling more anxious lately.

“It’s almost time…” (???)

While muttering in a quiet voice, I take out my smartphone from my bag.

At times like this, there’s only one coping mechanism for me.

“…Hehe.” (???)

A natural smile escapes, and I feel my heart lighten.

Watching videos of my ‘oshi2‘ — just that alone envelops my mind in a fluffy happiness.

“Nozomi. It’s about time…ah, you’re in that corner again…” (???)

As I was engrossed in watching the video, the door to the dressing room opened, and my fellow group member, Karin-chan, walked in.

“You were watching videos again, huh? Nozomi, you really like that channel, don’t you?” (Karin)

As she approaches me, she peeks into my hands and laughs with an amused expression.

As I nod in agreement, Karin-chan sighs and shrugs with a wry smile.

“Is this person really your oshi? Despite having single-digit views, it’s hard to believe that it’s being endorsed by the top idol ‘Yuki’.” (Karin)

“Views don’t matter. If it’s good, it’s good.” (Nozomi)

“Sorry, I’m not saying it’s bad or anything. By the way, what was it again? The name of that channel. I think it was something ‘game commentary’…” (Karin)

Mouu, how many times have I told you, and you still don’t remember? It’s—” (Nozomi)

I proudly declare, uttering the name of my beloved oshi.

At that moment, the anxieties that lingered within me until now had completely vanished.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

New year, new series. Honestly idk how often I’m gonna post this, I haven’t planned out my schedule yet. Maybe every alternate day or so, since I got another ongoing series. And also the chapter are gonna be in parts cause one LN chapter is too long for me.

And yes, this chapter is only like 890 characters long.


  1. Nippon Budokan is an indoor arena located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It is also used as a concert venue.
  2. Oshi means a person who you support and someone you are a fan of
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Thanks for the chapter!

A new series and it seems going to be good!
Vamp-sama do you have any social media platform that we can follow to keep up on your news? It would be great


I understand that feel too well LOL. But I will definitely join if you decided to share your discord server